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  1. StryctNy9e

    Let's see, what can I powdercoat today?

    Looks better than the originals. I would put them on my x
  2. StryctNy9e

    Front suspension clunking noise when going over bumps

    Definitely could be shocks. In my case it was the pitman arms. I replaced the bushings and all is well now. Just don't neglect the fix the owner before me didn't fix the bushings so now the holes are oval. I go through bushings like crazy. Just gonna buy a new crossmember one of these days
  3. StryctNy9e

    Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

    Looks like you broke in all your new add one nicely. Been out of the loop because I got my Nova up here. We will have yo hang out soon. Love the pics looked like a pretty good. Time. Keep up the good work on the EX!!!
  4. StryctNy9e

    Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

    thanks for the invite but gonna be working monday - friday.
  5. StryctNy9e

    Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

    Do you plan on painting the bumper? I think it would look good black!
  6. StryctNy9e

    Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

    nice man no need to worry about trees or deers any more, looks like you will roll right through them.
  7. StryctNy9e

    Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

    lokkin good bro
  8. StryctNy9e

    Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

    cant wait to see it on!!!! Looks good
  9. StryctNy9e

    For Sale A few 1st gen parts for sale

    it is flexplate, auto is always a flexplate, not to be a smartass.
  10. StryctNy9e

    Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

    Looks bad ass bro, Im jelous.... Hmmm might just have to throw down some cash and get you guys to build me one.
  11. StryctNy9e

    99ex22 Is Crazy!

    I work at SSI Shredding systems inc, been going well and sorry it took so long for me to reply. It seems like all I do is work now a days.
  12. StryctNy9e

    99ex22 Is Crazy!

    She looks awsome man keep up the good work, im just waiting to see the truck tower over mine one day on the freeway. I work in wilsonville now, and I always keep my eyes open for a big ass red second gen. Love it bro, love it.
  13. StryctNy9e

    Rod Knock? what do you think

    Jelkins, After extensive trying, couldnt find the problem, so I swapped the motor and it went away and to mudboy if you read learning the hard way, in the whoops section, I have pics and tell the whole story. Unclemeat thanks for the tip
  14. StryctNy9e

    Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

    Trim looks way better im my opinion, good work bro!!
  15. StryctNy9e

    Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

    Nice Tints Damn bro that looks sweet!!!! I love that they are super dark and came out better than I expected. Good Job man! :cool:
  16. StryctNy9e

    Snow's '99 XLS registry

    I think it is a great upgrade and well worth the time!!!! Keep up the good work bro!!
  17. StryctNy9e

    Temp gauge going crazy

    burp the system of air really good, lift the front of the truck up, higher than the heater core to allow trapped air to escape
  18. StryctNy9e

    Help Its Leaving Me Stranded

    clean all battery connections, it sounds like a bad ground. make sure there is no corrosion and everything is tight. I would also make sure there is not any corrosion on the inside of the wires. Replace if nessasary. Good luck.
  19. StryctNy9e

    6mm bolt location on the front ABS sensor.

    thanks for the info roadrunner777 I will be getting myself both.:thumbsup:
  20. StryctNy9e

    6mm bolt location on the front ABS sensor.

    Replaced a axle seal a month or to ago and had to take off the ABS sensor to pull the axle. Anyways it is a 12 point 6mm socket and is very hard to find at any store. It is located on the backside of the spindle, in the middle, twards the front. If you look at the front of the spindle you will...
  21. StryctNy9e

    Our house (not a home anymore)

    Damn man dont know what to say but that sux and im sorry to see the damage of your home after all the hard work. Hope things get better for you.
  22. StryctNy9e

    Indiglo gauges install, or HOW TO REMOVE CLUSTER!! ( warning 22 pictures )

    New gauges Just did my gauges and your post and info helped me out, I used the power wire and ground from my stereo/deck so the gauges come on every time I start the car. Maybe one day I will hook them up properly but until then, here they are. One again thank you for taking the time to...
  23. StryctNy9e


    Hell yes :shoot: Welcome to the site
  24. StryctNy9e

    Hey Guys!!

    welcome to the site, Rock on explorers! YEEE
  25. StryctNy9e

    Stryctny9e's 1993 XLT

    BEM Gauges Gauges are in and here is the pics I am stoaked they looked just like the ad on e bay, I am very happy with the results, pretty easy install, i still need to fix the speedo, it is about 7 MPHs fast. I would reccomend these to anyone and maybe it will inspire me to do some LED's so...