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  1. J

    Solved 98 Ranger Help

    I been searching the internet for an answer, but still a bit complexed. My 98 Ranger 2.5 has an issue, P0122, high idle, no other codes thrown. I bought this truck with this issue, I did however put a new TPS sensor on the truck, but the idle remains the same. I did test the TPS sensor and...
  2. J

    weird temp gauge issue

    Ok so this is the run down, my thermostat housing started leaking, so decided to replace it. Well before it was replaced even with it seeping, the vehicle never ran hot, so replaced the housing, the sensors, and thermostat, now it shows it's running hot, but here's the issue. Immediately on...
  3. J

    Fuel Line Bracket Bolt?

    I need some help please, I been trying to find this bolt. I have searched for hours trying to find the thread size, I have searched on Ford Part sites, service manual, everywhere. While I was changing my drivers side valve cover gasket due to a oil leak, I lost the bolt, and don't know what size...
  4. J

    Tach Troubles

    I found this on a ranger forum thought I would share for all those who have had this problem also, like myself.
  5. J

    WTB:Cruise On/Off Switch

    I am looking for a Cruise ON/OFF switch for my 2001 Explorer Sport. The plastic broke through on mine, and so I need to replace it. I believe other years will work, I just need the 1 switch though.
  6. J

    ABS module

    I have a request for any early 2001 Job 1 Sport Tracs. I been trying for a good while now researching to find the part number for the ABS module for an early 2001 Sport Trac to no avail. All I have found so far is that there is listed 2 separate modules for 2001, one before 7/23/00 and one after...
  7. J

    2001 Sport/SportTrac Request

    I was wondering if anyone who has a early 2001 Sport or SportTrac with the Job 1 Engine could get the part number off the ABS module. I am trying to figure out the differences between the early and late model 2001. I have found the part number for the late 4x2, and 4x4 module, but can't find any...
  8. J

    Ground Issue?

    I have a question, I been looking at alot of wiring diagrams lately. My 2001 Explorer Sport has 2 issues, but I wonder if they are connected somehow. First the tachometer works intermittently sometimes works perfect, other times stays at 0 and never moves. Second the radio it has the...
  9. J

    Premium radio button lights

    I been searching all on this site, a couple ranger sites, and google, for an answer, but haven't found one yet, or possibly accidentally overlooked it. I have an 01 Sport with the Premium dual media radio, and have a problem. Some of the radio button lights will not light up, everything else...
  10. J

    BJB fuses n relays

    I was just curious do any of you 2001 owners have a battery junction box like this? I am trying to figure out all the changes in 2001 that were made, and it seems there were 3 different junction boxes used. My 2001 Sport look likes the one below and only 1 other that I have heard of. Anyone else...
  11. J

    2001 Sport Request

    I was hoping that those with a 2001 Sport or Sport Trac, Job 1, and Job 2 could post a picture of the battery junction box under the hood for the fuses, and relays layout. I know in 2001 there was changes made, early and late engine style, wiring, pats, rap module location, and such. My 2001...
  12. J

    green an blue bulb covers

    Does anyone know what year vehicles had which color. I am missing a couple green bulb covers in my 01 sport. I had to change a couple blown bulbs, the headlight switch bulb, and rear defrost bulb. The cover was heated to the bulb and tore when I tried to take it off, so I have white light...
  13. J

    Console Clips?

    Does anyone know where I can find these clips? I need just 2 I am missing just 2 for my center console and so the piece is loose. I have been to the junkyard searched all the fords. The short console clips are different already checked there as well. I also went to the auto parts stores they...
  14. J

    01 Sport Differences

    01 EXPLORER SPORT The crossover date for the 01 sport/sporttrac seems to be stated as June-24-2000, which is supposed to be the cutoff date for Job1 and the beginning of Job2. My 01 sport’s build date is September-11-2000 yet I have noticed some wiring differences. According to the many...
  15. J


    I am trying to figure out which connector is C144 at the firewall. I am trying to trace a wire, it says it runs through connector C144. I assume this is 1 of the big 3 firewall connectors at the firewall, but I am not sure which one it is, does anybody know? I have looked through and searched...
  16. J

    liftgate/hatch glass

    I have a question, I have searched through several threads but still haven't found the answer I'm looking for. I have a 2001 Explorer Sport but I can not figure out how to open the backglass on the liftgate/hatch. The liftgate opens no problems at all, and the lock works perfect, but the...
  17. J

    C148 Pinout

    Does anybody have a pinout diagram for connector C148 on the firewall. I've searched all over the net, and the most I can find is a few pin locations. I need it to trace some wires. I have 01 sport, but I'm sure other years are similar.Thanks.
  18. J

    Factory Wiring

    I am trying to add factory fogs to my 01 explorer sport. I have searched many threads, forums, google, you name it. I have most all my questions answered but a couple. I want to run the wiring as close to stock as possible, meaning looks stock, but using my own relay and wiring. My question is I...
  19. J


    2001 Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC Auto 4X4. Runs great 105,000 miles no rattles, runs smooth, very clean inside and out, even under the hood, can't complain. Only a few issues to fix broken armrest, passenger door lock, and intermittent tachometer.
  20. J

    Bosch Relay Gurus

    I am trying to figure out how to add stock foglights to my 01 Explorer Sport. I have gone through and read multiple threads, and looked at many stock and aftermarket wiring diagrams. I think I have most of it figured out except 1 wire. My plan is to use the original 95-01 stock fog light switch...
  21. J

    passenger door lock

    I have read through many door lock threads about latches, springs, and actuators, but I am not sure my exact problem. I have a 2001 explorer sport, and the passenger door is the problem. You have to manually lock it from the inside, the power locks will not lock the door, but they will...