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    For Sale 1994 Explorer XLT

    So the time has come for me to part with my dear 1994 Explorer. Quick stats are : XLT Trim 166,000 miles All work listed below has been done since 158,000 miles 4.0 V6 in great shape. New: -All intake manifold and up gaskets [throttle body, injector seals, injection rail] -All new...
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    First gen diamond cut headlights + roof rack and more!

    I'm in the process of trying to sell my '94 Explorer and have some goodies off it. I have a set of diamond cut headlights in excellent condition. I have HID bulbs for them but never used them and will be included. SOLD I have a Thule 400XT roof rack with 50" bars and the fit kit for 91-01 4...
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    High Speed Vibration

    Fellow EFers I call on you once again for some help with my '94. I have a terrible vibration between the speeds of 65 and 75 mph. I've been using the truck daily and have been driving it on the highway a good bit so I'd love to get this fixed as it's hugely annoying. The vibration comes through...
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    No first gear in a 97

    I'm looking into buying a very cheap 97 XLT SOHC with 135k on it. I have yet to look at it but it sounds to be in good shape for the year/miles. The only downside is first gear seems to have gone on holiday. According to the owner first gear (and probably 1st+OD for second) is not engaging...
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    Great guy to work with, shipped quick and everything was well packed. :thumbsup:
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    Doe Valley in Windber, PA September 6-8

    I know it's a bit early but I wanted to get word out. The local offroad club is holding an event on the weekend of September 6-8. The cost for all 3 days is $40 and includes a meal on Saturday evening. I was just at this property this past weekend for the first time and I was impressed with...
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    EGR Tube Mess

    I seem to have gotten myself into a fine mess with my EGR system. I was tearing the intake off to replace gaskets so I figured I'd remove the EGR valve and pipe to ease the work. Catastrophe 1; I was back the compression nut off the valve and the tube spun kinking and splitting it, oh well...
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    Central PA Day of Wheeling July 13th

    A local club is having a day of wheeling on their ground on July 13th in Windber, PA. I missed the last run with these guys so I'm not sure what the trails are like but I've heard all good things. I'm hoping to get a good group of you guys together so we can show up the Jeeps! Camping is...
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    Pittsburgh Meet

    Come out and meet up with some of your fellow forum members for the first Pittsburgh area meet. I'm hoping to make this a regular thing. This isn't limited to off road or show trucks, bring your stock truck out and help to fill up the parking lot! We'll hang out for a while and then head in to...
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    Seems like a legit hack job!

    I just saw this posted on another forum and figured you guys would get a kick out of it. :eek:
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    Spring found, from the Explorer?

    Pulled in the driveway tonight and found a spring laying where the truck was parked last night. I can't recall if it belongs to the truck or not. It's about 8 inches long.
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    ECU From a Ranger

    I've been on the hunt for a manual trans ECU since I did my swap. I was at the pick n pull today and found a '94 B4000 that met the same configuration. 4.0/manual/4x4. I had the part number for an Explorer, they didn't match but I figured it could be tuning difference due to weight. I read...
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    Loss of Braking

    I'm in a bit of a pinch, I've done some quick searching but don't have a lot of time so please pardon if this is an easy one. I was on my way to see a friend in the hospital. Someone was braking in front of me, I applied my brakes (not hard, I've hit them harder before) and there was a slight...
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    Rear Brakes Locking Up

    I've done some searching and I can't seem to find a similar situation. The past few days I've noticed some weird braking. It seems as though the rear brakes are locking up on wet pavement. If I'm going slow enough the back wheels will drag, if I'm moving around 10mph the ABS will kick in. It...
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    Sunroof lifter bent?

    I have the OEM flip up sunroof and when it rains hard it leaks around the bump out for the lifter. I pulled everything apart today, made sure the drains were clear, added some silicon to a few small tears and there is still a large gap at the rear. I noticed the two prongs where the glass...
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    Broken Spindle Stud

    So I had the unfortunate happen and broke a spindle stud. Who knew that attempting to crank 100ft-lbs on those things was not advisable. I have since checked my manual and 40-50 is more appropriate. Has anyone found a source for these? I'm afraid to check the dealer but that might be my last...
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    94 ABS Problem

    I'm trying to clear up all issues on my truck before winter rolls around. I've had an intermittent ABS for the entire time I've driven the truck. It's on more than it's off though. I've never tested the operation of it when the light is off. Sometimes it's off when I start the truck and after a...
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    First Gen Auto Parts and Second Gen Seats

    I have a few leftover pieces from my manual swap on the '94 and a few left from my old 2000. All prices are OBO and shipping can be worked out. First Gen: Flywheel in good shape - $20 Auto starter (slightly oil bathed but works without a problem) - $20 Brake pedal with rod - $5? Second Gen...
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    Low range troubleshooting

    I'm slowly working my way through the Explorers list of problems. I'm down to low range not engaging. 4hi engages with no issues, both lights light up and there is a click from the rear and you can hear the shift motor working. So that's brings me to the issue of no low range. With the trans...
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    M50D popping out of fifth

    I've recently completed a manual transmission swap with a junk yard(emphasis on the junk part) trans. Gears 1-4 and reverse function as I would expect them to. Fifth is a different story however. When power is applied you can see the shifter moving back and it will eventually pop out of gear. I...
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    Loss of power, fixed with MAF disconnected

    So I've done some searching and I'm not sure what direction to head now. The Explorer I purchased has run like crap since I've had it. I wasn't able to drive it before I swapped the transmission but I'm guessing road manners are similar to what I'm experiencing now. I am still running with...
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    Trans Block Plates

    I got the block plate off the engine tonight and saw it had auto stamped on it. I didn't get the one off the donor truck for my manual swap. Is the manual plate required?
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    IAmTodd's '94 POS, wait thats my Saab thats the POS

    I can't seem to stay away from the Explorer world for more than a year. I just checked out a '94 XLT earlier this evening. She's in a rather rough state at the moment but I have plans for a nice winter truck for her. Specs: 1994 XLT Condition of the motor: unknown Trans: not really there...
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    Empty Plug in C Pillar

    I previous thought that my keyless entry box was nabbed when the Explorer was repo'd. However (after purchasing a new keyless module) I realized it was mounted much lower in the C pillar. That still leaves a question of a green plug mounted level with the upper seatbelt mount. The cover was...
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    2003 Trans Fluid Change Issues, help needed!

    I drained the pan on my new XLT, dropped the pan, replaced the filter with one purchased at Autozone. I installed the new filter, put the pan back on and refilled the trans while running until the fluid came out of the fill hole. Cycling through the gears the transmission would not engage...