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    Custom bumpers

    Let’s see some ideas for some custom bumpers front and rear need some ideas
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    New blend door actuator not working?

    I have a 2000 mountaineer the blend door actuator quit working so I bought new one and still not working any ideas what could be going on?
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    Windows and sunroof not working!!!!

    I accidentally broke my passenger mirror of and it was hanging by the wire harness to the mirror and I cut the harness to take the mirror of and since I cut it the windows and sunroof will not work. I checked fuses and they r good. It worked fine until I cut the harness. Any ideas????
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    00 mountaineer 5.0 fuel pump??

    Can a weak fuel pump cause detonation? higher rpms and 3/4's to full throttle I get a real loud detonation sound. Its a 00 mountaineer 5.0. Does walbro make any upgraded fuel pumps for our trucks?
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    bad vibration around 60mph and up

    I have a 00 mountaneer v8 138k. Its lifted on 33's 4406 t case swap. New bearings, seals and gears front and rear axels(4.10). I have replaced muiltiple times front wheel bearings (I only get about a yr out of them, the heavy tires kill them). U joints front and rear have been changed. Ball...
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    Tmh burning up plug wires?

    My mountaineer is having problems burning up plug wires on the drivers side header. The first two sets only lasted a few month apeice. But the last set I got lasted a little over a year. I bought the heat socks and wraped pug wires up the best I can. It helped but not solving my problem. Any...
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    00' mounataineer 5.0 pulsates at low rpms?

    My mountaineer is pulsating or stubling a little bit at low rpms u notice it more in a highr gear. If u get the rpms up above 1400 it goes away. Seems fine above 2000rpm. Any I deas, no check engine light. Plugs and wires are maybe yr old.
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    Clunk from the rear?

    My 00' mountaineer I making a clunk from the drivers rear. only time it clunks is when you take a left turn it will make one clunk. or if the suspenion gets jarred around like going over rail road tracks. The sway bar bushings and links are great. I noticed tho if u grab the drivers rear tire...
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    5.0 oil pan gasket change

    I know to completly remove the oil pan on a 5.0 explorer u need to lift the motor. But to change the gasket I was thinking why couldnt I drop the pan as far as I can and slip the new gasket on by fishing it down and around the pick up and fit it in place with out completly removing oil pan. It...
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    P1729 dtc

    My 00 mountaineer v8 was all wheel drive now 4406. But I just got a check engine light, and I ran the codes and I got p0401, p0602,p1729, and a p1000. The code that has me stumped is the p1729, its for a 4x4 low switch. My mountaineer was all wheel drive so how can I get a 4x4 low code? Whats...
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    5.0 spark knock at wot high rpm

    My 00 mountaineer 5.0 it has tq monster headers flowmaster exhaust intake spacer cold air intake. And a 89 octane henson custom tune. I dont have my truck wot very often, but when I do floor it when its at high rpms the motor spark knocks bad only at wot and high rpms. My air fuel gauge is all...
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    4r70w pump seal fix or rebuild?

    My 2000 mountaineer's transmisskon front pump seal is leaking, the transmission has about a 130k on it. Works fine. But if I have to drop it to replace gasket, I was wondering if its worth just fixing it or rebuild it while its out. What would you recomend doing. I was just geting ready to...
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    Henson custom tuning ?

    I had a custum tune made for my 5.0l mountaineer. And I am trying to figure out if henson tunes the transmission also? Like shift points and line pressure. I am wanting to install shift kit and need to know if anything has been changed on transmissiob mmom n so I choose correct stage
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    Shift kit

    I have a 2000 mountaineer with 5.0 and it has 128k on it. Good shape, would it be a good I dea to put a shift kit in the trans when it has 128k on it?
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    Timing chain questions

    Iam getimg ready to change water pump, on 5.0l mounataneer with 128k. I figured I might as well change the timing chain. But should I use a stock chain or upgrade? My motor is stock internally, but I have full exhaust intake spacer and cold air intake, tuned, 4.10 gears and lifted. With planes...
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    Metal shavings on 8.8 fill plug?

    I just did a gear change, used gears, new bearings in my 8.8, and its been maybe two months, no noise no problems with install. But I just checked my fluid and the plug was full of shavings and gunk. Is there a problem?
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    Help broken dana 35 bearing cap!

    Any body know were I can get a bearing cap for my 2000 mountaineer dana 35? I was doing a gear swap and was doing the final install and I didnt have the.differental seated all the way and when I torqed my caps one broke in half. Any idea were I can get ahold of one?
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    New pinion seal leaking?

    I just changed gears on my mountaineer from 3.73 to 4.10. I put all new seals bearings. Everything went perfect no problems. Well its been two weeks since the install and today I noticed the pinion seal is leaking. Its seeping anough were there is a film runing down the diff. Why is that? It...
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    Loud injectors 5.0

    My 2000 5.0l mountaineer has 125k on it and my injectors are real loud, some lpuder than the others. There loud enough that you can hear it wile driving. There real loud ticking lile crazy. I have been runing cleaner in the gas, I have noticed a increase in fuel molage, but it has not quited...
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    2000 mountaineer brake noise

    About a year and a half ago I put on new cross drilled and slotted rotors with ceramic pads. Well just recently within a month, when my brakes are hott the drivers front will sqeal almost like a warning squeek when the pads are worn. But my pads are fine, so its not that. What could it be? Are...
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    Sas front drive shaft and transmision mount

    I have a 2000 mountaineer that iam doing a sas swap on. I am usining a 78 hp d44 shortened 6". I am using the radius arm early bronco suspension. But my concerns are about the front drive shaft clearing the transmission crossmember. What do you have to do make a custom transmission mount?
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    Extended egr tube?

    I have tryed five times to email bob, about making me a extended egr tube. Is he not in busness any more? I have not hurd anything back. I have been trying for months. What the heck. Dose any body know any were else I can get one?
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    2000 mountaineer oil pressure problem 5.0l

    i have a 2000 mountaineer 5.0l the truck is lifted on 33"s, it has tq monster headers, cold air intake, flowmaster exhaust, and intake spacer, and xcal tuned. 4406 swap 120k the problem i am having started this morning, i started my truck it was runing for a minute or two, then i noticed my...
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    d44 trac lok ????

    i have a trac lok from a 79 bronco. i bought it used. how do you tell what gear ratio you can use withe the trac lok. because i have herd there are two styles one for like 3.73 and up, and one for below 3.73's. another question is how do you get the side gears and spider gears out? i got the...
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    Sct excal 2 problems

    Ihave a xcal 2 by sct, and when you go under the program vehical folder it says recovery mode. Any Ideas why its doing this, or how to get it fixed? Also when u try to hook it up to the computer it gives a 161 error. Any advice be great