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    18” wheels…8s, 9s,? Offset?

    I’m wanting to put 18’s on my X. Should I get 8” or 9”? I’d like a wheel with some dish but could compromise on that. What offset with either the 8 or 9 would I want to clear the upper control arm?
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    18x9.5 cobra R on a 2nd gen?

    Ive found a set of 18x9.5 cobra r wheels for sale near me. Will the 9.5 width require a spacer and if so will they then be too wide? I know the offset would determine this but I don’t know the offset yet. I’m assuming they’re a common offset for a sn95 mustang.
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    Upper shackle frame bushings ES 4.2124

    A long time ago I ordered some leaf spring bushings for an old X I had. I believe I ordered a couple different kits to upgrade to poly in the leafs and to replace the frame bushings as well. At the time I only installed the leaf bushings and moved on. I scrapped that X and bought another but...
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    Bad abs unit. Help

    I just purchased an extremely clean, super low mile 96 X and the abs light is on. It has code c1210 right front dump/outlet coil circuit fault. Most likely the abs pump is no good. Anyone have a known good working unit with no error codes they can sell from a truck they’re parting out? part...
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    4r70w software

    Already posted in the trans section. I’m looking for software for the 4r70w in my 99 5.0?
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    4r70w software

    Who can I contact regarding custom software for the 4r70w?
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    Weird intermittent dying issue.

    My 99 explorer has had an issue this summer while driving after about 20-25 minutes. What happens is first the abs light will come on, if I lift off the throttle it will go off. If I stay on the throttle it will stay on and eventually then the speedo will start swinging erratically. Again if I...
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    What gives with these lift kit companies?

    ok so I’ve had several X’s. Lifted all of them. My last 2nd gen had reached rear leafs with AAL and the front had aftermarket keys with maxed out twist on the torsion bars without destroying the front axles. I just got a 100k mile 99 all stock and I’m looking to lift it properly with knuckles...
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    max tt lift

    So I lifted my x a couple years ago with a tt and some air shocks. Well the air shocks blew so I recently installed a long aal and had the springs re arched for the lift I wanted in the rear. I need to raise the front some more to match the rear now. Not much. Of course the ds tt adjuster is...
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    best rear lift options

    So I need to toss my airshocks I've been using to lift the rear of my x in favor of something better. I'm trying to decide the best approach and I only want to do this once. The front is already lifted with a TT and I'm about maxed out at a safe height for my axles. I've heard some folks say...
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    4406 swap into 5.0

    Any of you guys that have completed this swap regret the shifter location? Sitting in my x, my leg is already pretty close to the console and it seems my leg would rest against the shifter. Another question, do I have to use the manual shift transfer case? Can I use one with an electric...
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    5.0 hard misfire low fuel pressure...kinda

    So as stated in the title, my 01 5.0 is having some pretty regular hard misfire. It runs good at throttle tip in and low speed cruising and even at high speed with little load. When I approach a hill and increase throttle to maintain speed it begins to misfire/surge heavily while it waits to...
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    Chevy LS swap?

    I searched on google and on here and didn't get much. Has it been done into an AWD 5.0 truck? Mustang guys do it. I know we're not talking apples to apples but does anyone know if it's been done? I'm asking cause my 5.0 has 175K on it and it's getting tired. Looking to explore all options.
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    4r70w fluid questions

    My 4r70w has been starting to shudder going into OD recently. It only shudders shifting up into OD, never at any other shift point. I can make it not shudder by easing out on the throttle before it makes the shift. I'm thinking of performing a trans service with a fluid and filter change as it...
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    Radiator repair

    Anyone ever tried to repair a leaky radiator? Mine is leaking somehwere on the lower left side. Looks to be where the tank is mated to the core. My thought is to bend the tabs back that hold the tank on and use some heat to release the still stuck glue. Once off I'll clean the dickens outta...
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    quality radiators

    Can anyone suggest a decent brand rediator for a 5.0. I don't want to buy a cheapo just to have to replace it again sooner than later.
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    Low charging gauge

    So my charging gauge constantly reads below the + sign on the battery pictured in the charging gauge. Is that about where everyone else's sits? A check of the alternator shows about 13.4volts when running which is fine. It also seems that my headlights aren't quite as bright as they used to be...
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    Voltages of DPFE

    I'm checking to see if the DPFE is the cause of an P0401 CEL. I probed the brown wire with a white tracer and had my ground on the battery ground. I saw 5 volts and when I applied vacuum to the EGR the engine died and the voltage didn't change. Did I check the appropriate wire for voltage?
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    Torsion Twist and camber

    My truck has slightly more neg camber than I'd like it to have and it wears the inside of the tires a bit faster than the outside. If I give it a little TT will it gain some camber and help correct this. The rear of my truck sits higher than the front anyway due to my airshocks so it could stand...
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    Unidentifiable noise

    My truck just recently started making a noise under the hood. It's a 5.0 It sounds like an unhooked vacuum line. It's coming from the drivers side of the bay. Definitely not from the intake area on the passenger side. For this reason, I don't think it's the IAC. I saw one vacuum line going to...
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    What I've been up to...

    My X's step bars were looking pretty ratty with rust developing around the end caps and stuff. I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone. I removed the bars and took them to my cousin who own an Ameriguard bed liner location and he applied a nice lining to them at no charge. I think they turned...
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    Stupid rust

    So my 01 X has the rust just beginning on the body seem under the rear passenger doors. Not too bad yet. My truck has the XLT package and has the plastic rockers that cover most of the metal in the rockers. I rolled under the truck the other day and looked at this area from the backside and...
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    Dorman UCA

    Anyone used the Dorman line of control arms in their truck before? How is the quality compared to Moog? I'm looking at Dorman and Mevotech for the right front upper control arm. I think I'm just going to replace it with a 2 piece again cause I don't want to get an alignment. Just curious on the...
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    01 AWD towing

    My 01 XLT is an AWD 5.0. Truck has 135k for miles. Trans has been serviced regularly and fluid looks great. My question is I'm thinking about tow dollying a car from k.c. to chicago and back possibly. It's next week and no doubt going to be really hot. The car in question is a 79 vw scirocco. It...
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    Tow receiver

    Does anyone have tow hitch and receiver they want to part with cheap?