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  1. DUDER 1

    For Sale AA 700r4 to Ford 4.0 W/ Transmission

    Evening, for sale is an Advanced Adapters conversion kit that adapts the 60* 700r4 to the Ford 4.0 OHV. The tail housing is also included. The transmission was supposedly rebuilt when I purchased it but I have no way to confirm that. A B&M shifter is also included. I purchased this...
  2. DUDER 1

    Jack's SAS version 3.0

    Updates? 🤷‍♂️👍
  3. DUDER 1

    Wanted: Advance adapters ford 4.0l adapter kit to gm 700r4

    I do, where are you located?
  4. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    I will look it up thanks. I believe there are a few members here in Arizona? Thank you for the information.
  5. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    The Prescott area.
  6. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    Updates, the truck sat for a while when she was in California. We moved back to Arizona and I decided to work on her again. I ditched the 60/14 bolt idea because I will most likely build a V8 Ex. I sold off the tons and focused on making the truck drivable. The steering was upgraded to a...
  7. DUDER 1

    Truck Haven

    We may be in, the truck is on her way to the shop today. She has been sitting for a long time.
  8. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    M Lol, we are moving back to Kern County near Kernville.
  9. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    Hey all, we are moving back to California and I will be sending the Exploder to the shop to get the suspension worked on. I decided to go the 60/14b route for axles. With that being said my current setup will be for sale. I wanted to see if there would be any interest in my 44/8.8 axles and...
  10. DUDER 1

    Josh's 4 door 1st gen explorer crawler (SGT Ex)

    What are the specs on your trailer and who makes it? Thank you sir.
  11. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    This is how she sits as of today, getting ready to re-wire the doors for new speakers. The factory wires are toast I believe. FYI this rig will be for sale in Arizona hopefully this year. Cheers.
  12. DUDER 1

    Full width axle thoughts

    Good morning, plans have changed a bit. I currently have two Kingpin 60’s in my garage and I am in the market for a 5.0 explorer. My question is about the frame width on the 2nd gen explorer. I would emagine the frame width would be close to the same making me think the 78-79 60 would be a...
  13. DUDER 1

    RockRangerII Refresh

    Good info on Ham radios. Thank you guys.
  14. DUDER 1

    Body Swap in 10 hours (completed)

    That’s awesome, I wish I had neighbors like you guys.
  15. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    Installed some new to me rubber strips sound the heads lights and trimmed the grill a little to fit over the trans cooler better. I also decided to spruce up the engine a bit. I installed new injectors and have new plugs wires etc to install to help with the weird idle.
  16. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    Does anyone have extra of these bolts. They are the bolts that hold the fuel rail down to the lower intake manifold. Let me know if you have any and how much please. Thank you.
  17. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    Thanks for the info, I am not sure yet what route I will go with the explorer. I may have a line on a 87-91 Ford 60 I can use.
  18. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    I picked up a 14 Bolt and a King Pin 60 from a K3500 truck. I know the Chevy King Pin will not work on the Exploder but it was a good deal.
  19. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    So for some updates, after over seven months of training and moving to Alaska I can finally work on the Exploder again. I found a small leak on the driver side rear window I sealed with some skylight sealant. My 78/79 Dana 60 housing showed up a little while back. I am not sure what I am...
  20. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    I apologize for the late response. I have some engine work I need to do to the EX and I will get some pictures for you then.