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    Tuners in general

    I would love to see a 91 octane tune dyno report with no addons from each of the different tuners
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    Tuners in general

    Hello gents. I am posting because I need information. I purchased a tuner from Diablo over a year ago and have been using the 91 octane tune and its decent. I have been reading alot about Southern Speed Inc and am wondering if any of you guys/ gals have been using their tunes. Is SSi...
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    Headlight conversion

    HID's are easy to install for your headlights as well as your fog lights. I have installed both and got my kits from DDM tuning. Night driving is 100% better with the HIDs. You will not regret converting. Also, the 35 Watt kits are wonderful and IMO the 55 watt kits are overkill.
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    Lift kits for 5th gen. Explorer

    I installed kit #102040 on my 2015 Explorer about 10 months ago. I had to replace all my tires because the outside edge of my front tires (primarily driver side) were ate up nicely. I don't think the company that installed my kit did the alignment properly or adjusted the cant/ camber...
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    New Today

    "Adapters" are fun until they start become loose and a tire almost falls off when your driving on the highway... Scary shit....It happened to me with Eibach spacers.
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    Can you tell the dealership I don't want your dealership badge on my Vehicle?

    I debadge all of my vehicles. I hate giving away free advertising to dealerships, plus I like the air of mystery I give to people who check out my rides. People ask me all the time what type of vehicle my Explorer is due to it being debadged and the Ford symbols covered over. Now if only I...
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    What Ford SHOULD have done with the 2016 Explorer

    Another nice thing would be if Ford would make the Wheel-wells slightly larger so we could fit larger diameter tires. I put a 2.75" lift on my 2015 Sport and can't even put 60's because of the small wheel-wells.
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    Front Bumper Fit Issue

    I turned my 2015 Explorer Sport back in to the dealership on 9/9/2015. I am hoping that the third time is a charm. If this doesn't fix it then what are my options?
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    2011 Lifted XLT Project

    Looks great...glad to see another brother in the lifted category... I was the 2nd to lift a Sport.
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    Front Bumper Fit Issue

    I have had the exact same experiences on both occasions. I am now about to turn it in for a 3rd time.
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    Front Bumper Fit Issue

    My local dealership (Bill Knight Ford) has had my vehicle on 2 occasions to fix this issue and the problem still exists. I just got it out of the ford dealership on 17 July 2015. It had popped out before I had even left the dealership. I want this fixed. Any recommendations?
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    Thermostats for your Explorer Sport

    If you installed a 160 thermostat then you would need to use the tuner to change the temperature for which the fans turn on otherwise you may as well use the stock thermostat as the onboard computer is programmed for those temps.
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    My '14 Sport and some of my mods

    I debadged mine and lifted my CAI and tune.
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    For anyone on the fence about a exhaust for their Sport

    I am not going to do an exhaust replacement unless there is a hp/ torque improvement. When I see dynos of these exhausts actually improving our performance then I will gladly do a swap out.
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    Wheel Spacers

    Wheel spacers are great until one day you are driving down the road and your vehicle starts wobbling violently..... then you pull over and realize your lugnuts are loose... Resist the wheel spacers and just get appropriately sized rims. It's better to be safe than sorry.
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    55 watt hids installed

    The 55W conversion is overkill. The 35W conversion is perfect. The stock projectors are fine.
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    For anyone on the fence about a exhaust for their Sport

    Is there any reason you did this other than to sound different than stock? I mean, did you gain any horsepower, torque or fuel economy? If you didn't then it's a waste of money imo.
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    2013 Wheel offsets

    ...*swapping out the original Fixed.
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    RBP Grill..have you taken a look at it?

    Is there a link or pictures? It would help out greatly
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    Cold Air Intake (CAI) Discussion

    I am loving this design. Forced Air Intake for the win!! Anybody want to buy my K&N CAI? I will have to install this. Thanks!!
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    Wheel Spacers

    This is extremely important!! I installed spacers on my previous vehicle and did not retorque them. I had no damage but I felt a wobble so I retorqued each nut...on the spacer and on the rim.... I do NOT recommend installing spacers even if they are high quality ones.