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    2017 George Washington Forest Spring Run

    It has been some time since we ventured deep into the forest. My buddy Spike (Fishfood) says he is up for it if we can get a gang to go. My favorate trail is Stony Run (Bald Knob Trail). There are others. Mid May is nice because the flowering trees are in bloom. Lets see if there is any...
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    25-Year Anniversary

    This week makes 25-years of Explorer ownership. It was late in October of 1990when I bought my first car (91 Sport). It has been spanked, rode hard and put away wet on more than one occasion. It has been a great toy. Now I can get and antique license plate. Any others in the 25-year club?
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    New Ranger ?

    Am I the only one to see the internet chatter about Ford resurrecting the Ranger? I swear that I am not high! I even saw one about a 2016 SVT Bronco. Anybody else see this stuff?
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    Spring 2015 GWNF Run

    I guess it is about time to start planning a Spring GWNF camp and run. I have talked to Fishfood (Spike). He is up for an adventure. Our Fall run flopped, so hopefully this one will be successful. I have no expectations, dates or destinations planned. I am thinking the middle to late...
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    GWNF Spring Run (2014)

    It is cold and snowy outside. But that will pass. Then it will be time to return to the George Washington National Forest. I have talked to Fishfood and he is ready as well. We did not make any date or destination plans. We just decided we need to make a GWNF run. I am thinking...
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    How many Budweisers?

    I post this question without any seriousness. As some of us know, the 2015 F-150 will be manufactured with an aluminum body. Being the dedicated tree hugger that I am, I save my empty cans for recycling. So my question, how many Budweisers will I have to drink for one F -150?
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    Mudfling 2013 gwnf run

    OK it is official. So I will start this thread. I have spoken to Fishfood and the weekend of November 1 through 3, 2013 is set. As usual, local wheeling at Fishfoods and a run to the GWNF. Stoney Run or Peavine Mountian are the most likely destinations. I favor Stoney Run because it is my...
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    George Washington Nation Forest Run, 9/24/11

    Ok, here we go. We are planning a trip to the George Washington National Forest for Saturday September 24, 2011. I am planning to do Stony Run (Big Levels) on Saturday. Anybody that need to wheel a second day, or all day Shoe Crek is like 20-minutes from the end of Stony Run...
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    Central Virginia Meet and Greet

    Some of us have been talking about doing this, so I am beginning some more serious dialog. I know Brandon has his rig back on the road, cause I've seem him riding around. Others have expressed intrest as well I am going to propose that we meet on or about Saturday March 19, 2011, in Richmond...
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    Snow in Richmond Va.

    4 to 6"inches is predicted to fall today. That is more than enough for a cityfied snow run. If anybody is interested. If we really get the snow, at least two (fishfood and me) of us will be driving around. We will be in the west end. Brandon are you in?
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    Central Va. Mud Bogg Season

    It is just about a week away from the Tuti's Mud Bogg. It is next week on Good Friday April 10. I have not heard anybody talking about it, so I'll start. We will be going out around noon. It gets a little to wild for us old people. It is in King William County near Central Garage RT 30...
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    Goodrich KM2s ? Anybody Opinions

    I need to get a new set of tires for my Level II Ranger. Costco is offering a $70 discount on a set of BFGs, KO or KM2. I have not priced them yet but the magazines say about $20 more for KM2 then KO. I have KOs an got 80,000-miles using them for all terrain. But they have left me stuck...
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    George Washington National Forest June 2009 Run

    We are trying to get a late spring run in the GWNF. I recommend Stoney Run on Saturday and Shoe Creek on Sunday. Both trails are about 3-hours each. Passable with stock junk, better with some modification. We should be able to camp either at the end of Stoney Run at Bald Knob or at Crabtree...
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    George Washington National Forest Info

    I came across this little ditty, We have not made any plans for a GWNF run this summer, or early fall, but it has been a while. I suggest Stoney Run or Shoe Creek.
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    Good Friday Mud Bog, King William, Va.

    The ineveitable emergance of spring is once again overshadowed by a new season of mud bogging. Anybody in central Virginia, that is interested in 4-wheeling, drunkedness and gooy mud this is the place to be. It is an annual event, as mentioned above, in King William, Virginia. It is near...
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    New D44 axles $1200 from Chrysler

    New D44 axles $1400 from Chrysler Has anyone seen this in 4-wheel and Offroad (April). Hub to hub with a locker and a 4.10 ratio factory fresh $1,400 front or rear. It seems to good to be true. The real question is would this axle be a good candidate for a solid axle swap on our vehicles?
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    GWNF early June Run

    We have not had a run up to the George Washington National Forest in a while. Therefore, I am proposing a late spring run. Spike (fish food) and i are planning to go. We have not set a date, but the last weekend in may or the first weekend in June looks good. We are planning to do the...
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    Tuti's Mud Bog - Central VA.

    It is that time of year again, time when a young mans fancy turns to mud. If you have not experience this nuckelheaded activity, and like seeing a bunch of rednecks trash their junk in the goo hole, then the time has come. The mud bog is in King William County, Virginia on Route 600...
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    GWNF Shoe Creek November

    I am hoping to stir some intrest in a late fall run to the George Washington National Forest, in November. I was up in the forest last weekend doing some recon. I was alone and in my wife's X so I only checked out the beginning and end of the trail. I have not run this trail. I did run into...
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    Central VA Mud Bogg 9/16/06 ???

    I heard from someone that lives around Frog Level, Virginia that there is a mud bugg this Saturday. He is not a 4x4 person so I am trying to confirm the rumor. The event is supposed to be off Route 30, just east of Kings Dominion and west of Rout 301. Anybody got any info?
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    2006 Mud Bogg Season in Central Va.

    It is that time of year again. As the gentle sweet sounds of spring are replaced by the sound of wide open throttles and straight exhausts pipes you know it is once again mud bogg season in central Virginia. The first event is Watkins Farm Route 360 (just north of Mechanicsville). I believe...
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    GWNF Stoney Run Run

    Well the weather is turning nice again. I have not been on the Stoney Run trail. Who wants to go Exploring? I will have to check with the rangers to see that it is open. I am expecting to go before Easter, or at least before May. Stoney Run is near Charlottsville. I forget all the...
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    Taskers Gap/Peters Mill (Virginia) Run

    My navigator (Spike) on the last trip to the GWNF has reminded me that there is another off road area in the George Washington National Forest (Taskers Gap or Peters Mill). It is between Sperryville and Edinburg. Based on a review of the forestry map and info on the internet, it appears to be...
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    Last Mud Bogg, King William Va.

    Saturday October 15, 2005 2-10, is the final mud bogg of the season at Watkins farm. Route 360 east past Mechanicsville, before Central Garage (RT 30). I hear that it is just for fun til 6:00, then there is supposedd to be cash prizes in the big hole. I will not be putting my junk in the...
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    4.0 l engine weight?

    Does anybody know how much a 4.0 L long block weights?