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    Dana 44 flat top knuckle options

    Thanks, Ranger! Unfortunately yesterday I got word that my best friend's garage, where we were working on my truck, burned to the ground with the truck and all of my tools inside. It would seem the knuckle is no longer an issue.
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    Dana 44 flat top knuckle options

    Hey everyone, wasn't sure where to post this so figured I'd try here. I'm working on a SAS based off a narrowed 2001 or so Dodge 1500 dana 44 axle. I'm looking at flat top knuckle options, but am having trouble finding a straight answer. Is there a knuckle I can use? Everything lists Ford or...
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    Need U-Joint Part #'s?

    Are both rear shaft joints the same part? I pulled mine out (replaced them around 8 years ago) and they were different parts, one was stamped 352, which I tracked down to precision, apparently a MOOG label, but can't figure out why I would have bought two different U joints. If they're supposed...
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    SOLD!! Warrior shackles-wrinkle texture black powdercoat

    Look great! What is asking price? I've already got them (though my stock warrior are not as pretty as these!), but free bump!
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    Rhino Line/Line-X or other?

    looks awesome! Roughly how much does it take per vehicle?
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    Wanted first gen steering box

    Hey all, need a useable first gen steering box. Thanks!
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    Wagoneer leafs?

    Thanks for the help! I'd seen that, but was trying to go a little cheaper with a stock type spring. Not much price difference and since this is tried and true I'll go with it! Thanks again!
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    Wagoneer leafs?

    Hey everyone. Spent the last couple hours trying to pick a wagoneer leaf spring for my SOA D44 SAS. A couple people said they used JC whitney 7 spring packs, but JC whitney only shows a 4 spring pack. I've found leafs listed for the wagoneer anywhere from 4 to 8 springs running the gamut from...
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    SAS/SOA questions

    Hey guys, I'm trying to plan out my swap and SOA so I can start getting some parts together. I'm overwhelmed by the sheer number of swaps and different ways to do it, and reading the inevitable 20 page build threads and still not finding the answer I'm after. Sorry to be so needy, but so far...
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    Mounty Pa speaker?

    mine is behind the grill in front of the radiator support. pull the headlight access panel and should be able to squeeze it in there!
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    Project Green Hornet '01 Sport SAS

    Sorry, I may have missed it somewhere, but what Rancho leaf springs are your running with your SOA D44?
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    Dana 44 purchased, SAS questions!

    Hi guys, got a couple pictures taken thought neglected to measure the spring pad spacing. Pretty much only get on the internet at work after work, so I dont check back here as regularly as I'd like. Also it seems like this forum is more for build threads, but I couldnt find a good place to post...
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    Old member first time posting. My SAS.

    pics show up for me and they are :eek::eek:!! I wanted a "wow" emoji, that one says eek...what I'm trying to say is the rack, rear bumper, and fab work are sick!!
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    Dana 44 purchased, SAS questions!

    Thanks, Bill. Been doing some more reading and still planning on the leafs, but yeah, really just getting started in the planning stages. I haven't put a tape on it. Will do that when I get home. It apparently had 4" taken out of it, but yeah, also apparently runs F250 shafts, so full...
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    Dana 44 purchased, SAS questions!

    Thanks for the link and advice, guys! I have done searching and reading, just on the wrong subject thus far. I will peruse those threads. as for the leafs over coils, really just because the axle is already set up that way. As a total novice in this arena, I figured that the leaf set up would...
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    Dana 44 purchased, SAS questions!

    Hey everyone, in my younger days I frequented the forums constantly. After college I got busy with house stuff and rock climbing, and have eased up on working on my truck. Well, I caught the bug again and am back at it! Last weekend I drove to Nashville to pick up the axle built on this episode...
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    Speedo works but odometer doesn't? I fixed mine..

    Just bought mine on Ebay from the cheapest seller I could find. Like cobaltyme mentioned, it was koonee. $11.59 with free shipping. Agreed, stupid price for such a tiny cheap part, but still a cheap fix in the grand scheme of things!! :)
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    "city lights" in 8" Pro Comp 130w lights

    oh its already far from legal ;)
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    "city lights" in 8" Pro Comp 130w lights

    Thanks for the input, everyone. I got the idea from these: Hella rallye 4000 come with a "city light" which yes, is to just light up the lights without...
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    "city lights" in 8" Pro Comp 130w lights

    Hey guys. Any of you that run Pro Comp lights probably know about how bad their powder coating is. I have run the 6" lights for years, with some bed liner on the housing they have held up great. I added 4 8" lights on my roof, and for some reason didnt have the forethought to bedliner them...
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    Help!! 911!! 95 to 98 axle swap

    I understand now, thanks so much for the quick replies guys!
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    Help!! 911!! 95 to 98 axle swap that bad? Or should I not be concerned?
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    Help!! 911!! 95 to 98 axle swap

    Awesome, thanks for the response! Why does the older one have it and the new one not?
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    Help!! 911!! 95 to 98 axle swap

    Hey guys. ok well not really an emergency but im stuck with a half taken apart truck until i find out the answer. grabbed a set of junkyard axles geared in 4.10 to swap in to my truck since I've got 3.55s and 33s. We did the swap on the 8.8 and it went great, but when we got into the front end...
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    re gear, results?

    Thanks, tom! I did look at the chart and you're right, putting in 4.10s will put it nearly at stock w/3.55s. Think ill do it, for $200 it sounds like a good deal to me!