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    FordPass Remote Start stopped working

    My FordPass remote start and other remote features stopped working. I've done a Master Reset, Reinstalled the app, deleted my vehicle and added it again and then tried re-activating. The app/vehicle never activated, it's still pending. I also tried to update the status while connected to USB...
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    Bad media interface??

    The USB ports do in fact charge.
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    U.S. driver safety group sues Ford over touch-screen systems

    FORD AGREES TO SETTLE MYFORD TOUCH LAWSUIT Ford Agrees to Settle MyFord Touch Lawsuit. A big bucket of nothing.
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    Ford Smartlink 2010-2016 vehicles

    I't looks like Verizon will be providing the the network and data subscription. But at $17 a month (and a two year commitment) plus additional data charge if you use the WI-FI feature is a non-starter. Smartlink is DOA.
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    Ford Smartlink 2010-2016 vehicles

    Soft release date FordPass dongle adds LTE, WiFi and app control to older cars
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    Door Handle Covers

    My driver side door handle "chrome: is chipping. Has anyopne use covers like these before?
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    USB Cable Routing

    You can remove the gray trim and put the wires behind it and then it easy to conceal the wires to the front compartment where the USB ports are.
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    U.S. Expands Probe Into Ford Explorers Over Carbon Monoxide Concerns

    Nothing new but NBC in Washington DC did a piece on CO2 leaks. ""
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    Power outlet on back of center console coming loose

    I just realized I was looking at the wrong socket. But I bet it works the same
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    Power outlet on back of center console coming loose

    There is nothing to tighten. If it loose it need to be reseated ora plastic tab has broken
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    Power outlet on back of center console coming loose

    There is no need to go inside the console. It pops off with a little pressure.
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    Power outlet on back of center console coming loose

    I knocked mine apart by hitting it (with an adapter in it) when I retracted the back seat. That being said you can pop it on and off also. I believe you can disconnect it from the wire harness. No need to go into the console.
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    Sync Services Being Phased Out

    Used to like sending directions from Google Maps until Google quit supporting Sync.
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    SYNC2 Map Update - Version A8

    Here is the link that mentions a possible SW update.
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    MFT Screen touch points unusable

    I figured it out. It was the Proclip mount that I have had installed for the last three years. It was applying pressure on the screen. BTW I did try calibrating but didn't start because the onscreen instructions wanted me to press "ESC" to save changes. Not sure how that would be done.
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    MFT Screen touch points unusable

    My touch screen is not selecting what I'm touching. For example touching Set as destination will select set as Way Point. Does the screen need recalibration? Would this type of issue be covered under the extended APIM warrenty?
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    Sync 3

    Makes me think there will not be any more major updates for MFT
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    What's your favorite voice command?

    "Destination Home" "Destination POI" then navigating via "in the city" or "nearby"
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    2013 Fog Lights

    I use the cup holder ambient light as a auto headlight indicator.
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    Key Fob Range

    USB chargers that use the 12V accessory ports will cause this issue.
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    Auto Dim Headlights not working

    You need to have auto headlights on.