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  1. Rick

    Size of forum

    No idea.
  2. Rick

    Got a New Puppy!

    That's great to hear. It's definitely important to be able to trust them alone.
  3. Rick

    Does anyone know how to unhook these wires coming from transfer case motor. Check out pic.

    I'm not sure, but this may answer your question. " I took the advice of one of your contributors and didn't cut the brown wire. The wire can be easily remove, as he said, from the harness by removing the red center ring with needle nose pliers. Once the ring is removed gently insert a small...
  4. Rick

    Powder Kitty!

    We have one of those too. 😯
  5. Rick

    Tim's '93 Sport

    TDIs are cool and easily modified. I had a 2000 Golf TDI with a tuning box that really pumped up the output.
  6. Rick

    Tim's '93 Sport

    Opening up the oil filter and checking the filter media will give you a good idea how much metal it's been munching.
  7. Rick

    Gas to use in ST

    It does because the engine knock sensors pull timing and boost to allow 87 to run without damage. Higher octane allows for full rated power.
  8. Rick

    1960 Dodge Dart Seneca Project

    I just got back from a 50 mile cruise with the Seneca and this new setup is amazing. I struggled with manual steering on this car for nearly 10 years. I have ensured that I get to some car shows early so I can pull through one spot into the other so I don't have to back in. No more of that, and...
  9. Rick

    1960 Dodge Dart Seneca Project

    I'm in the process of installing electronic power assist power steering (EPAS) in my '60 Dart. As is, I dread having to back into parking spots at car shows. So much cranking, so little movement! The EPAS gives the most boost at parking lot speeds, while removing the boost when traveling at...
  10. Rick

    Bkennedy's SAS and Rebuild Thread

    I've ran Prestone PS fluid in mine since the pump was upgraded.
  11. Rick

    Purchasing 46.5 Acres Near Kingman, AZ

    This just popped up as a Facebook memory from 7 years ago today. Outside temp was only 101! Since this photo was taken we've had our garage doors replaced with insulated doors. I had insulated the old doors with the foam panels made for that, but man there sure is a night and day difference...
  12. Rick

    Auto Start-Stop Technology

    Nothing scientific there. No engine tear downs. They need to run two identical engines for a prolonged period on a dyno. One engine gets shut off a few times a day, the other gets shut off more often to simulate stop and go traffic. I am more concerned about wear of internal components than the...
  13. Rick

    Purchasing 46.5 Acres Near Kingman, AZ

    When I went back to IL 6 years ago I couldn't handle being outside at night. As soon as the sun dropped it became very damp and cold. It brought back memories of being chilled to the bone. 🤣 I joke that we have two seasons here, summer and hell, but hell isn't so bad when you have A/C to...
  14. Rick

    Purchasing 46.5 Acres Near Kingman, AZ

    That's not spoiled to me, that's cold. LOL
  15. Rick

    Motorola MA1 Dongle Wirless Android Auto Issues

    Thanks. Unfortunately they are sold out :(
  16. Rick

    Motorola MA1 Dongle Wirless Android Auto Issues

    Do you have a link to the one you wound up with?
  17. Rick

    Oil pressure warning light came on. It's a bad sending unit, but I can't find it. Need help.

    OHV engines are all that came in the 91 -94 1st gen Explorers so that post is applicable to your model.
  18. Rick

    Oil pressure warning light came on. It's a bad sending unit, but I can't find it. Need help.

    Check this post:
  19. Rick

    Old Thread Notif Box

    I found an add on that would do that, but it's unsupported and hasn't been updated for two years so I have to pass.