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    Transmission Cooler Removal

    I've got a leaking trans cooler on my 04 EB 4.6. I thought it was only a clamp on the line but now I see dampness in the fins. I don't see any easy way to remove it. Has anyone else done it? Do I have to remove the radiator to get to it? PITA!
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    Need Help! Intermittant no start.

    Please help guys. I have a 2006 with a 4.0 that has a no start/no fuel every couple days, more so after sitting for a while like overnight. When it does start I can hear the fuel pump when turning the key to run before starting. When it doesn't start I do not hear the pump. If I spray a...
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    Replacement PCM

    For those of you who have had to replace your PCM where did you get it other than the dealer? And are you happy with it? Need to get one for mine and want to know my options.
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    06 intermittent no start-PATS issue?

    I have a 06 Eddie Bauer that has an intermittent crank no start that's fuel related. I have no cluster codes and the only engine code is for a solenoid pack that I know I need to replace. I know it's fuel related because when it happens the fuel pump doesn't come on, but by the time I get set...
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    Hello from Mass

    I'm a new member but I've been trolling the forums for quite a while now. I have picked up a lot of useful tips both for my wife's 03 Eddie Bauer 4.6 and for various vehicles I see at work. I am an ASE Mastertech but by no means do I know it all, as a matter of fact my expertise is undercar...