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  1. JohnnyO

    Lincoln Commercial Parody W/ Explorer

    1:30 wait for it.
  2. JohnnyO

    Which One Of You Was Hauling Chickens And Ammo?

    A little ways south of me in WV.
  3. JohnnyO

    New Pope Is A Ford Man

    From the FB page of one of my cousins in Italy. "DIFFONDI E CONDIVIDI-> Bella dentro e fuori "NIENTE AUTO DI LUSSO"... Papa Francesco questa mattina era salito su una comune Ford Focus in viaggio verso l'aeroporto di Ciampino per raggiungere Lampedusa... Un uomo, una parola e un buon...
  4. JohnnyO

    Gen 2 Struts

    I'm back after two weeks in Italy. Didn't see any Sport Tracs. Did see some Cherokees and Wranglers, all diesels. Gas (benzina) was 1.89 Euro per liter, whatever that is in dollars and gallons. Just before I left I took the wife's Taurus wagon back to Sears because the rear shocks were shot...
  5. JohnnyO

    Lego Explorer

    Ford assembly plant employees built a full-size Explorer out of Legos.
  6. JohnnyO

    08 Dash Bracket

    Got a Bracketron bracket to hold my phone. Custom fit, it seems to work well so far. Remove the bezel and the right-side radio bolts go though it. The XM on top of my dash will fit onto it also. I'll play around and see what I like best.
  7. JohnnyO

    Lisa Kelly (IRT) Explorer Commercial

    Caught this on FB, found a link on YouTube.
  8. JohnnyO

    Last Sport Trac Built

    I was informed via email from the Sport Trac Owner's Club that the last Sport Trac was built yesterday, Nov. 5, 2010. I guess I'll be keeping this one for a long time.
  9. JohnnyO

    '08 Rear Diff Lube Change

    Changed the rear diff lube yesterday. Gen 2's have a drain plug on the diff cover which makes draining it easy. The issue comes with filling it. There is a crossmember behind the diff cover and not a lot of room between it and the fill plug. There is however a hole in the crossmember that you...
  10. JohnnyO

    Dash Accessories

    Today the thought occurred that maybe I have too much crap. L to R: GPS, backup camera monitor, radar detector, XM.
  11. JohnnyO

    New Tires Today

    Got new tires today. Firestone Destination A/T's. Should be much better in the snow than the Goodyears it came with. Not a whole lot of selection when it comes to 245/65-17's. The Firestone's had good reviews on so I went with them.
  12. JohnnyO

    PCM Update

    My '08 finally started the accessory drive squeak, there is a TSB, so I took it to the dealer this morning. Ordered the parts for that, also they told me there was an update to the PCM that they put in. Just a heads up. Also they reflashed the transmission. Been taking its own sweet time...
  13. JohnnyO

    '07-up Limited-Slip

    Just curious, biz is slow and money is tight right now, but my '08 has traction control but no limited-slip. I believe the rear diff is a regular 8.8". Would an 8.8" 31 spline limited-slip fit in and not muck up the traction and stability control?
  14. JohnnyO

    Got My Gibson On

    Finally had a minute of spare time to get my Gibson exhaust on my '08 this morning. Still cold and wet so I took it to my friend's shop where we had a lift. Saved a bunch of time. Things we learned: * There is a split and a clamp directly above the LR halfshaft, same spot as the Gibson...
  15. JohnnyO

    Joining The Club

    I'm joining the '07+ club. Lease was up on my '05 Sport Trac so I picked up a new '08 yesterday. I lease a new truck through my company every three years. Sniiiiiiiffffff, ahhhhhhhh, new truck smell. :D
  16. JohnnyO

    Sport Trac skidplate

    The fuel tank skidplate I got from Ford is made of extreeeemly heavy composite and not stamped sheetmetal. The weather is decent today so I'll try to get pics after work. Covers the whole tank very nicely. Pricey sucker though. Part numbers: 2L2Z9A147AA Skidplate (1) $270.39 W505444S436...
  17. JohnnyO


    I'm 44, live near Pittsburgh, recently married, 2 kids in NY from first marriage. Donuts in the snow at the TRS Snowball 2005 in Wellsville, OH. The ST had 300 miles on it when the pic was taken. :D Wedding pic, August 2003. With the wife's car and our dog, we have a retired...
  18. JohnnyO

    Before and After with bigger tires

    With the stock 235/70's. With Bridgestone Dueler REVO 265/75's. They fill up the fenders a lot more. The fronts rub just a little so I'll have to do a TT to level.
  19. JohnnyO

    New Sport Trac

    Playing in the snow. Taken at the Ranger Club's winter run. I need more tire and lift before I go off-roading. Only 300 miles on it and I tweaked the torsion bar crossmember going over the RR crossing into the off-road park. :rolleyes:
  20. JohnnyO

    Fitting 265/75's

    My kids have an annoying tendency to keep growing. I have decided to turn in the Ranger and get a new Sport Trac, I'm picking it up Monday. I lease through my company. Base XLT with 3.73 limited-slip and 235/70-16 tires. I wanted the 3.73's because my Ranger has 4.10's, spins too much rpm...