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    Rocker panels

    Approx what is the cost for replacing both rocker panels and dog legs on an 05? Finally disintegrated at 190k Other than that, car doesn't that much mileage!
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    Intake manifold

    Just replaced the intake manifold on my 05 EX 4.6. Coolant filled the #6 spark plug well, shorting out the plug/coil connection. Intake gasket was intact, but entire gasket and top of head was wet with coolant. Found piece of plastic missing in driver side front coolant passage in intake. I'm...
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    Rear quarter panel rust

    My '05 has 134k, in very good condition. Recently noticed a paint bubble on the right rear quarter below the fuel filler and wheel well lip, meaning a rust-through issue. Looking inside the wheel well I noticed a metal piece welded to the inner fender. Don't know what purpose this serves and it...
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    Whistling sound

    My '05 Limited 4.6 w/125k makes an intermittent whistling sound. Seems to be coming from the dash area. Changing the vent settings (auto, defr, vent), blower speed or temp doesn't have any effect, nor does turning it off. Most noticeable at highway speeds, although I've heard it in city traffic...
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    Rear End Noise

    I've seen reports of whining noises and now my '05 Limited 4.6 w/65k is having them. People have had repairs done to the tune of $1500 and there's a TSB covering the repair job. What is the exact problem causing the noise, and is this something that will gradually get worse and cause complete...
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    Annoying smell

    Have an '05 Limited. Getting a musty type smell from the dash vents when driving with either of the front windows partly open. Any suggestions as to the cause?
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    got an '05 and I'm luvin' it!

    Well, I finally made the move and got a new EX. Tried to get to 200k with my '92 EB, but I guess 195 was close enough ( 2nd owner and orig. motor and trans). Couldn't pass up the great savings. Got a loaded Limited with the eight and with the pearl paint...its georgeous. Two questions...
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    Help! Just got new tires and an alignment on my '92 EB w/185k. Had to have the Good Year place reset it three times as it keeps pulling to the right. The tech said it was set to specs the first time, so he tweaked it after a road test and rotating the tires. He even agreed with me that it was...
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    can I move my ex with trans case mtr out?

    I'm about to start repair of my trans case motor and am wondering if I can move/drive my truck while the motor is out? Don't know if anything in the case would get out of alignment doing this, making replacement difficult. Just talking about a day or so.
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    replacing radius arm bushings

    Need info again on radius arm bushings. Copied it some time ago, but lost it. Remember that someone suggested jacking the front diff forward and out of the way instead of cutting the rivets. Sounds like the way to go to me. Whatever is easiest. Thanks, '92 EB
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    raplacing radius arm bushings

    I'm ready to do my radius arm bushings, but lost the copies of the info covering this that I had made some time ago. This is on a '92. Would appreciate getting this again. I remember someone said they did it by jacking the front diff forward and out of the way instead of cutting the rivets...
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    replacing bushings

    I understand that the pivot bushings on my '92 should be replaced while I have it apart to do the radius arm bushings. Question is, where are the pivot bushings and what pivot do they control? Thanks
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    I'm about to replace my radius arm bushings. I read on one of the posts that it is a good idea to replace the pivot bushings while it is apart. Where are these located? I might as well do mine too, if thats the case. Thanks
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    Just another northern corrosion problem. Anybody have the verticle divider on the rear side door window corrode? It looks like its a metal channel covered by some type of black rubbery stuff. The piece guides the rear of the window and separates it from the smaller fixed window in the back...
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    radius arm bushings

    Need to know the degree of difficulty for radius arm bushing replacement on a '92. Don't want to get into something I might need special tools for or something that might take me forever to finish.
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    radius arm bushings

    Need to know the degree of difficulty for radius arm bushing replacement on a '92. Don't want to get into something I might need special tools for, or something that will take me forever to finish.
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    radius arm bushings

    I know this was addressed a few times in the past, but what is the site address for arm bushing replacement? Looks like mine need to be done and am trying to decide if I want to tackle the job myself or have someone do it ........$$$$$ ouch! I hate these jobs with fifty dollar parts and 4x...
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    turn signal lever and blowing off steam

    :confused: Anybody ever find a solution to fix the first generations' sensitive signal lever. My '92 returns back to the center position after turning the wheel only a few degrees; way less than any other vehicle I've driven. This is very aggravating. If you make a movement with the wheel...
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    another front end NOISE

    :( This might be trivial, but its annoying anyhow; Anyone ever hear a "chirp" when going over a bump? Not a squeek, not a thunk, and not a bang, but a squeek! Parts replaced: shocks, radius arm bushings, sway bar links and frame bushings, upper and lower ball joints, tie rod ends. I can live...
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    musical fuel tank

    :fire: This problem is burning me up(not really, but it could). After shutting off the engine, I hear a whisteling sound coming from the fuel tank area. The smell of gas is also noticed. This lasts for a few minutes, then it gradually quits. It seems to be more prevalent when it gets hot out...
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    headlight condensation

    F Y I to all late model Ex owners that have a problem w/condensation on the inside of the headlight lens. Had this problem on mine since last year. When the weather warmed up I drilled a couple small holes thru the bottom of the plastic case. In a couple of days.....Wallla! No more dew...
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    heater temp fluctuates

    :fire: Just got back from a trip in my '92 and noticed the heater temp wouldn't stay set. My wife kept playing with the blower switch, either full high, or off. Needless to say, the trip wasn't much fun - trying to constantly adjust for comfort. She thinks the temp should be adjusted with the...
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    heater temp fluctuation

    I wish my '92 EB came with an auto temp system, cause my wife and I just came back from a trip and we had to constantly adjust the temp to keep it at a comfortable level. Unfortunately, she likes to either completely turn the blower off, or on at full blast. I told her there ARE midrange...
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    door/window trim

    Man, I hate taking something apart, then it won't go back together, especially trim parts. Anyway, I can't seem to get the outer door/window trim back in place after taking it off to check for a rattle in the front door of my '92. It has some spring clips attached to it, but I can't remember if...
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    gas tank hissing

    My '92 has a hissing, whistle sound coming from the gas tank area after turning it off. I think it's the vent or something, but not sure. The sound lasts a couple minutes and you can also detect a gasoline smell.:fire: