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    What is this engine part?

    I removed my plastic engine cover on my X-Sport and saw this part sticking out of the top of the motor. It looks like its been modified? The Sport was at the dealer for some work and not sure if they did something, but it just doesn't look right. I can't imagine it coming from the factory...
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    Police Interceptor Emblem

    Considering replacing my Sport emblem on my Black Sport with a Police Interceptor emblem. Has anyone done that?
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    How to adjust headlights

    On the back of my Sport Headlights, there is a white nut (looks about 3/8" or 10mm).....just above it is a small hole with what looks like a gear or two teeth in the back of the hole. What is the correct process to lower my headlights? With lowering my sport it is level and my lights are a...
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    HELP with Rear Camber on lowered Sport

    For those that lowered their Sports, how do you adjust the camber? Any pics would be helpful Thanks
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    New option for cold air to our intakes

    I wanted to provide more exterior air to my Airaid inlet by opening up the grill, but did not want to have moisture come in from an opening directly in front of the Airaid opening. After studying the grill I opted to open my grill up in the center so there is a little offset to prevent...
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    Underhood video of Airaid intake and gap

    I shot a video with a camera under the hood with the hood closed, showing the VERY LARGE gap ((( at least 2+ inches ))) between the top of the Airaid intake and the underside of the hood. I don't know how to post a video as Photobucket won't accept a .wmv file. VERY disappointed with the...
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    Lund Tune question for those that have downloaded today

    I downloaded tunes today for the first time. There were three tunes sent to me named Tune 1 Tune 2 Tune 3 Do you know which tune is which? How do you distinguish them? I can't wait to load one to my Sport and feel that Lund tune power.
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    Sport 170* Thermostat Questions

    Has anyone personally installed a thermostat in their Sport? 1. Where did you source yours? 2. Part number please? 3. Where on the Sport is the T-stat located? pic? 4. Was it difficult to change? 5. Did you have to "burp" the system when you refilled the fluid? Thanks...
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    Magnaflow Exhaust Installation Questions

    For those that installed their own Magnaflow exhaust on our long did it take you? Any special tools? Any obstacles or issues to be aware of? Was thinking about putting it on my lift tonight and tackling this, but I have to have my Sport tomorrow for work and don't want...
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    0-60 Runs starting my data tracking

    I got my Sport last week and have about 750 miles on it thus far. Tonight I got my G-Timer out and made three bone stock runs to get a baseline prior to any mods. 93 degrees, 3/4 tank of fuel, no weight removed, traction control on, normal mode, no foot brake. No wheel spin. Set vehicle...
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    Sport Oil questions & Analysis

    I have a 2014 Sport on order and am curious about the following: 1. What type of oil is recommended for the Sports? Synthetic or Regular? 2. What weight oil does the Sport call for? 5W-30? 5W-20? 3. If the Sport comes with regular oil, how many miles before converting to...
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    Who has the lightest Explorer Sport?

    Power to weight ratio is very important. What types of diets have you put your Sport on? I ordered mine without the dual moonroof.....probably lost the weight savings with my hitch. So what combination of options would yield the lightest weight? Does the exact weight appear in the...
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    2014 Sport order status anyone?

    Has anyone that has ordered a 2014 Sport received their VIN or Window Sticker? I ordered my 2014 Sport on 4/29.....that's confirmed and since then......absolutely nothing. Found out my dealer ordered a bunch of other 2014's and they are already in production schedule. Does anyone have a...
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    Ordered 2014 Sport today

    I ordered my 2014 Sport today. Tuxedo Black on Black. 401A 2nd Row Buckets 2nd Row Console Trailer Tow Wheel Lock Kit So I got it for $1000 below invoice + $1000 rebate. Not sure I got the best deal possible or as good as an XPlan, but happy to have it on order. Crystal, I will...
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    Battery is better in Limited than Sport?

    I was reading in the 2014 order guide that the batter in the Limited is 72AH and the Sport is 58AH. Why the difference? To heat a steering wheel?
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    2013 Explorer Sport: What performance "ONLY" mods have you made?

    What performance "ONLY" mods have you made? bike racks, floor mats, running boards, lights etc... I am interested in bolt on air intakes, headers, off road or X pipes, gears, tunes, etc..... Please list the Mod, place sourced and price. Thanks
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    2013 Explorer Sport: Livernois & AIW Tuner

    Those that have purchased the AIW tuner: Did you do a dyno pull before and after to see your numbers? I've seen the Livernois video, just looking for firsthand data. Any issues with the tune? Have you taken it down the 1/4 mile?
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    2013 Explorer Sport: Anyone with aftermarket wheels

    Does anyone have pics of their Sport with aftermarket wheels? I know its a personal preference, but I will be changing the wheels. I don't like painted wheels on any vehicle. I am ordering my Sport the day the 2014's are available.....I am curious if anyone else changed theirs.
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    Help: LED interior lights kit

    I read in a thread about an LED interior light kit for 2013 Sport that was on Ebay for $25.00. Does anyone know what kit that is or a link to it?
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    2014 Sport

    I know this is early to be talking about 2014's, but does anyone know when the 2014's will be able to be ordered? Will the Sport's be available in 2014 at the same times as the other Explorers?
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    Brake comparisons

    Ford claims the brakes are larger on the new 2013 Sport. I looked side by side of a Sport and a Limited and I cannot tell them apart. Does anyone know what the differences are in the 2013 Brakes and the other 2013 models?
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    Rear Bucket Seats with or without console?

    When I order my Sport, I am tossed with ordering the Rear Bucket Seats with or without the console. Those with the console, are you glad you paid for it, or do you plan to remove it to provide better access?