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    VIN Question.

    So i was sitting here thinking today.... When i did the engine/dash swap into my BII from the explorer the VIN that is now on the dash belongs to the Explorer. I still have the old Dash with the Vin tag on it but it is not legal to just swap Numbers. Does anyone know what i am to do with...
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    Will this lift work on my BII

    I found a lift kit for cheap, it is used, but nothing is wrong with it. They guy just switched to SAS from TBB. So it is a lift kit for a 91-94 Explorer. Includes Axle drop brackets, radius arm drop brackets, springs, shocks (will probably replace), and cam adjustment bolts, basically...
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    1995 Explorer Service manual

    I just did a 4.0 swap into my BII but i need to find a service manual for the explorer so i can sort out wiring problems. Does anyone know what is the best one or best place to get one? any help would be greatly appreciated. For pictures of the swap go to my BII thread. I need the service...
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    Need help identifying circuts/wire colors and the components they go to. pictures

    So this weekend im doing my engine swap into my BII since my engine now is blown. yay!! When i do this swap i am planning on using the engine, dash, engine wiring harness, engine bay wiring harness, and chassi wiring harness all from a 1995 ford explorer. Everything up front should be easy, the...
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    Fuel pressure

    So I'm the guy that just blew his head gasket on my 85 BII and need to do my 4.0 swap sooner than i planned. I picked up a in tank fuel pump today for a 90 BII EFI Im now trying to get from the fuel pump to the engine. How much pressure is in the system between the fuel pump and the pressure...
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    BLOWN head gasket, need info on 1995 4.0 ohv swap into BII

    So heres the deal, i have a 4.0 OHV out of a 1995 ford explorer that i planned on swapping into my BII after i found the 4r44e to put in with it. When the time came i planned on doing a complete swap including dash, HVAC, all wiring harnesses (including body harness minus speakers and electric...
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    Anyone want to trade transmissions?

    I have a 85 BII with a 5 speed and want to trade for an automatic. Im just getting sick of shifting all the time. Any one interested? Also im selling a 4.0 ohv and other drive line parts from a 95 X. any interest?
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    'what transmission is this?

    I am using the engine and trans out of a 95 explorer for a BII project. The trans i pulled is blown and i need to know which it is so i can get a new one. Its either a A4LD, 4R44, or 4R55. It is out of a 1995 Explorer Eddie Bauer, 4.0 OHV, 4x4. Any other info needed please ask. Here...
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    I think my BII needs a BIG brother

    I have recently been thinking about buying a cheap vehicle to use while im in the middle of my BII 4.0 project just in case i dont get it done in the time i have allotted. I though a cheap car would be the way to go, something below 500 for the time being. I just saw a few days ago that...
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    Inline fuel pump for BII project

    Hey guys, im working ever so slow on swapping a 95 4.0 into my 85 BII. Instead of trying to find all the fuel injection parts from a newer BII i am going to go with a inline fuel pump and regulator kit. I started searching today for what i could find and the list is endless. Is there any one out...
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    4R55E/Possibility to rebuild?

    I just bought a vehicle for a donor to use the engine in my BII. But recently i have been thinking i might want to use the 4R55E transmission too. When i bought it they did not tell me what was wrong with the transmission exept that it does not work. Since i have had it i can tell you: It...
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    IMMEDIATE help needed before i pick up a donor vehicle.

    im planning on picking up a donor vehicle tomorrow for my BII enging swap. Does a 95 4.0 mount to the transmission that is currently in my BII like a 91-94 would? What about motor mounts? wiring i can figure out, its the mechanical parts i might have the problem with. Any help would be...
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    I went parts shopping today... Look what i found.

    I was in a local salvage yard looking for tan door panels, newer seats, and a head liner. Found everything i needed except the head liner. But as i was walking around i found these: The only thing i found that i was interested in any of them, was a roof rack from a 86 and...
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    Here it is! My BII!

    I recently purchased a 1985 BII with only 98,000 original miles. I did not test drive it... when i saw it, i bought it, and the first drive i made with it was from leadville Colorado, to Oshkosh Wisconsin. No problems the whole way. Was a little slow making the passes in Colorado, but once i got...
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    Any one have a A4LD for sale?

    My Trans is going out, from what i read on here already through searching its either time for a rebuild or a swap. Well time is money, and i don't have time for a rebuild, so I'm looking for a trans that i can just swap into it. With a converter too. If any one knows of any that are available or...
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    Need some immediate help she is in pieces

    1993 XLT 4x4 4.0 d35 diff. Ok so heres the deal, my axle shaft seals were leaking on my front differential. I did some searching to see if it was a DIY with in my scope. i think it is but im at a road block. I have the drivers side shaft out, slipped right out. But how the heck do i get in...
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    Looking for some pricing help!!!

    So heres the deal guys...... As much as i hate to say it, it might be time to let the old dog go. :( I have a 1993 XLT with 209,000 miles on it. It has new brakes all around and the only thing that is wrong with them is that the front rotors are warped a little from a angry drive i took. (like...
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    I need 1 wheel!

    So went to have tires swaped on my x the other day.... and i have a cracked rim.... any one have a set or even better just one rim that matches...i would really appreciate it!
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    What is this part i found under my intake manifold?

    So was cleaning under my hood today getting ready to do a water pump replacement and i found this piece of plastic sitting on my intake manifold. Does any one know where it belongs? or what it is?
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    Really confusing Electrical Problems

    So i have been searching for answers to my problem/problems for a few weeks now and tried all the ideas i have found with no success. So here is my problem that i hope i can solve soon, im sick of dealing with it. I have the same problem that i have found in other posts, when i park my truck...