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    عيد الفصح مبارك/חג כשר וסמח

    To my friends of the Red Sea Pedestrian persuasion As they say in Arabic عيد الفصح مبارك or חג כשר וסמח Chag kasher ve’same`ach Happy and Kosher Passover!
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    Slide Scanners

    Mrs. Shamaal has run out of things to do with her time, so I recommended she scan 40 years of slides and photos before they decay any further. At one time I had settled on the Nikon Coolscan V @ $600. Looking them up now, it appears they are no longer in production. The replacement seems to...
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    Veridian Scam

    This one's unusual Mrs. Shamaal just received a letter addressed to her from Veridian Group Inc. It appears she has won a lottery in Canada. Enclosed is a check made out to her for $4500.00. She is also asked to not act on this offer until she speaks with their agent. The letter comes from...
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    Register To Vote!

    Today is the last day in Texas to register to vote. To see if you are registered see and follow the directions. Different states have different rules and dates. See your state's voter registration dates for...
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    Whither Shamaal?

    Miss Me? I turn my back for a couple months and DMI closes down? An interesting confluence of events knocked me offline for a while. First our local internet provider got bought out by another one who botched the transfer so bad I was without internet connection for a week and telephone for...
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    It's Started! Free Swag!

    Wait for it ...... Yes it will soon be time to test your knowledge against the man who's truly a legend in his own mind. Given the lame challenges to Stump the Shamaal, this time we'll reverse the process - I ask the questions. As proving oneself smarter than The Shamaal is a nigh...
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    High Chinese Quality

    The Chinese quality may be higher than I thought. It appears the vast majority of the 21 million toys recalled by Mattel were built as Mattel had designed. Feel free to discuss at DMI DMI :D Chinese Quality
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    Refinery Expansion

    The Saudis and the Dutch are doubling the capacity of their gasoline refinery in Port Arthur, Texas. Feel free to discuss at DMI :D Refinery Increase
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    Canadian Dollar = US Dollar

    No offense to our toque wearing friends in the great white North, but for crying out loud! What next, the Peso? Further discussion may be continued at DMI :D CSD = USD
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    No More Beaner's

    To avoid having a business name associated with a racial slur, the Beaner's Coffee chain is changing their name. Is this an overeaction? DMI :D No More Beaner's
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    Jail For 50-cent Toll

    Not the story you'd expect regarding jerks who skip the tolls. DMI :D 3 Days in jail for not paying toll
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    Rick in Fight?

    I suppose it was just a matter of time, and given the circumstances I probably would have said the same thing. DMI :D Fight
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    Greatest Rock and Roll Band of All Time

    DMI :D Greatest Rock and Roll Band Can you pick out Eric Clapton?
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    Spanish TV Network is Number 1

    DMI:D Univision #1
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    Fake Fireplace Logs

    Anyone have any experience with these? Mrs Shamaal doesn't want her tootsies getting cold and even though she has a new titanium knee doesn't want to bend over to push the light button. What I'm looking for are fake logs with a remote igniter for vented natural gas. Right now they're...
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    High School Musical Star Not Fired

    High School Musical Star Not Dismissed I have never seen High School Musical. For reasons that escape, one of the actresses has had non-Disney type pictures posted on the internet. For now Disney hasn't dismissed her. What possesses famous people to take these types of pictures? It's not...
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    Madeleine Killed by Parents?

    The Portugese police have named Madeleine McCann's parents as suspects in her disappearance last May. You may recall that the Vatican was involved along with a lot of international celebrities.
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    Tesla Delivery In November

    If anyone remembers the Tesla promotion from last year for delivery in October, I understand it has been moved to November. A electric car that does 0 - 60 in about 4 seconds. Definetely worth the price of admission...
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    Lost in Bearing Straits

    Sure, it's easy now to say repack your bearings every time you do your brakes. :rolleyes: i pull into the company parking lot and hear crunching from the car. Looking underneath I see oil dripping from the front differential. Adding 2 + 2 and getting 5 I consult the elite experts who soon...
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    Differentials aren't only in calculus

    Well poop, it's always the stuff I know nothing about. Turn left at a stoplight outside work parking lot and hear a crunching sound in front. Pull into the parking lot at work, look under the car and a couple drops of oil are under the front differential. All in all the car had about two...
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    1991 Ford Explorer Heater Bypass Valve Installation

    I thought of this several years ago and a recent post showed it could be done. On the 91 & 92 Mazda Navajos, there is no shutoff on the heaters. This means the A/C must overcome heat from the heater core in addition to the cabin air. On the newer models Ford installed a vacuum operated heater...
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    Broken seat part

    My driver's side seat hasn't been adjustable lately. Closer inspection shows the bracket is busted at the left rear at the point shown in the picture. The questions are: how do I go about replacing this? Do I have to replace the entire seat or is there something I can bend and remount the seat?
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    91 Navajo CD Player Changeout Adapter Question

    1991 Mazda Navajo: equivalent to the 91 Explorer with the premium sound installation. Stock radio was replaced ten years ago with a Sony CD player. The Sony has output RCA connectors intended to go to the amplifiers (unused) and a connector that goes straight to speakers (used) The install...
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    Server Busy

    I suppose I'm not the only one receiving massive amounts of server busy messages. I assume it's either a software problem or we're under attack. Even the Smiley page says try again later. :eek: If there's a different IE6 setting now required, let me know.
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    Rear Brake Lock

    Spooky! I was reading a thread last week regarding the ABS locking up under certain conditions. After a panic stop this afternoon, I couldn't move - I thought the clutch/transmission had given out. After stalling and restarting it went away. I was able to create the problem in my driveway...