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  1. Crankcase

    Feature Truck:7/4/05 Al Franklin "Aldive" 99 XLT

    Aldive's Mileage Monster -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Al Franklin Sarasota, FL 1999 Ford Explorer XLT Metallic chestnut color 30 MPG Highway ENGINE 4.0 SOHC Mac intake ( ) C & L MAF (...
  2. Crankcase

    Shopping cart or Buggy?

    What is it called?
  3. Crankcase

    XBOX what you play.

    I just got XBOX live for the year on the 19th. I have played live a few times before and was hooked. I know there are a few people here with it also. So post up your gamertags and games played, and we can find each other and have some EF battles or something LOL! Gamertag: Crankcase79...
  4. Crankcase

    How To: Add Dual Lit Visors and Maplights to a base model.

    Ok, this is for First Gen.(91-94) Explorers, but might be very similar info for Second Gens. In My 92 XL, I had always hated the fact that I did not have maplights at all, or the special Dual visors that lit up. I noticed some XLT's and Sports had both, but usually had one or the other unless...
  5. Crankcase

    5.0 carb/battery problem in an LTD Crown Vic

    Ok, I normally don't ask for tech help, but this time I am stumped. I have a battery drain on an 84 LTD Crown Vic with the 5.0. if I let it sit overnight, the battery would drain down to .28 volts from 13... I did the usual fuse pulling /troubleshooting with no avail until I asked SVO...
  6. Crankcase

    Explorer Options.....List yours.

    After noticing many different levels/combos of options that came stock on Explorers, I decided to make a list to see exactly what everybody has on their Explorer. This thread will be for FIRST GENERATION (1991-94) EXPLORERS ONLY![I] The second gen will get its own thread later. If there is...
  7. Crankcase

    Cranks 92 Explorer

    I've never had a Registry......Might as well make one and update it later :rolleyes: Some cheapie wheelspin videos.... :confused:
  8. Crankcase

    Totally Canadian trivia!

    I figured you Americans need soem Canada trivia to stump you up....So here is my first question...... 1 Who was Canada's FIRST prime minister?
  9. Crankcase

    When Holidays go wrong......

    When Holidays go wrong......Two weeks of ups and downs. So....If you are bored and want a story..keep reading about my travels over a two and a half week span :thumbsup: ....If not, click BACK :thumbdwn: LMAO So at the end of July...I started out on a Vacation with my parents....The...
  10. Crankcase

    The super addicting pearl game....

    Dejello posted this in chat: It is beatable.....
  11. Crankcase

    Happy Birthday Thudson (Smokegrinder)

    Happy 21st Tom! Now when you go to Texas, you will be legal:D :chug:
  12. Crankcase

    Broke two Explorer Meet records today....

    Well....Howard is relaxing in Canada right now...When we had our first meeting...he broke the record for longest distance traveled to a meet:D..... Today...we broke a new record. We traveled down to the states for a meeting with Gina(Gem)....Meaning in his trip, he visited two countries...
  13. Crankcase

    Check out this wierdness!

    THe other day i was following of all things...a european Explorer! It was registered here and everything! It had the glass headlights, and the licence plate is mounted on the funky holder for the foreign plates....:eek:
  14. Crankcase

    Modified Explorations Rules

    Welcome to Modified Explorations. This is a place to post about mods you have done to your truck, or are planning to do. As usual, there are posts that could be posted in the forums meant for them. Any tire upgrade related questions would go in "Tires and Wheels", and a suspension...
  15. Crankcase

    Are you a Yankee or a Dixie?

    Click here to find out.....:D
  16. Crankcase

    Happy Birthday Shisvx!

    Well, I see everybody else dropped the ball with this....So I will start a thread before 12:00 Happy Birthday Kelli!:D
  17. Crankcase

    What was your least favorite class(es) in HIGH SCHOOL?

    Exactly as it says folks....;)
  18. Crankcase

    What was your favorite class(es) in HIGH SCHOOL?

    Since Al started two on college..I figured HS needed a poll also;)
  19. Crankcase

    Happy birthday Section525 !

    Happy birthday Johnny!
  20. Crankcase

    Test thread

    Maybe I am onto something here....
  21. Crankcase


    Not a Ranger....And still owned by my pop....:D It's just you never see them on here... 1978 Ford Courier 2.3L Engine Auto Long box (7') 101,000 KILOMETERS...I rolled it over for the first time:D Um, thats about it.....It passes the top 10% of its class in emissions every year!
  22. Crankcase


    Ok, we have had yet another great year at Explorer forum, so now it is time to select a thread for best thread of 2003. I figured members can post Urls of any thread they deem worhty and want nominated here, and I will select the best 10 to put in the poll. The rules: 1. The thread...
  23. Crankcase

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

    I know there will be a few threads, but this is my west coast/Canada New Year thread.....HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and may the next year bring good times and happyness!
  24. Crankcase

    MIRC chat program help thread

    Well, I decided to make a help thread for all the MIRC users that don't know all the cool features....Explobot is there to help out with some of them.... The things in brackets are variables, change them to suit your need: Part 1- Typed Commands All of the following commands can be...
  25. Crankcase

    Do you have a block heater in your Explorer?

    Brrrr, Winter is here, so..... I was wondering if all Explorers came stock with block heaters....All 4 of my families first gens have them, and they are all XL models... So...did yours? Do you use it?