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  1. Stephen

    Since everyone else is posting weird news...

    I gotta get some of these:
  2. Stephen

    What kind of suits does everyone wear?

    I don't know if we even have a lot of members that are in fields where they have to wear suits to work but this has been done on a few other forums I've seen and it always winds up being a good guy discussion people get into, so why not here? What kind of suits does everyone prefer? Which...
  3. Stephen

    Finally bought that plasma TV...

    Well gang I finally bought that plasma TV I posted about a couple months ago, it was installed and calibrated on Sunday. 55" Sony XBR Plasma (on Nate Wibley's reccomendation, thanks Nate!). Mounted flush on the wall with all the wiring hidden through the wall. So far I'm VERY pleased with it...
  4. Stephen

    Plasma TVs...

    Well after listening to Nate talk about these things in chat over and over again, and finally seeing one in somebody's home (they never impressed me in the store) I've decided to take the plunge and upgrade to a Plasma HDTV. I know nothing about these things, but on Nate's and the advice of...
  5. Stephen

    New 2005 Cadillac STS

    Hey gang, Just wondering what everyone thought of this: Thats the new 2005 Cadillac STS, finally switched to a rear drive platform. I like the styling actually and I haven't found any of the new Cadillacs appealing other than the XLR roadster. Looks like Cadillac may have finally...
  6. Stephen

    New 2006 Lexus GS pictures released...

    I know at least one of you owns (or co-owns) a Lexus GS430, Lexus unveiled the redesigned GS430 in Detroit yesterday, thought I'd post some of the pictures to get a reaction. I like it myself, you can see a lot of past Lexus cues in the styling. Whats everyone think?
  7. Stephen

    Happy New Year!

    I'm headed out of town tomorrow and will be gone through New Years so I figured I'd start a happy New Year thread a little early. Everybody have a safe and happy new year! See ya in '04 ;)
  8. Stephen

    Simon and Garfunkel

    Hey y'all (I know everyone will be oh-so jealous) but my wife and I have tickets to Simon and Garfunkel tonight. Never seen them in concert before, has anyone else? Supposedly it should be a pretty good show, sold out nationwide.
  9. Stephen

    Guess what I just bought...

    You guys are gonna hate me LOL.... a 2004 Infiniti FX35. To replace my 01 Toyota Sequoia. With winter looking like its going to be tough this year, meaning I'll be driving something with AWD more that I have in past years I decided that I needed something a little less freaking...
  10. Stephen

    Kitty Rap

    Check this out guys lol
  11. Stephen

    Wanna see what one can of spraypaint can do to the inside of a Mercedes?

    This is going to be their "Herculined Hootus" they're not quite as friendly to their guests as we were though lol
  12. Stephen

    Official Matrix Revolutions Thread, SPOILERS INSIDE

    Okay gang, here it is. Start discussin' we saw it with my son and his fiancee and talked all the way home in the car (we saw it almost an hour away) Like the other two, I was dumbfounded until we started talking about it (except for a few things that are right in your face) so I'll let...
  13. Stephen

    Who saw the first episode of 8 Simple Rules without John Ritter?

    Who else watched the i hour special where Ritter's television family deals with the loss of their father? Boy, run me over with a truck. It was about one of the most heart wrenching things I've ever seen on television. I thought it was well dont though...
  14. Stephen

    Picked up the LS430!

    Hey Guys! Dealer surprised me today. My LS430 arrived this morning and it was ready for me to pick it up at 2:30. I didnt get around to it until around 5 PM though and I've been sifting through the mountain of manuals so far. The main manual for the car is literally 700 pages long, and the...
  15. Stephen

    Lexus dealer called today

    Hey gang, Lexus dealer called today. They have a Flint Mica with Black Interior arriving this Sunday. Only thing is it has the Ultra Luxury package vs the Custom Luxury package like I'd ordered. Apparently they were wrong about not being able to get the UL pkg on the east coast :rolleyes...
  16. Stephen

    Got it set up, will be in new car within a month

    Hey gang, thought I'd keep everyone updated on the new car saga. I met with the powers that be at work today, and they weren't happy about it but we've agreed on how we're going to work the new car. They made it clear that they had a set level per month of $700 which works out to be around a...
  17. Stephen

    Johnny Cash dies at 71

    Definately a huge loss for the country music community, and for country music fans alike. I can remember listening to Johnny Cash records many years before a lot of you were born. There was always a lot of truth in the way Johnny sang, he didnt sing what a lot of people do nowadays...
  18. Stephen

    Sneaking out to test drive some cars tomorrow...

    Hey gang, just thought I'd let ya know, my son and I are going to sneak out and test drive some cars tomorrow to replace the Lexus with. I'm going to drive: 04 Lexus LS430 (refreshed I posted pictures before, dealer has only one he's going to let me drive, they're not oficially out yet)...
  19. Stephen

    Another "whats everyone think"? 2004 Lexus LS430

    Allrighty guys, I got my first pictures of the refresh to the LS430. They didnt do much, totally new front end, new wheels, new rear trunklid and taillights, chrome tipped dual exhaust and an AWD option (thank god). I really like it, much better than the 01-03 LS430. Here's some pictures.
  20. Stephen

    Whats everyone think? 2004 Audi A8L

    Hey gang. I was doing a little research on the new Audi A8 today and was wondering what everybody thought? As some know I'm going to be replacing my LS400 in October or so. The A8 looks impressive. My only worry is what kind of ride I can expect from those big wheels, lickily they're optional...
  21. Stephen

    Seat just fell apart...

    I was driving the Explorer the other day, back before we left for the beach and I noticed something, the innards of the drivers seatback have completely fallen apart. There's a definate change in support, lumbar no longer works, and you can put your hand behind the seat and push the whole...
  22. Stephen

    NEW! Guidelines for Posting in this Forum

    Hey Everybody, just posting the division between what is appropriate to post in the All Other Makes and Models Forum, and what is appropriate to post in the Ford Industry News forum. All Other Makes and Models: This forum is meant for discussion of any and all vehicles that are not the Ford...
  23. Stephen

    2003 BMW 745Li

    Hey everyone, This car came up in the chat tonight. As I've mentioned before, I'm considering it to replace my LS400 along with the Benz S500, the Lexus LS430 (being redesigned), the new Jag XJ and the new Audi A8. Whats everyone's opinions on it? This is the combo I'd get, black with...
  24. Stephen

    Happy Birthday Rhett Browning!

    Happy Birthday!
  25. Stephen

    Happy Birthday Terdrocket!

    I just noticed that terdrocket and I share the same birthday! Happy birthday to both of us!