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    Gas Gauge not working

    I filled up the gas tank on my 1999 5.0 explorer and i get in this morning and the gas gauge says that the tank is empty. I go to fill up and the tank is still full and the gauge still reads empty. What could the problem be and how can i fix it?
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    5.0 water pump

    How hard is it to replace the water pump on a 1999 5.0? My water pump has a leak and want to replace it myself because everywhere wants an arm and a leg just to replace and the local ford dealer said they wouldn't touch it.
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    LED fog lights

    Has anyone done a LED pods for the fog light on a 2nd gen? I have seen pictures of f150s and others but none on a 2nd gen explorer
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    LED fog lights

    Has anyone used led pods as fog lights. My fog light housing is messed up and was throwing out the idea
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    Jeep rims and tires

    Has anyone put jeep wrangler rims and tires on their explorer? The rims are a 5x4.5 lug pattern but the rims are off a jeep jk. Would i need spacers to run them on my 1999 explorer or not?
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    Key fob

    I just got my 1999 explorer alt and it just has one key. I am wanting to get a key fob and the local auto parts store has replacements in stock what do I need to do to make it work? I do not have any key fobs at all.
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    Door lock actuator

    What is the most simple way to replace the drivers side lock actuator on a 1999 explorer the drivers side door won't lock at all
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    rear hatch chime going off

    just got my 2013 explorer xlt picked it up about 3 months ago and the rear hatch light keeps coming on when i go over bumps what can I do yo get it to stop going off