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    Passenger Front Window Repair

    Here's how I fixed my passenger power window, maybe of help to someone else. The problem: No power to passenger window switch. The culprit: The power carrier wire on the driver's side door bundle inside the boot. This wire is pink/green. At least I think it's a carrier. I had previously had a...
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    My On Going Fuel Pump Saga

    This is all for a 1996 XLT 5.0 liter. I ended up cutting the access hole in the under seat hump as I could not get the the tank overflow line loose. That's where I left off my tale of woe and misery. I got a fuel pump from Napa B044-E, a Carter pump. It would piss out about a thimble full of...
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    Fuel Fuller Line Release Woes

    I'm in the process of trying to drop the fuel tank to replace the fuel pump. Its a 1996 XLT with a 5.0 L. I'm stuck at the fuel filler release. It will NOT release. I've washed out the accumulated crud to the point where the release tab will rotate and the fill line will rotate within its...
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    Cracked Brake Pads

    I had a slight squeal from the rear so I decided its time to replace all the brake pads. On the front the outer pads were cracked and one of the rear (don't remember which) was cracked. I went back with Wagoner Thermo Quiet semi metallic on all wheels, got rid of the squeak from the wear...
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    Driver Door Lock and Door Handle Springs

    Woe is me. My driver door lock spring broke inside the lock. OK so no problem, I'll replace the lock. I get the lock, get the old one out finally. It's much more an exercise in spatial relations than the the driver side rear door. Dang linkage snitty gitters running everywhere. I get the old...
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    Main Brake Line Split (FIXT)

    Well dammitall. Woman and I went on a pleasure trip over into Tennessee leaf looking and came back the Cherohala Skyway. A rather dumb young girl turned across in front of us without even looking and she had to really get on the brakes. She said she felt them give and something wasn't right. A...
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    Solved Window Motor (Update FIXT)

    I need to replace the front passenger window motor on my 1996 xlt v8. Its a Motorcraft reman on the way from Rock Auto. $33 and change including 3 day shipping. I can't find a tutorial for the job. All I have found is to tape up the window to prevent it dropping and beware the regulator...
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    Inner Fender Splash Shields

    Are the second generation splash shields the same across 1995-2001 models? The reason I ask is I can't find them for 1996 though Rock Auto has them for 1999 5.0 models. The 1999 V6 SOHC and OHV carry the same part numbers as well.
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    Exhaust Manifold Cracked (again)

    As part of my quest to improve mileage, I was changing plug wires yesterday and saw that my exhaust manifold on passenger side was cracked, again between #2 and #3 cylinder running down toward the collector. No noise to clue me in, as it was only a a crack instead of fully separated. The...
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    Air Filter Deal

    While looking at parts at Rock Auto I found air filters for $2.18 each,1996,explorer,5.0l+v8,1119664,fuel/air,air+filter,6192 In case it doesn't post correctly since I was logged in, I used Ford, 1996, Explorer, 5.0, Fuel/Air, Air Filter. At $2.18 each...
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    Mileage Decrease

    1996 5.0 AWD, mileage has decreased about 2-3 mpg. The last 4 fill ups confirm this; I have a record of every fill up tracking mileage since I bought the vehicle Nov 12, 2010 with 128,998 miles on it. Real gas, no ethanol ever. All maintenance done, plugs, xfer case fluid, rear...
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    Driver Side Rear Door won't Unlock/Open

    The rear driver side door would not unlock/open. Removed the rear seats and managed to get the door panel off without wrecking it. The lock solenoid didn't appear to go full throw to unlock, and neither inside or outside handle worked to unlock or open. I could see the knob handle move but...
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    P0401 EGR Flow Insufficient, 5.0 L (FIXT)

    1996 AWD 5.0 L Check Engine light came on yesterday and scanned with Innova 3160 scan tool P0401 - Exhaust Gas Recirc Flow Insufficient Detected There were two P0401 codes. The engine runs fine and I can detect no sputtering or flat spots. Idles fine. I had reset the code and it came back...
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    Replacing Schrader valve under pressure

    I have a core replacement kit that has various stems for GM and Ford valves. It's supposed to fit all R134a valves and most R12 with the adapters. It has the quick connect valves also. Nowhere can I find any specifications for these cores or the adapter bases. Look at this Ford LP side core...
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    2.3 Ranger code 33, but no EGR?

    Helping out the neightbor here, replaced plugs and wires on his truck. 1994 Ranger XLT auto transmission 2.3 MFI distributorless ignition, dual plug system VIN 8th digit A, no EGR valve Plugs were boogered with gaps beyond .065 with deposits, one wire was separated at the plug connector...
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    AC Manifold Gauge Set

    I need recommendations for a quality gauge set. I don't want a cheap set and don't want to break the bank either. The tool will see intermittent use. Is brass or aluminum manifolds preferred; why is that? Some quick couplers have a valve on top. Is that to depress the shrader valve? I...
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    Exhaust Manifold Passenger Side

    Exhaust Manifold Break Passenger Side(do over) I have a mild sounding exhaust leak, found it after removing wheel and splash guard to get my hand in there. It's the common failure break under the heat shield between cylinders #3 and #4. It's a 1996 5.0 XLT with the internal EGR, with no...
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    96 XLT, need factory sound system expert

    I have a 96 XLT with a premium sound system am/fm cassette, part number F57F-19B165-AG, green display. I want to replace it with a plug n play am/fm single CD F87F-18C815-CA. Both use the P100 harness, the squarish 16 pin plug and long 8 pin plug. It appears only 95-96-97 units came with...
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    Trouble Codes and Graphs

    1996 Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD Code reader Innova 3160 Continuous DTC P1000 OBD Systems Readiness Test not Complete (WTH is this?) P0231 Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit Low Both of these are new codes, along with a flashing evap and cat and and amber light on the reader. No CEL light at any...
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    ABS Codes

    Hello to all. I have some ABS questions, having researched for information about the system works I don't understand everything I know about it. Specific information is a little difficult to find. Vehicle is a 1996 Explorer XLT, 5.0L AWD, 129050 miles recently purchased in great condition...