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    body roll with body lift and sas

    hey everyone. I have a 3" body lift on my 97 sport with a hpd44 and about 10" of suspension lift. I have a lot instability on the road going on. I have a rear sway bar and soon to have a front one. I plan on running quad shocks up front as well. Would it be worth taking my body lift off to...
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    i bought a 600watt kenwood amp from damdirtyapes. It was in great condition, great price and sent out the same day i payed! great seller, would definitally do business with again!
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    ttb knuckles on solid axle d44

    hi everyone. I ended up swapping from a '80 wagoneer 6 bolt to a dana44 out of a '78 bronco and i had to swap out the knuckles for 6 bolt wheels to line up. the only problem is that the outer axle shafts don't seem to be quite long enough to get the C clips on. (i got the last solid front...
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    how do you get in that thing?

    Has anyone ever had a dumb hoosier say, "How do you get into that thing?". I have about 2-3 people per day:eek: say that to me! i have around 12" lift and 35's on my explorer. it isn't difficult to get into, but you do have to hop into it. It has to be the most annoying thing i have ever dealt...
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    help with flexplate spacer

    Okay, i sold my friend my 1997 explorer 4.0 ohv to put in his 91 explorer. The 97 motor came with a 5spd. It has an 8 bolt crankshaft and the 91 had a 6 bolt. my friend is trying to put the 97 into the 91 which has an automatic trans. he pulled an 8 bolt flexplate from the junkyard and swears...
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    97 sport

    i bought my 97 sport with intentions on driving it through the winter and buying a 97 bmw 540I in the spring. well, curiousity killed that dream! here it is when i bought it: sas'd with leafs rusted parts from 78 bronco sandblasted parts 12k HID's sas'd with coils...
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    hatched91 4.0 5spd to v8

    hey everyone, i am in the process of putting a v8 in my explorer. Stock~4.0L OHV 110k miles with 5spd trans NON-pats 4wd transfer case installing-5.0 with auto trans with awd i installed the 5.0 with the wire harness, trans harness, and the computer. 4.0 pulled
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    hatched91 going from leafs to coils

    hi everyone. i had a previous sas thread where i used a jeep dana44 with leafs. i plan on using the same jeep axle but with coils. here's the list i think i'll get. 5.5" wild horses coils 78 bronco coil seats 78 bronco radius arms 78 bronco radius arm brackets 78 bronco coil spring...
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    dana 44 flat top knucle question

    okay, i have a dana 44 from a jeep wagoneer. 1980. I was trying to find out if i can put on some dodge dana 44 flat top knucles, and everything still bolt up okay. Both knuckles have a 6 bolt hub assembly. I was more worried about axle depth into the hub, and caliper position. so my question is...
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    hatched 91's solid axle swap SAS leafs

    hey everyone, since i have had so much help from the boards, i figured i should give back to the explorer community and post up my sas for everyone looking int o one. here's the parts list. 1980 jeep wagonner axle 7ply jeep wagonner springs 2"x6"x.25 wall stock 3.5x3.5"x .25 wall stock...
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    can't remove front driveshaft

    hey everyone. i am trying to get the front driveshaft off of my 97 4wd sport. I took the 8(?) bolts out from the transfer case and detached it from the front pumpkin. My Haynes manual doesn't say much about the 2nd gens. Are these stubborned or is there something else that i need to remove...
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    dana 44 rotor replacement(idiot question)

    okay, i got a 1980 jeep wagoneer front solid axle. i replaced both calipers and now i need to replace the studs. i can't figure out how to get the rotor off. does the hub bolt on, or does it just slide off? if it just slides off, mine is completely rusted on.
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    eh, might as well show the old truck

    here's my 93 xlt. before step 1, rust fixed, repainted, tinted windows, redone headliner, speakers all around, converted to 5spd and euro lights painted, 6" lift, m/t's, custom bumper
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    sas steering input needed

    hello, i just bought my d44 and front leafs from a wagoneer to put on my 97 sport. i planned on just buying front rims for the jeep 6 lug and doing a soa on the front and rear. i plan on running a first gen explorer steering box. does anyone know if i have to have the highrise steering? and does...
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    SAS leaf spring questions

    hello, i am about ready to buy a full width 8.8 and d44 from a local junkyard. i plan to have them both regeared at 4.88 and run 35's. i plan to do a soa with blocks on the rear and do leaf springs on the front. has anyone done a leafspring conversion? i wanted to know what mounts are used and...
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    sas gearing question

    i have stock 4.10 gears. i found a solid axle that i want to buy from an early bronco, but it has 4.09 gears. can i run those safely with my rear 4.10's?
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    turn signal buzz?

    when i turn on my right hand turn signal, i hear a loud buzzing sound and no light comes on. This happens only for the right, and about 70% of the time. when i hold the right hand signal enough for it to come on but not click into place, it behaves normally. anyone have any idea as to what is...
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    2nd gen lift opinions wanted

    hello everyone, i have a 1997 explorer sport. i currently have a 3" body lift, torsion tweak, warrior shackels, AAL, and 31x11.50x15 kuhmo m/t's. I was wondering if i went back to stock shackels, and bought a $650 3" procomp lift if it would be worth the money, even though it would sit almost...
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    How to: build a custom sub box

    hey everyone, i just built a custom sub box and i figured i'd post up some pics and the way i built it. I started out by taking out the recessed panel on the passenger side in the cargo area. i had to cut a little bit out to gain access. i then built a box by tracing and calculating dementions...
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    2nd gen ohv to sohc swap

    hello, i just bought dge61785's 97 explorer sport. it has an ohv, great motor, runs stong, but i have a buddy that rolled a 97 xlt with the sohc. The sohc motor blew up b/c of the chain tensior problems, and they put a new one in, then rolled it. 80k on the new sohc. i am pretty sure it just...
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    93xlt on 33's, what clutch should i get?

    hello, i am in need of opinions. i have a 93xlt 4wd on 33x12.50 m/t's. what kind of clutch should i get? i had a stock clutch and my 4wl doesn't work so i burned the clutch a few times pulling people and creeping up steep hills. finally it just burned up, but within 3 months. needless to say...
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    engine codes and start up trouble

    hello i have a 93 xlt and i'm having problems with it when it starts up cold. tried to get engine codes but no local auto part stores could help. here's the symptoms during a cold start: will start up, then immediately die. or will start up, rev about 2k, then die. or will start idal...
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    still no 4 wheel low...need a 4wd guide for dummies is my problem. i have a 93 xlt. it used to be an auto, i converted it to a stick. it has a mazda tranny. i replaced the computer itself, the transmission wiring harness, and installed the clutch cancel switch. after doing all this it goes into 4wd when the button is pressed...but...
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    93 xlt axle shafts in 96 xlt rear end?

    i tried to put a 96 xlt rear end in my 93 xlt. my original rear end has drum brakes, and the 96 has disc, thus the reason i want to swap. the problem is the rear end on the 96 is bent...the axle does not look bent to the naked eye, but the axle shafts are obviously bent because the wheel wobbles...
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    93 auto to manual swap no 4 wheel low

    i did an auto to manual transmission swap in my 93 xlt. the long transmission wiring harness was changed and the computer itself was changed, but i did nothing with the transfer case but bolt it up. 4 wheel drive engauges, but when i press the 4 wheel low button, nothing happens, not even a...