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    Is this the correct place for pump gasket? Glacier has it between the bellhousing and seperator plate. Shouldn't it go between seperator plate and case?
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    Only Overdrive/Reverse works on A4LD

    Rebuilt my a4ld, (because of a no reverse problem). Put back together, following Glacier991 diary and ATSG manuals. The reverse problem seemed to be a stuck valve in the reverse engagement valve. Now it will only go forward in overdrive (has full power in od), but will not move in 1,2, or drive...
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    A4ld only shifts in overdrive

    Just went through my a4ld transmission for my 1991 ford explorer, since I had the engine out, to check parts. Now the transmission only shifts when in overdrive. If I shift manually I can shift to 1-2, but when I shift to drive it stays in second, unless I put it in overdrive, then it shifts to...
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    Explorer backfires and dies

    I have a 1991 ford explorer. The engine backfires, has rough idle, and dies especially starting it after it sits overnight. Replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel relay fuse, fuel pressure regulator, and idle air control valve. Fuel pump turns on with ignition. Neutral safety switch works. Ran...