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    my 89 B2 - new owner- need advice

    i plan on using the stock t-case bc its a manual. the ex i found has auto hubs and push button 4x4. but it has a 5pd and a 4.0 with 70kmi on it. so i plan to take the motor, tranny, front and rear axles, and the rims and tires, bc the stock ones are shot. when swapping tranny's, do u use the b2...
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    my 89 B2 - new owner- need advice

    so another questions is, are the rear leafs on the 2 door ex the same as the 4 door? if i was to change axles, do i need custom driveshafts or can i use existing ones? sorry for all the questions, im trying to build on a budget, so i want to get things right before i start! thanks
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    my 89 B2 - new owner- need advice

    hey guys i just recently picked up an 89 b2 4x4 spd manual t-case. i also have been doing some research on here and i came across a 91 explorer 4x4 5spd, but with auto hubs and push button 4x4. also this is a 2door not 4 door. my question is will the front and rear axles bolt up to my b2 with...