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    No Headlights

    It was the head light switch. I took it apart and some of the contacts where burnt. I cleaned it up and bent the contacts so they would make better contact. Its working for now.
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    No Headlights

    well I changed my MF switch and that didnt fix it. What relays and fuses should I check since nothing is labeled? What other possibilities should I check?
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    No Headlights

    My headlights dont work. Neither do the fog lights. I do have dash lights and parking lights. The only time the headlights do work is when I pull back on the turn signal switch like if you where flashing your hi beams to pass. And they also work when I arm the alarm, when the horn chirps and...
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    Front Differential Fluid, What type?

    What type of gear oil do I need to put in my front Diff? I tried to search the subject but Im getting alot of different answers. Does any one know with out a doubt? 98 explorer. Thanks
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    front diff problems

    I went to check the fluid in my front diff today. The level was good but the oil was filled with small metal fillings and was a gray color. What do you think I will need to replace? I checked my rear diff and it was about a half a quart low. Do you think that hurt it? Thanks.
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    Inner Tie rod end replacement help

    I have a 98 4x4 explorer sport. I had ths clunk in my front end for a while and checked it out today. when I jack it up and shake the front left wheel it is loose in the inner tie rod end I think. The boot covers it up so I cant be for sure. I have a haynes manual and I says nothing about...
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    Changing Lower Control Arm Bushings

    How do I change my lower control arm bushings?
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    high pitch squeak coming from suspension

    I took it to the shop and they said all my lower A arm bushings where bad.
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    high pitch squeak coming from suspension

    I have a high pitched squeak coming from my left front suspension. It squeaks when I turn the wheel when I am stopped and driving. And when I go over bumps or anytime the suspension is compressed and released. It started all the sudden. It still rides the same and steers the same. Anyone...
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    Spark Plug Change

    Im gonna change my spark plugs soon on my 98 explorer SOHC. Any tips or tricks? Anything I should watch out for? Im assuming they are the original plugs in the engine now. Are they gonna be siezed in the head and be a real pain to get out? What kind of plugs should I use? I was gonna get...
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    Timing belt

    Does my 1998 4.0 SOHC Explorer have a timing belt? If it does, is it an interfernce engine? and when should it be replaced?
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    Fuel Line

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    Fuel Line

    The line leaks. Where can I find one of these companies?
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    1998 V6 SOHC Fuel Leak

    I have a fuel leak around my engine. I think its coming from the pressure line that hooks into the fuel rail. I checked the on the price from the local ford dealer and they told me $300. Thats for both pressure and return line. You have to get both. Is there anywhere else I can get this...
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    Fuel Line

    Fuel Line Leaking Anyone know where I can get the fuel line that comes up from the lower part of the engine compartment and then goes into the fuel rail? Its the pressure side. The line is steel braided and has an end on it that bolts to the fuel rail. I have a 1998 ford explorer 4.0 SOHC...