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    98 ranger high idle sometimes

    My brother has a 98 ranger with the 3.0 V6 and 5 speed manual transmission. For about the last month or so, when he pushes in the clutch, the idle will go up to about 2500-3500 rpm. We cleaned the IAC sensor and that seemed to help, but it would only last a few days. We got a new sensor, and...
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    Uneven tire wear

    Hello, I have a 2002 Explorer 4x4 that had new Firestone Destination A/T's put on it about 20k miles ago. I rotated them at about 10-11k miles and noticed that the ones that were on the rear had excessive wear on the outsides. Since its snow season now, I rotated them to the back again about...
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    2002 explorer wipers randomly dont work

    I have a 2002 explorer that has developed a problem with the front wipers. When i turn it on from a cold start, the front wipers wont work for about a minute, even pushing the sprayer button does nothing, but all the othrr functions of the multi function switch work fine. While driving, the...
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    2002 explorer front strut lower bolt

    Hello, I am trying to replace the front struts on my 02 explorer but I have run into some difficulty. When I turn the lower bolt, it seems like the rubber on the strut is turning with it, making it impossible to get it turned. I was able to get the nut off, and tried hammering the bolt out...
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    TIme for a new brake Caliper?

    My Passenger side rear brake has been sticking off and on for about 2-3 weeks now, and has gotten worse. I replaced the pads, greased the sliders and greased the mounting bolts and it still sticks. If I jack it up and push the brake pedal it is very hard to turn the wheel. If i hit it with a...
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    2002 explorer front end hum

    Hello, I have a 2002 4.0 Explorer 4WD with about 124k on it. From about 35-40mph there is a loud humming sound that sounds like its coming from the front end. It only happens when maintaining speed, if you accelerate or take your foot off the pedal it stops. It is alot lower in pitch then...
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    time for a new fuel pump?

    Hello all, so after getting $5 of questionable gas (ghetto store) on a nearly empty tank, on Halloween night, I drove ~5 miles, got home around 5 am. Around noon I started it, stalled out, after a couple tries it will start, rev to about 2k, then die out and shakes, then rev to 2k, repeats until...
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    02 explorer air bag light blinking

    I have a 2002 explorer xls. Recently at startup the air bag light blinks 3 times then a short pause followed by 4 blinks and then a longer pause and the sequence continues several times, followed by the light staying lit. I already cleaned the connectors under both front seats, reconnected...
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    Plug in center console 02 explorer

    does anyone know what this plug is for? i found it clipped to the bottom of a removable circular panel in the front part of my center console. there's 2 wires going into it, a black one, and a blue one with a white stripe.
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    1998 Ranger EGR code

    Last week my brother bought a 98 XLT 3.0 Ranger from one of the local dealers. On the way home the check engine light came on with P0402, excesie egr flow. We are thinking the light was on before and the dealer reset it. Is there anyway for a dealer to tell when the code was set, and any past...
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    Differences between 02 and 04 explorers

    My mom has a 2004 Explorer V6 4x4 and i have a 02 explorer v6 4x4. Both are XLS, but she has a couple features that i dont. Her accessory delay works for the windows and they both stay usable for about 10 minutes after you shut the engine off. also, when you lock hers the parking...
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    Plug wires 2002 Explorer V6

    My 2002 V6 explorer is close to 100K and will pass it over the winter. Im going to replace spark plugs with Motorcraft plugs, but advance, autozone and napa dont have motorcraft wires. Which are the best of these? Autolite, Bosch or Duralast?
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    P0455 EVAP system

    Awhile ago my check fuel cap light started coming on every once in a while in my 2002 Explorer V6 SOHC, and just randomly. After about 4 times I bought a new gas cap and installed it and cleared the computer. the light stayed of for about 9 days, and today the service engine soon light came...
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    rear passenger door wont unlock all the way

    I recently bought a 2002 explorer xlt. When using the remote or the drivers door unlock button, the rear passenger door wont unlock all the locks fine, but when you hit unlock it only goes about half way. all the other doors work fine. I already sprayed the latch and inside lock...