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    New AC system not that cold

    Hey everyone. I have a 1992 explorer that i just installed everything new AC related besides the Evap core set up for 134a. Cant get it to blow below 60 degrees with it being 80 outside. Used all parts new parts for a 1992 model year including the orifice tube and a retro fitting 134 kit. I...
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    91-94 superlift 5.5 lift

    i have sas my explorer and have no need for most of the super lift kit i had on it previously. for sale -5.5 springs -ttb drop brackets -radius arm drop brackets basically the key parts of the lift. in good shape, nothing bent. paint is pealing so it has rust. but it was a new kit 4 months...
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    WTB 91-94 manual door panels

    need first gen explorer xl manual window door panels. any color doesn't matter. just need the driver and passenger. in any shape too thanks
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    SAS and SOA coil question

    hi all, searched and i can't quite find what I'm looking for. going to be sas my explorer. i have a super lift 5.5 on currently. plan is to keep the stock buckets just bang some of the retainers out. to match the SOA i have in the rear, do i go with 3.5 bronco coils? or 5.5? all the...
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    Versailles 9'' VS stock 8.8

    hey all, whats the worth of a Lincoln Versailles 9'' vs a stock explorer 8.8? i know its 28 spline compared to my stock 31 spline, but on paper is it stronger? i have converted my 8.8 to disc already so that wouldn't be a plus to switch to the Versailles rear. found out a relative has one...
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    92 beater 4x4

    hi all, this is my explorer. it is a 92 4 door factory 5 speed and manual t case. 150k miles, rusty and paint pealing. built it for a cheap wheeler to slightly modified day i picked it up from jersey for $1100 interior gut, look at those twin sticks! carpet out dropping the bumper...
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    seat swap question

    hey all. looked but couldn't find quite what was looking for... but my local yard has a 2nd gen (not positive on the year) explorer limited there and the seats are damn nice. way nicer than my mud soaked stained 92 cloth seats. i don't want all the power options so I'm wondering will they bolt...
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    Wtb: FA600 pitman arm

    Need that huge skyjacker drop pitman! Let me know price etc thanks!
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    Superlift 5.5" discontinued

    Hi all. I've been interested in the superlift kit 5.5" for my explorer for awhile now and it seems like superlift has stopped offering it. It's not listed on there website, and it is no longer a drop shipment from summit either. I have seen it on ebay, but how do I know if I order it, they will...
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    Solved Long crank & check engine light flash [Solved]

    Hey all, I hydrolocked my 92 explorer motor last week, and I just finished swapping in a 91 4.0 v6. Everything went great and all, but when I go to start it, it cranks for a good 5-8 seconds before firing up. Meanwhile the check engine flickers off or comes and goes. Runs great when it starts...
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    91 and 92 motor differences

    Hey all, looked for the answer and couldn't find what I was looking for.... So I'm swapping my motor out of my 92 for a 91 due to the fact that I hydro locked it. Both motors are out right now. I took my time with the 92 unplugging everything, but with the 91 I pretty much cut every wire to rip...
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    Hydro locked my 92, replace or scrap?

    Hey all, was out 4 wheeling this weekend and went to deep in a pond and that's all she wrote. Pulled the intake and a good amount of water came out then the plugs and some more water. Put a wrench on the crank, and she's seized up good. I'm in the dumps over it, but I do have a 91 sport parts...
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    Window motor question

    Hey all, used the search key and found nothing so wondering if a passenger side window motor from a 91 sport will fit on a passenger side 4 door 92? my 4 door passenger motor crapped out on me today and I have a 91 sport junker as a parter and last time it ran it worked great. Used part i know...
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    91-94 non cruise steering pad

    Hi, looking for a oem explorer steering wheel pad non cruise. Not sure if a ranger one will fit but let me know! Thanks
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    Motor and parts swap questions

    Hey all, I have a manual trans manual t case 4 door and I just got a 91 2 door manual trans and manual t case today for $650. I really like the short wheelbase so thats why I got it. It has 200+ miles on it but for so cheap I had too. Worth $650 in parts alone. My question is how straight...
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    WTB ranger/bronco non AC heater box

    Looking delete all the AC in my expo, looking for the 82-93 (I think) non AC heater box that came in the bronco 2 and rangers. Shipped to 20639 PayPal!