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    massive coolant leak - freeze crack or gasket?

    06 Dang this thread is old.
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    still runs like crap...

    look here Any auto parts stores up there do the tool loan program? If your problem is the FPR make sure you take note of whether yours has the threaded flange or the quick disconnect.
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    4x4 Help

    It'd be a cheap fix if it was only that plastic stop in the shift motor that needed replacing. Give it a look and see. From now on push that button at least once a month, or more, to keep it free and loose. They get sticky from lack of use, the parts in the motor drive not the button:D
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    lookin for some help

    It could be the O2 or the FPR. A bad FPR will kill MPG and make the exhaust rich. Thing is with out testing anything it's only a guess. Each of those items is like 80bux. If you're wrong you have to spend more. So start with learning to pull codes here For that same 80$ you can get buy...
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    Horrible noise from front end.

    yeah, them 4X4's always work when they're being sold. Never seem to work when they're being bought. I think there's a way to tell if 4X4 works. Find any place off pavement, engage the 4X4 and make a turn. If the vehicle lurches and jerks forward then to the side, it's working. lets see if...
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    Horrible noise from front end.

    Can't tell for sure what all i'm hearing. Sounds like wind in a microphone noise............ except when you're turning. Is that the noise you wanted us to hear? odd that it sounds like a suspension squeak/groan. But since it shows up during a turn, likely it's the U-joints in the half shafts...
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    Pop My Motor Swap Cherry (1st Gen Exploder)

    ah yes, It never rains in southern California. And the air is drier. I can see how that would help anti rust. But they are exhaust bolts we are talking about. The worst of the worst. Have you actually removed exhaust bolts that have been on for 15+ years, like 19yrs by now, with only a propane...
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    Pop My Motor Swap Cherry (1st Gen Exploder)

    "sooo I'm guess is TC is torque converter" Right, so is TQ. My bad. small brain fart there. "so you cut the head off so I can back it out through the tranny side? this is my understanding and definitely sounds like a good idea!" Correct.
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    95 explorer ohv idle problem

    you might want to read this thread. Seems to cover about everything. The two things left out of your list is the ECT and the computer
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    Cleaning IAC Valve.

    Have you found this thread? It shows the one piece IAC. Some are two pieces, the valve separates from the motor. I like Berryman's B-12 carb cleaner.
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    Automatic Hubs for 93 Explorer

    I've been wondering about something. It's said that there are no rebuild kits or parts for these auto hubs but if it just a broken spring is it possible to find a replacement spring. For instance, Westlake/Ace Hardware has good selection of springs. Would they have one that would work? My...
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    Does anybody know what this is ?

    If it helps, mine has nothing but orange RTV on the oil pan. It came that way at 150K, so I don't know when it was done. Has it held up well? There's some oil on the pan but I can't tell where it's coming from. Looks almost like it's coming from elsewhere up front, like around the timing chain...
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    1992 Explorer will not start

    That sounds like a bad connection where the cables meet universal clamps, if you have them. Pretty much what JDraper says What exactly does this mean? Jump from where to where?
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    Check Engine Light

    there's a sticky on that at the top of the 91-94 page
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    Help I have no reverse

    Almost sounds like you broke something in the shifter/linkage, like it was "one off" for a while......reverse became neutral, neutral became drive. Check it out. cheaper than a rebiuld.
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    Pop My Motor Swap Cherry (1st Gen Exploder)

    I agree, it's the little things that bite one in butt. I'm surprised a propane torch puts out enough heat. I use a big cutting torch and had to get it cherry hot 3 times. The torch is a one piece unit so I can't use a rosebud tip. The Y-pipe bolts will break. If you wanna learn from my...
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    Quick Quetsion: 99 OHV, reusuable upper intake gasket?

    When I did my valve cover gaskets there was an upper intake included.
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    Not building brake pressure?

    It would be helpfull to know if they *pump up*. What happens if you step on the brake a second & third time? Does the pedal get hard closer to the top? If they do pump up I'd suggest pulling the rear drums to see if the self adjusters are intact and working. While they are off it would also...
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    Pop My Motor Swap Cherry (1st Gen Exploder)

    Ok, not sure exactly what you're looking for but here goes. A 94 AT to a 94 AT shouldn't have any problems like harnesses not matching. Since you've got a shop crane you're good there. Chilton's or Haynes will give you a check list of sorts and an order for disconnecting stuff. What they...
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    Still sucking fuel...

    those sending units do weird things when they go bad. Talk about *huh?* Mine suddenly started pegging the gauge all the way to the right as soon as the engine was running. As the motor warmed up it would move to the center. Harbor Freight sells Fuel pressure testers for about $10 bux when...
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    Problem with New slave cylinder for M5R1?

    If this is what I think it is, First question is can you even get the clip off the line with the tranny installed? If you put the clip in with the opening of the clip pointing to the rear then the clip will come out but fall into the bell housing. From what I could see it wouldn't work...
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    1993 Ranger XLT 3.0 Grinding in Reverse, Hard to Shift

    So where did that ATF requirement come from? I've seen it before and it's even posted over at the ranger station. My 91 Navajo owners manual and Chilton for the same vehicle list 80-90w GL4 or 5. the lube that come in mine was Neither atf or 80-90. I changed it back and it's much...
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    1993 Ranger XLT 3.0 Grinding in Reverse, Hard to Shift

    Mine leaked for years till the throwout bearing seized up and came apart. Don't know if the leak caused the bearing failure. The slave cylinders run a consistent 65$. I bought a Perfection but had to modify my bell-housing a bit in order to use their new and improved clip. Used the side of a...
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    Getting very HOT going uphill

    Have you cleaned/checked the outside of the radiator for a build up of bugs and dirt?
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    high idle!!!

    FIND, thanks for the clue. for the record I didn't type that. I used the insert hyper link button. The first time I backspaced the highlighted part out between the brackets and typed in the word 'this'. This time I backspaced out the http:// that the hyper link button brings up on it's own...