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  1. K

    englishtown swap meet

    any one going to the english town swap meet on the 26th of september... i do not drive my explorer anymore i will be showing my new ride a 95 chevrolet tahoe 2dr just wondering if anyone is going?
  2. K

    Low Side Connection on AC

    most of the kits you buy at any auto parts store will only fit on the low side anyway so you cannot screw it up
  3. K

    manual transmission swap

    yea thats what i figured but do you know of any one that has written up a thread about how to fool the ecu
  4. K

    manual transmission swap

    does anyone have a write up of a swap from the 4r55e to a manual trans in a 2nd gen thanks
  5. K


    I custom made mine with pvc piping and bent it to flow with the a-pillar
  6. K

    My Billet Grill Install

    do you have a link to where you bought the grill insert?
  7. K

    ABS Light and new brakes

    i had both of my front hub assemblies go bad and the abs light came on when i replaced both of them the light went off they arent that hard either
  8. K

    How To: Replacing Front Hub / Bearing 1995+ Ford Explorer IFS

    this is so much easier when you have a lift to do these on it took about 25 mins per side to do mine this week
  9. K

    new color in dash

    I'm sorry i dont have any pictures right now i will be taking pictures when i go to check and see if it has the film
  10. K

    new color in dash

    thank you by what i have read with a 95-97 the gauges are green because of a rubber cover on the bulbs?
  11. K

    change the color of the gauge cluster

    so on the 95-97 all i would have to do is change the bulbs to a wide angle LED?
  12. K

    new color in dash

    i was just wondering if there was a way to change the color of the tint or remove the tint completely
  13. K

    new color in dash

    has any one ever changed the color of the gauges without putting that new indiglo panel in? I.E. putting different color bulbs behind the gauges?
  14. K

    ABS Light and new brakes

    my abs light is on too but i know both of my front wheel bearings are really bad so i found them on ebay for 137 for both with free shipping
  15. K

    How to: Custom Center Console Gauge and Switch Pod

    where would i be able to acquire some fiberglass in a kit
  16. K

    1996 Explorer Coolant Gauge Fluctuating and PO171 and PO174!

    i've seen people take a propane tank with a hose on the end of it and aim it at spots where they thought it was a leak and if it smoothed out the idle u have a leak
  17. K

    explorer sport pics

    got a TT and shackles with 31" bfg ats
  18. K

    center console switch panels

    Has anyone made a switch panel out of the pockets of the front of the center console on a second gen im looking to put 2 gauges and 6 switches in it
  19. K

    Comment by 'killswitchfan134' in media 'Quick-Sand!!'

    damn that sucks
  20. K

    2nd Gen Front 2inch Hitch

    where could you mount a 2nd battery on a 2nd gen
  21. K

    Build quality of the 95's...

    i have a 95 sport with 153k on it and the motor runs great had a couple problems with the trans recently but im buying a 96 with 12k on a new trans for 400 soon so im just gunna swap out the transmissions and i'll be good to go as far as i know
  22. K

    Sway Bar Bushing Replacement

    if i wanted to order the bushings off of summit what size should i get for the front and back they have a 1" and 1 1/8" inch sets
  23. K

    wharton or site x run?mid august

    true just go steal one out of a 95-2000 sport hahaha noone will miss it lmao
  24. K

    wharton or site x run?mid august

    cool if u want a common mod for that jeep they take the ford 8.8 out of rangers/explorers and put them in the back of the cherokees and its a better rear supposedly