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    Tire warranty? 9k miles and a slit sidewall! (Pic)

    So I was topping off the tire pressure yesterday and saw this giant slit in the sidewall. It still holds air, but the sidewall is bulged around the slit so I know it's weak. Didn't trust leaving it on so I put the donut on. The sport only has 9k miles. We didn't hit anything, there's ZERO...
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    Any interest in purchasing single OEM Sport tires for full size spare?

    So if the dealership won't honor the tire warranty for my defective tire that split on the sidewall, I'd hate to just buy one new $200 Hankook to replace it. I'm personally not a big fan of how they look, I'm an aggressive tire type of person and really want to put some toyo's or something wider...
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    Foglight Bulb Options

    Please post up what foglight bulbs you guys are using. Whether HID, LED, or Halogen, and some pics. I just bought the new Sylvania Silverstar zXe's for the H11 fogs ( The reviews are pretty good, and it's supposedly...
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    Liftgate Emblem Update....Black Ecoboost Emblem

    I'm a big fan of the small subtle details, all done together make a nice visual difference that don't necessarily stand out on their own, but make the overall package just work a little bit better.....and I love these cheap mods to tinker with lol my other vehicles are at the point that any mods...
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    LED turn signal how-to (front & rear)

    So it bugged me how the taillights are LED brake lights, LED parking lights, and halogen reverse light, and halogen turn signal. I already converted the full interior, puddle lamps, and tag lights to LED. And did the reverse lights as LED...
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    New Mods! Ventureshield Clear Bra, Lamin-x Tinted Headlights & Tint all around (Pics)

    Latest round of mods for the Sport....about 1/2 of the way there till it's at the *perfect* point for DD duties. Mods complete: -Full Interior LEDs -LED puddle lamps -LED tag lights -LED reverse lights -5000k Morimoto HID headlights -Tint all around (15% rear, 35% front, 15% brow)...
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    LED Reverse Light Upgrade

    We got a 2013 Explorer Sport last week.....already did the interior swap to LEDs (dome lights, visor lights, glovebox light, 3rd row cargo lamp) and the mirror puddle lamp LEDs, and tag light LEDs, but the reverse lamps were begging for an upgrade too! Factory bulb size is W21W which is an...
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    Pics of our 2013 Explorer Sport!

    Wife is expecting, so unfortunately we had to trade in her mint 2011 Mustang GT 5.0......we're going to miss banging gear and smoking tires, sucks being an "adult" sometimes lol. She didn't want to lose all her horsepower, so the 2013 Explorer Sport seemed to be the ticket. We were looking...