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  1. J

    A4LD to manual

    ok my pice of **** a4ld tranny is makeing all kinda wierd clunks and bumps gona go out soon. now what i wana do is replace it with a manual tranny so my question is. is there a manual tranny that will bolt to my engin and transfer case? if so what kind and what kinda cars will i find it in?
  2. J

    changeing the front differentials gear oil

    ok not trying to sound dumb but is there any easy way to drain the gear oil out of my front differential? because it does not have a drain plug and i would realy not have to take off that hole part of my differential that also serves as a cover to the pumpican, so how do i drain it?
  3. J

    coustic amp

    hey guys i just got my sterio instald in my car with a coustic 420x amp it is a 4 chanal amp and i wana know if i can bridge it to 2 channels so my subs will hit better, so can i do this without ruining my amp? and how do you bridge?
  4. J

    white face gages

    hey i wana install white face gages in my 1991 explorer but i cant find any even on ebay so someone please give me a link thanks alot josh
  5. J

    oil leak

    hey everyone i have an oil leak, and it isn't ergint i just wana repair it. i know were its leaking i just dont know what the part is called so i havent been able to get it. it is leaking from the thing that goes into the oil pan on the side, i think it is like the oil gage sensor or something...
  6. J

    1991 stock sterio wont turn on when cold

    hey i have a 1991 explorer with the stock cd player and when it is cold outside my sterio will not turn on does anyone know why its doing this?
  7. J

    warn manual hubs

    im sher this has prolly been asked but i need a website where i can by warn manual hubs, and the hub conversion for my 1991 ford explorer. hopfuly all for no more than 200 dollars any website will be much apreciated thx
  8. J

    herc liner

    Hey, has anyone here ever painted there hole car with hurc liner? if you havent have you ever thaught about it?
  9. J


    hey guys i got my x lifted and now im trying to decide what kinda rims i want. what kinda rims do u guys think would look good on a 1991 explorer? i want an offroad and street look, kinda a show car. so what kinda rims do u think would look good on it just 15in rims though im not rich. any...
  10. J

    please help me find some shackles

    hey i been wateing to put a 2in lift on my x and now all i need is some worrier shackles, but i cant find anywear to buy them. i have tried the worrier thing on the site but cant find the shackles for my x its a 1991, please if anyone knows a link to were i can buy some give it to me i really...
  11. J

    car accedent

    hey guys, i just had my first accedent yesterday, and i know it was my fault cause i didnt stop my car on time and rearended someone. this sucks i'll tell more latter and if i figure out how to post picks ill post some. this really sucks and is costing alot. gona have to move my lift back like a...
  12. J

    manual hub conversion with junkyard parts

    ok, i did a search and coldn't quit find what i wanted. my auto hubs have gone caboom so im looking into a manual hub conversin. someone told me i dont have to buy new parts and might be able to find them in like the junkyard. so my question is will any Xs in the junkyard maybe have manual...
  13. J

    bumper for 1991 x

    hey, does anyone know who would make a good, strong, fram mount, brush guard type bumper for a 1991 X and ited be nice if a good winch could mount on this too. so is there such a bumper? and who makes it? and about how much would it cost? i know the one in JC whitny is cheap and looks ok but it...
  14. J

    woops in the creek, this time i'll try to punctuate ;)

    hey, ok i got another woops, not as interesting but o well, and i might have pics this time. ok well i was at egail creek driveing the trail when we came to one of the numoris creek croseings, well my frined in front of me reved up and blasted throw the water, makeing some awsome splaches. not...
  15. J

    leaky differential help please

    hey, today i started my x onley to find a big pool of gear oil under her. i hoped under the car and found it is comeing from my front dif, right were the drive shaft comes in, it looks like. i dont know much to anything about diferentials, but i think, and hope it is onley bad gaskets, and i...
  16. J

    another newby exahust

    ok guys, i want to put a new exahust system on my x, not happy with the one i have now. i am more concerned with how it sounds than any performance gain at all. so my question is what type of muffler would i want for sound, i'm doing the pipeing myself and just whant to know what kind of muffler...
  17. J

    clanking noise from front in 4wd

    hey, i just got back from wheeling egail creek and i did great never got stuck. the onley thing is while climbing over this bolder to get off the trail for the night i heard a pretty load clank like something slipping then hiting again, so i parked and thought nothing of it. now the next day...
  18. J

    do chicks like explorers

    hey, i was just wondering do chicks like explorers, or anything lifted. because i'v had girls that loved my car, and girls that thought it made me look like a hick. just thought i'd see what you had to say about it. josh
  19. J

    anyone near lakeside az

    hey, i'm pretty new, and was just wondering if any of you live, or know of any good clubs or trails near lakeside AZ. i hope someone does it would b nice to meat another explorer guy so if you do please tell me we could plan a run sometime. sorry my explorer ant that awsome yet, but it will be...
  20. J

    skjacker lift springs

    hey, i was just wondering if anyone knew where i could find just the 2in skjacker lift coils for a 1991 for explorer. thx the best of wheeling to you josh
  21. J

    whats up

    hey guys, im not new to the sport i been drivein in and out of things since i was im 16,got my licence and explorer witha 3in body lift,exauhst,and cold air conversion still same tires. wating for a 2in skyjacker lift then 32 or 33 in tires,but mony is hard so i'll probly be here some hope...
  22. J

    look at the clouds sorry no pics

    hey yesterday i was out and driveing to the sinder pits but when i got to the sinder pit some guy was there shooting skeet don't you hate it when that happens well i turned around and notticed this lil ally going strate up the mountin with power cables or something like teliphone pools well i...
  23. J

    dif gearing for tire size

    hey, i was wondering, what type of diferantial i have. my axle code is D4. are these good for on and off road use-like mud and pavmint when i have to go to school :mad: ? what is my gearing in them? do they have limited slip? i think they do. and lastly, could i run 33in tires without changeing...
  24. J

    2 in skyjaker lift

    hey i was just wondering if any of you had any experiance with skyjakers 1.5 to 2 in lift for the 1991 explorer hows the instal go was it worth it and does it ride good josh
  25. J


    hey i was just cleaning my IAC hopeing for the best cause my explorer will not idle and is runing ruff. when i took off my IAC i saw something that is greatly destresing me everything in there is all black and sutiy is this bad or normal? if its bad what is it?