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    Clunk when letting off the accelerator

    Our 2008 Mountaineer was rear ended pretty hard last night. Hard enough the truck was pushed into the vehicle in front of us. As soon as we drove away from the scene I felt and heard a fairly loud clunk when letting off of the accelerator. I can feel it in the steering wheel and floor...
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    P0740 and P2762

    My 08 Moutaineer with 140K miles all of a sudden got real sluggish when I tried to accelerate from a stop light. The check engine and wrench light came on. Before this the truck drove perfectly fine, no indication there was any transmission issues. I checked the codes, P0740 (torque converter...
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    B1342 and C1285

    I'm randomly getting service RSC now, the traction control and ABS light. Along with alert tone that comes with it. If I shut off the truck and restart it sometimes it won't come back for a couple hundred miles, other times it'll come back right away. The truck continues to drive like...
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    P2135 after TPS replacement

    So when it rains it pours. Just did all the timing on my truck and now the truck decided to turn off while driving. I got the wrench a few days ago so I pulled the codes and got P2135. I replaced the TPS thinking that should fix the problem. Today the truck stopped accelerating and shut off...
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    Cam Phaser or Timing Chain Tensioner

    My 08 Mountaineer 4.6L with 117K miles just started making a pretty awful noise at idle. I know the typical cam phaser hot knock but this is completely different. It sounds like my timing chain or something metal is slapping around at idle on the passenger side bank. The noise starts almost...
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    New Intake Manifold

    I finally got around replacing the intake manifold on my Mountaineer with the vacuum leak. Post with original issue: Ford changed the design of the intake manifold. They probably did it due to the issues with those arms leaking...
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    PO171 Code with random rough idle

    I have an 08 Mercury Mountaineer with 106K miles and the 4.6L v8. I've been trying to resolve a rough idle for a little while now. The shudder got bad enough where the truck finally threw PO171. Before I got PO171 I noticed that cylinder 1 was reporting misfires in the real time diagnostics...
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    Single Cylinder Misfire

    I have an 08 Mercury Mountaineer with 102K miles and the 4.6L v8. I've been trying to track down a random shudder at idle for a little while now. After the engine warms up I'll randomly get a shudder when I come to idle. When I'm driving I occasionally feel a miss but I definitely notice...
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    Engine using oil

    After a shop had to rebuild the heads and timing area on my engine due to a bad repair job (see link below if you'd like to read more) it seems I'm using quite a bit of oil. My engine seems to be using about 1.5 quart of oil within ~4500 miles. Before the rebuild I used no oil between 5K mile...
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    Common AC leak locations

    I have an 08 Mountaineer that is starting to blow warm air from the drivers side vents. I added some freon and now it's blowing cold from both passenger and drivers side. So I have a leak somewhere. Are there any common leak locations on the 08 models? I know the older Explorers had...
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    Hole in valve cover!! Please help!

    Today at a local independent shop I had three pulleys replaced under the serpentine belt due to them being noisy. I picked up my truck and didn't even make it a mile when I heard a loud bang from the engine bay. The truck ran fine except at idle. It was stuttering slightly at idle. So I...
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    AWD Lock Mountaineer

    I was looking through my manual and noticed there's supposed to be an option to lock the AWD on the V8 versions of the mountaineer. I went into the menu like the manual stated and I never see an "AWD Lock" option listed. I've heard others talk about it here as well. Does anyone happen to have...
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    Spark Plug Removal Video: The Ford TSB Way

    I just made a how to video demonstrating the Ford TSB way to remove the spark plugs on the 4.6L 3V. I went 8 for 8! Here's the link, please feel free to give me any comments. You all have been a great help to me, so any way to give back.
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    4.6L Spark Plugs

    Sorry to start another spark plug thread. But I've searched and can't seem to find the proper gap for a 2008 4.6L. I've read .45 and .54. I checked my manual and engine bay for a gap and couldn't find a sticker with the information. Ford parts lists sp462 for my vehicle but I heard sp514...
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    Acceleration Vibration

    I recently replace my front differential due to bad bearings. Now the truck drives great when coasting and there is no noise. However, when accelerating there is a vibration that you can feel in the steering wheel, gas pedal and even the floor boards a little. As soon as I stop accelerating...
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    Front Diff Replacement

    Hey all! First post. My 2008 Mountaineer with AWD and 4.6L engine had its front diff fail again. First time it failed at 40K under warranty, 18 months and 22K miles later the pinion bearings/carrier bearings failed again. At this point I'd like to replace it with a remanufactured unit. I...