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    Fuel pump not priming after replacement-HELP

    Hi all, I just replaced my oem pump with a new one (my oem one lasted 200k) I could smack the fuel tank and the old one would come back on. So I just went ahead and replaced the pump. I took apart the plastic housing and stuck in the new one and now its not priming with the ignition on :roll...
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    Best replacement fuel pump?

    Ok guys n gals, I just fixed my trans, but I'm afraid my fuel pump has finally bit the dust :roll: I've searched the forums and I've found a huge amount of info replacing the fuel pump, but this info doesnt answer my question. What is the best aftermarket replacement fuel pump for my 96 4.0 ohv...
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    Boooo P0761!!! Help?

    No OD, all other gears ok??? Hi all, before i posted i used the search and found numerous threads on the valve body. I've since went from beginner VB tech to novice VB tech. Ive read Glaciers VB rebuild diary and I thought it was great. Now onto my saga lol...Ive got a build date 04/96...
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    Bad ECU??? Help!

    Hi all, I'm gettin a no start condition in the 87 B2 :( When I turn the key in the ON position, the CEL does not light up. I tried pulling codes manually under the hood, but to no avail. Also I do not hear the relays clicking when in the ON position. It is getting spark because when I spray...
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    4.0 Pushrod vs. SOHC

    Could someone elaborate on the differences between the pushrod 4.0 and the SOHC 4.0? My Pushrod 4.0 took a dump and am looking for options on a replacement...Could I use a SOHC engine? What would you guys replace it with? My budget is around $1k...I'd like to hear from yall!!! :D Thanks...
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    Voltage drain!!!

    Hi all, I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I've been chasing this battery drain for a couple days, but still cant find out why my battery is draining. The truck in question is a 97 Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC. I've replaced my neg. cables to the chassis and to the engine. I took...
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    Codes- a real science

    The usual surging/hesitation- got codes! Hello all, I have a 91 Navajo 4.0L that has just started giving me problems this past week. I replaced the Fuel Pump Relay because the pump would not shut off after the truck was turned off. You'd literally have to smack the power distribution box...
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    Smogging a 5.0

    How is everyone passing their smog tests? I have a 5.0 and all of the drivetrain waiting to be worked on, but I'm afraid that I wont pass the visual. :( I have the 4.0 in the 91 Navajo, and the 5.0 has all the smog equipment. But when they look up my truck it will say 6 cylinder, and theyll see...