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    Another window problem

    I have a 2001 XLT 4 door 4.0L I had a strange problem today. The front driver's side window rolls down but not up. When I push the button to go up I can hear a relay under the dash clicking 2 times.(click,click while holding the button) The kicker is the front passenger window works fine...
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    Rear Pocket

    I was wondering how the right rear pocket in the cargo area is attached ? Can I just pop it out or do I have to remove the whole panel and take it off from the back ? Thanks Tony
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    2001 Xlt ?

    No I don't believe it is an E. B. edition( nothing on the seats) I have seen info about the XLT having 15" wheels and an XLT with sport package having 16" wheels This is what it has 2001 Xlt 4door v6 4x4 Green with gray bottom all around(including bumpersand fender flares) 16"...
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    2001 Xlt ?

    It has 4 doors, but it has 16" wheels, fender flares, pipe style running boards. It's very confusing with all the options and then there seems to be a sport package. Trying to figure out what I have and what its called(lol).
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    2001 Xlt ?

    I am sure I will get Flamed for this , but here goes anyways. How do I know if my 2001 XLT has the sport package and what is it? Be gentle Thanks
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    2001 XLT Questions

    I recently acquired a 2001 XLT, so far it seems like a good truck, but i have some questions. I have the tube style running boards and they are starting to rust like I have noticed every explorer with those style running boards does. I was wondering if anyone could recommend redoing them with...
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    Another Stereo Question

    Thanks for your info, but I want to keep everything but the H/U stock for now. I was just wondering what wire harness to use?
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    Another Stereo Question

    I see on the sticky that the factory amp is built into the stock H/U on my year. So I can get a normal wiring harness ? I'm just a little confused because Crutchfield's fit chart says I might need a special harness and I called the local shop and they said I would need a $50 harness...
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    Another Stereo Question

    I just got a 2001 Explorer XLT It has the premium sound system (no factory sub) and I'm going to put in an aftermarket H/U (probably Pioneer DEH-P3800MP). My question is what would be the best setup? 1- get the line level converter harness to use the factory amp? 2- get the amp bypass...