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    89 civic... randomly dies at idle

    It's a manual - and the only times it will stall, will be when I'm coming to a stop and going from like 3k rpm and I push in the clutch right when I'm about to come to a complete stop. Car will die pretty quickly (doesn't really 'sputter' when it dies.. just kinda dies). It has always started...
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    1997 Chevy Malibu - only 17k miles. Suggested maintenance items?

    Quick history: Grandmother is 97 and still drives (pretty decently too). Only did right-hand turns to grocery store ( less then 1 mile away) and back for the last 10 years. Whenever we visited her, we would put 20-30 miles on it to try and 'run' the car, but that was only 3-4 times a year...
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    Using paint guns (not paintball guns)

    I just bought a Kobalt HVLP. I have never used a paint gun before... thought it was pretty straight foward. I'm using it w/ a 12 gallon compressor. The problem, is that I can't seem to get a lot of paint out of it. I have the paint knob to the max, and the air output all the way up, but...
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    Buy one get one free RainX wiper blades

    Amazon has a Buy 1, Get 1 Free promotion on RainX Wiper Blades. Apply code S2JAZGEC for the discount during checkout. Check RainX to find out which blade to buy for your explorer. Thought I'd share it w/ the explorer community =)
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    laptop encased in jello... If it's a repost, don't kill me. I found this one on my own while searching for laptops... edit: it isn't that great of an auction... but funny.
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    Recharing R12 - where to get the hoses?

    Ok, I need to recharge the AC on a R12 system. I already have a can of it, so I think it's stupid to pay a service station $150 to recharge it. I have recharged 134a on my old explorer, very simple w/ $20 kit from Advanced Auto Parts. However I'm nervous about doing R12 because: A. I'm...
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    Recharing R12 (non-explorer)

    Ok, I need to recharge the AC on an '89 civic. I already have a can of it, so I think it's stupid to pay a service station $150 to recharge it. I have recharged 134a on my old explorer, very simple. However I'm nervous about doing R12 because: A. I'm not a tree hugger, but I also try and...
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    Co-Worker & I in Ford/Jeep fight... help me out

    Ok, the guy who works next to me has a lifted Jeep. I actually forget what we started arguing over (all in fun), bu it then hit the topic of vehicles (you can guess where it went from there) - in the end I declared war on him. Sooooo I'm going to syran wrap his Jeep during my lunch break...
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    Been a while since i've been here... but I saw this ad and thought I'd let everyone know. I havn't tested it, but I assume it's valid. (i miss my explorer =( Through May 16, shop with private savings up to 50% (see below) with coupon code: PRIVATESALE *excludes Wisebuys, B-Stock &...
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    Explorer might be totalled, but lives forever in Google Maps

    Looking through google maps and their new satellite imagery... found my Explorer parked infront of my house. According to (Google bought them a few months back, so I'm assuming that is where they got the images from) Pictures of Northern VA were taken in July 2001, which is a couple...
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    Building storage loft... Questions on design.

    I need to build a storage platform that will measure 10' x 7'. There is only room for 4 supporting posts. Needs to be able to hold 800lbs dstributed over several 1' x 3' sized objects. It will be 5'6" - 6' off the ground. My question is, what are the minimum sized boards needed to...
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    Comment on the Hootus story...

    So I started a co-op on Jan 3 of this year. Guy who works next to me has a lifted jeep yada yada yada. I was showing him pictures today of my accident which are in a thread on this forum. He noticed the banner at the top of the page and the first words out of his mouth were: "This is the...
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    Camber kits to get 3*+ ?

    Anyone know of any camber kits that will give me 3 degrees or more of camber adjustment? I believe it would be a kit where you have to replace the upper arm bolt. I got asked a question and I knew someone had found kits like this, I just couldn't find the thread. Anyways, post responses...
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    What is this part? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Ok guys, I finially found someone with a 95 explorer that let me take some pictures... If you dont already know - I got into an accident and I need to find out what part this is. It was destroyed in the accident and I need to know if it is crucially needed part inorder to get this beast...
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    Possibly giving my box away - anyone interested?

    Well, if you havn't heard: It's looking more and more less likely that I'll be getting her back - however I havn't given up all hope. If I do have to give my explorer up - I still have my box (look at carDomain link) that...
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    replacing the vacuum canister... how?

    Ok, my Haynes manual is back at school, so I was looking to get some info. 95 v6. I was in an accident and a spherical shaped plastic object located around/below the air filter was smashed. I've been told it was the vacuum canister. The two lines going into it seemed to be alright -...
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    Truck is totalled in SC - need a place to put for 3ish weeks - anyone?

    Ok - if you havn't already heard, I got in an accident with my truck last weekend: Insurence just called and said they are going to total it. I want to buy it back and repair it. However I dont think that I could tow it back upto...
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    What is this part?

    It's a spherical shaped plastic thing mounted in the engine bay near the front on the passenger's side. Has two lines going into it. I know it's in the 2nd gens... dont know about any other years. Thanks.
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    My weekend SUCKED

    MORE PICTURES ON PAGE 4 I'll get a full story up soon. Just got back. Short story - the car infront of me rearended the car infront of him, came to a dead stop while I was going 60mph. I swerved, couldn't get out of the way. I dont think damage is as bad as it looks, but my car is in...
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    Need opinions on damaged amp from

    So, I ordered a JBL 1200.1D amplifier from It said it was refurbished on the website, but in 'like-new' condition. It was $75 cheaper then anywhere else I had seen. Well I got the amp today, opened it up, only to see that there was a decently sized 'scratch/dent' in the top...
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    New use for your glove compartment.

    Got time today to do some work... I'm putting a CB, DVD player (not the drive shown in the pictures), and all the factory switches in my glove compartment. Along with whatever else I figure out to put in there. It will have a flat fiberglass face on it - as in only the actual buttons, the...
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    HU Placement

    What's up peoples? Been a long time, but I've been busy as hell with work over the summer and now school. I still havn't finished my box (hopefully within a month). And my car is still in pieces. I want to change that though. So.... after much test fitting at an audio shop and cursing...
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    Tranny slipage - to change fuild or not? 128k

    Ok, I know there are a billion tranny threads - I read them before I posted. 128k on ticker, tranny fluid fully-flushed every 30-35k miles... due for a change right now. Went to Aamco over the summer, they refused to change it because they said there is slippage on the downshift from 3rd to...
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    Where to tap into horn power line?

    I installed a horn (big, loud - not a melody one) behind my front bumper and I want it to be attached to the stock horn. I need to know where the stock horn is and its power wires are so I can attach them to a relay. Any pictures would be nice =) 1995.
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    New battery = clearer sound?

    Got my new Yellow Maxx or whatnot from Walmart - now I can turn my stereo volume upto 35 without distortion, whereas before it would get distorted if it went over 21. Any ideas if this is related? Still have the stock speakers.