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    Saw an '02 X lifted

    Hey guys, for those who care, I saw a 2002 Explorer with what appeared a 3" to 4" lift. I was at Mammoth,and happen to walk right by it. It had some 235 somthing ( not used to the metric sizes so I can't remember) GY MTR's. My buddies were in a hurry so I did not have time to really look into...
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    Spongy clutch pedal

    I am getting a spongy pedal feeling on my 5 spd. By that I meand that the pedal is sloppy or soft some times up to half way down. Some times if I slap it rapidly with my foot it hardens up, and operates normally for a couple of minutes. I took out the whole maser, bench bled it, and it run...
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    Howling Explorer !?!?!?

    Same problem here!! Only on Summers though.
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    In case you were wondering...

    Changing your O2 sensors when needed pays off!! I have 110,000 miles on my truck and I hit a mileadge slump, for the last 5,000 miles I was doing about 14MPG. I decided to change the O2 sensors, since I had to do it at 100K, but did not want to spend the money. They were going to be...
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    New 5 spd manual

    Would it be possible to put the new 5 speed manual tranny that comes withe the SOHC 4.0L on the OHV that came with the 5 spd manual Mazda tranny? I believe the shaft legth and diameters are the same on the 2 4.0L engines... Any one?
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    Leaking fron IFS axle

    My passanger side CV is leaking from where it meets the center of the axle (not the wheel side) Any ideas?
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    Rick: Question about your leaf springs

    Rick, do you have custom leaf springs on your SOA or did you use your originals? As you may know I did an SOA with my mono leafs. I am starting to notic a bent part on one of the leafs on the part right before the set of leaf blocks. I don't want to replace the leaf with an original...
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    Bench bleeding Master Clutch Cylinder

    Does anyone have a step by step, detailed instructions to bench blleed the Master Cyklinder on the 5 speed Mazda Tranny? Thnaks,
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    COMPLETE 4" SUSPENSION SYSTEM SOON TO BE AVAILABLE FOR 2000 FORD EXPLORER SPORT TRAC Dead Link Removed WEST MONROE, LA - Give your new Ford Explorer Sport Trac a whole new attitude with Superlift's soon-to-be-released 4" suspension system. The new Ford Explorer Sport Trac shares the same...
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    Replacing Mazda 5 spd with BW T5

    I found this website on my quest to find a fix for this horrible Mazda tranny mess I'm in with my '97 sport. Has anyone done this? I know the site shows the Ranger, but they are pretty much the same. Anyone? Dead Link Removed
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    Racing Explorer

    Check these out! I think they are the same that rick posted a while back! It looks like maybe a 2.5" lift and 32" MTs on stock wheels
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    Topless Explorer

    I wonder if this would ever make it! Dead Link Removed
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    Bleeding the Clutch System

    I don't know how many of you have had trouble bleeding the hydrolic system on these Mazda trannies,but I finally got it after months of agony, and some extra $$$ spent in parts that did not need replacing. This system is not bled like most hydrolyc systems. The following are instructions...
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    My lifted '97 in a little action

    Just thought I'd post these pics of my rig in action. This was at Wildomar in So. Cal. Cleveland National Forest view of Lake Elsenor These were from Pismo Beach, this past Labor Day. This is me going up Competition Hill (This picture does not pay...
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    From Warrior/Twist to Real deal

    I don't have any stock pictures, but everyone knows what they look like then. The first one is with the twist, warrior shackles and 31"x10.5" Dunlops. The following picture is with a custom suspension lift and 33"x10.5" BFGs [Edited by felsmann on 10-15-2000 at 03:24 PM]
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    '97 Sport 5.5" Suspension Lift

    Finally!!! I just picked up my truck from the shop last week. I got a custom lift put on, based on the Ranger/Superlift kit. The front is all the bracketry you see on all IFS lifts, including the torsion bars. Because mine is a '97 they had to do some extra work on my torsion bar mounts...
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    Trailmaster's New Promise

    I just got off the phone with Trailmaster, and the new promised date for the '98-'00 4" lift is 8/1/2000. We'll have to see. ------------------ Juan Felsmann '97 Sport 4WD 5spd Warrior Twist
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    Have about that trip to Baja?

    I remember someone writing about going to Baja in June. I have talked to others on the site and it seems like it would be a great trip!! I think the 3rd or 4th week of June would be good. Let's get it going. ------------------ Juan Felsmann '97 Sport 4WD 5spd Warrior Twist...
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    How is TC's Superlift IFS Explorer?

    I'm seriously thinking of doing a 4" lift on my '97 4WD Sport at a plce in Riverside California that has done this with the Rager 4" kit. The only person I know that has done something like this is TC, but I'm not even sure that he is a memner of this board since I have never been able to find...
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    Congratulations Stephen!!! + Explorer Convertible

    Alright Moderator! This is a great forum to open, I look forward to reading up. And to start here is some news about the upcoming Soft top: Ford Explorer Convertible for 2001 published: 16 February 2000 date of revision: none source: withheld Sources at ASC (American Sun Roof)...
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    NightHawk, we want your story!

    Hey, just wanted to hear about your clutch story. As you may know this is a particular issue, that everyone with the 5 spd tranny will like to know as much as possible about. Thanks! ------------------ Juan Felsmann '97 Sport 4WD 5spd Warrior Twist
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    Felsmann - HB, CA

    1997 Explorer Sport 4WD K&N Performance Induction Kit Magnaflow Catback System Bosch Platinum 4+ Splitfire Wires Edelbrocks 31" Dunlop Rover RV's T-bar twist & Warrior Shackles Pioneer 180W 3-way Speakers ------------------ Juan Felsmann '97 Sport 4WD 5spd Warrior Twist...
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    Ranger Flares on Explorer

    Has anyone tried adapting their Explorer to fit Ranger flares? I love the shape of the wheel wells on the rangers, and I was wondering how much work would it be to have this done. Anyone? ------------------ Juan Felsmann '97 Sport 4WD 5spd Warrior Twist
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    9004 Vs. 9007

    Does any one know if 9004 bulbs would fit 9007 sockets? What could happen if this is accomplished? ------------------ Juan Felsmann '97 Sport 4WD 5spd Warrior Twist
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    SPLITFIRE IN TROUBLE! read on...

    I thought you guys might find this interesting: ------------------ Juan Felsmann '97 Sport 4WD 5spd Warrior Twist