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  1. SuRrEaLNJ

    Munk is for sale 91 8" lift 35s

    It has come time for me to move on and start another chapter in my life. I am listing Munk for sale here. For those not in the know Truck's details (take from my reg) 1991 Ford Explorer XLT Engine • 1994 4.0L • Custom 3” snorkel w/ Arb Head • Dynomax SuperTurbo Cat Back • Custom...
  2. SuRrEaLNJ

    For Sale 4.0 ohv A4LD 8.8 drum rear 1354 transfer case

    4.0 ohv A4LD 8.8 drum rear 1354 transfer case D35 TTB JD 5.5 coils F 150 coil seats Price Drop 6/20/14 Have some parts for sale. 94 4.0L OHV out of a 94 LTD Truck was in good shape when i pulled the engine. do not remember the mileage.SOLD A4LD out of same truck $125 OBO IMG_6598 by...
  3. SuRrEaLNJ

    For Sale Frame from a 94 Ltd

    I have a first gen frame that's been leaning against the wall of my garage for a while. Frames straight, no major damage, looks like a first gen frame would be expected to look. frame came out of the truck on the right i dont have a pic of it out Price $200 price is negotiable, make me...
  4. SuRrEaLNJ

    The pre 2012 carlisle thread thread...

    well tradition states that the carlisle thread goes up in january, wicth is 6 months away. a few have said we should start the thread early this year. but thats not tradition. so i figured lets open up a pre carlisle thread, thread! discuss!
  5. SuRrEaLNJ

    For Sale Ammco 4000 Brake Lathe with Bench and Extras

    I have a Ammco Brake lathe for sale. $2500 OBO Ridgefield Park, NJ Comes with full adapter set for cars and light trucks. Included Are the following: Ammco 4000 Brake Lathe Ammco No. 707s Disc Rotor Silencer Ammco Adapter Set No. 9311, For hub-less/composite rotors Ammco 2500 Bench...
  6. SuRrEaLNJ

    Harbor Freight Fuse Recall

    This came to my attention today after we were having a problem at the shop today with fuses not blowing. Do not use harbor freight fuses, they will burn the circuit long before they blow. aparently there was a recall back in 07 on these and GM has TSBs on the matter, yet still i came in contact...
  7. SuRrEaLNJ

    SNJ'S new obsesion... 97 HD Sportster 1200C

    so yea, ive been ignoring this forum and the truck for a bit, and heres why... ive always wanted to ride, increasingly so in recent years. my fathers ridden for years but i never bit the bullet untill now. Picked up a 1997 XL 1200C Sportster recently and even though spring hasnt fully...
  8. SuRrEaLNJ

    oil level sensor? anyone know a PN or vendor off hand?

    hey, anybody know a retailer or part number for the oil level sensor for a OHV, 91 if it matters mines leaking and although i hae a few used ones i figgured id throw a new one in. struck out with napa nad rock auto.
  9. SuRrEaLNJ

    94 green limited step bars

    I have the step bars for sale from a Green 1994 Limted I am located in Bogota, NJ which is in Bergen county. Zip is 07603 step bars $75 OBO. local pick up only i apologize for how dark the picture of the parts is, this is the only good daylight shot i have of the truck they are off of
  10. SuRrEaLNJ

    Leaf Spring Alternatives? Looking for aftermarket springs.

    Im in the process of bending another leaf spring. I have a couple sets of leaves, but id hate to throw in another ~200k mile set only to have another one give up. i had bought a set of springs from LMC and i bent them in really short order. at this point im thinking of replacing the...
  11. SuRrEaLNJ

    Cargo Barriers?

    Anybody running a cargo barrier in their x? I have alot of stuff in there to begin with, and when its loaded for a trip im generally over packed. I find that i fear where everything is gonna wind up if i ever go over more then the thought of actually going over anyone have any input?
  12. SuRrEaLNJ

    For Sale 94 Limited bumpers and grille

    I have the bumpers and grille for sale from a Green 1994 Limted I am located in Bogota, NJ which is in Bergen county. Zip is 07603 Front Bumper with fog lights $50 Local pick up only Rear bumper $50 local pick up only Front grill $50 plus shipping i apologize for how dark the...
  13. SuRrEaLNJ

    bens favorite artist...

    Is pink.... that is all. :D
  14. SuRrEaLNJ

    Fokker Dr1 Guillows 200 Series kit build

    We all know SuRrEaLNJ loves a good build thread.... mUnk... Focus... Why not for a model... Currently Building a 20" wingspan Guillows 200 series Laser Cut DR1 kit
  15. SuRrEaLNJ

    ATTN: TTB Gurus... i have a travel/binding issue...i think...

    I noticed something udd tonight, my pasenger side beam moves freely under its own weight untill way past the usable amount of travel, with the shocks and spring out it will fall untill it hangs on the extended brake lines. the drivers side not so much, i dont recall the difference between...
  16. SuRrEaLNJ

    new compy time for snj..... mac?

    Well I think its time to replace this aging outdated piece of junk desktop I have. I worked at bestbuy a while back and was seling computers, but I hate to say it you don't need much computer knowledge to do so. I've decided to make the switch to a mac, as I've growwn tired of all the bs...
  17. SuRrEaLNJ

    Calling in a contest voting favor...

    If you can give me a second to vote that'd be awsome there's a contest for a 22ct engagement ring and a close friend of mine and her fiance are in it. These guys deserve it. click on the vote button and log in with your facebook/twitter acount CLICK HERE TO VOTE Its appreciated guys!
  18. SuRrEaLNJ

    pondering curb weights...

    Curb weights for V6 XLT 4x4 '91-'10 taken from 2011 taken from 1991 4012 lbs 1995 4189 lbs 2002 4344 lbs 2007 4706 lbs 2010 4628 lbs 2011 4,752 lbs This all started when i read this gem on kbb I would have thought the change would have made way...
  19. SuRrEaLNJ

    request for decal

    i dont know if any of you have seen the "aerodynamics are overated" decals but id really like to get one for the x so i was wondering if any of you with some graphical talent can make a similar logo with a first gen x in it please? :D
  20. SuRrEaLNJ

    Calling out CANARY95 from the New York Mustang Club!

    umm, yea, i forgot what you said your handle over here was. oddly enough i remembered your name over there.... so if you see this then post up
  21. SuRrEaLNJ

    SNJ's 91 "munk"

    This registry is to consolidate everything to one post for quick reference. The build thread is still located at SNJ's BUILD THREAD wich will be updated as we go along as always because this truck will never be done, and is where i would like to contain all discussion of the rig 3rd Place SUV...
  22. SuRrEaLNJ

    Rear bump stops? (SOA + Shackles 35s)

    heres somethin that i havent really seen to much discusion over. whatever there is is burried in other threads it seems After this weekend i have found that my current setup comes in way to much contact with the body. I have regular universal replacement bumps from the napa in the back and i...
  23. SuRrEaLNJ


    Picked up a transfer case from him this week. He sought me out through my wanted thread. Easy communication through a couple of quick to respond pms, and 3 days later the case is here. now as long as the case works once its in the truck were golden :p: Thx again EDIT: ill even add that in...
  24. SuRrEaLNJ

    heater core bypass question

    first off i will admidt i havent really looked at this thing myself, but i know the 94 LTD i picked up has one, and munk (my 91) does not now in my infinite wisdom, i deleted munk's a/c and removed the carpet and all cabin insulation. it can get kinda warm in there now when id like it to not...
  25. SuRrEaLNJ

    font in quick reply?

    i know im one of the (verry) few that format their posts around here, but i was wondering if it would be posible to add the font drop down box to the quick reply?