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    96 Explorer headlights won't turn off.

    I searched and found several threads detailing the same problem, but none of them had the solution. I came home yesterday at noon on a bright sunny day and noticed my headlights were on. I waited for awhile to see if they would turn off but they never did (at least not until the battery...
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    Hydraulic Clutch keeps getting air in it

    Having trouble with a hydraulic clutch on a '94 Explorer Sport. The throwout bearing went out so I pulled the trans and replaced the clutch and slave cylinder. Put it all back together, bled it and it seemed to work fine. Couple days later, it wasn't releasing, so I bled it again. Again it...
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    '96 Explorer AWD Front driveshaft vibration

    I am having getting a vibration in the front driveshaft that is driving me crazy. I have a '96 V8 Explorer with the double cardan front driveshaft. The vibration is the worst during acceleration right before the transmission shifts. If you take the front driveshaft out, the vibration goes...
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    Who makes a good driveshaft CV joint?

    The CV on my front driveshaft on my 97 Mountaineer went out. (Note I'm talking driveshaft CV, NOT half shaft). I read several threads on here about people who replaced theirs with the doorman part and the boot ripped within months. The reviews on Amazon for the doorman part say the same...
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    Double Cardan or CV?

    My '96 AWD has a vibration and some slop in the front driveline. The '96 has a double cardan style where my '97 has a CV. Is the 97+ an upgrade or is it just cheaper to manufacture? Would it be worth it to convert? Is either style rebuildable? I know some of them are not.
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    Key fob working intermittently

    The key fobs for my 2000 explorer quit working. I replaced the battery and that didn't seem to help. I recently bought a 98 explorer that didn't come with any remotes so I decided to see if I could program the remote for it, and it worked. The next time I tried it with the 2000 it worked...
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    Upper swing arm bolts

    When replacing the upper swing arm, from the factory, the bolts are facing outward (bolt heads towards the middle) and they are a bitch to get in and out. Is there any reason they have to be that way? They go in so much easier the other way.
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    Help! Dipstick bolt

    I am replacing the transmission on a '96 Explorer with a 5.0. The 4R70W dies pretty quickly when it's starved of fluid. Anyway, I cannot get the bolt for the dipstick. I was able to remove it with a long extension and a universal joint, but I can't for the life of me get it back in. Any tips?
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    Can I put GT40P heads on a GT40 engine?

    I have an early '97 mountaineer which should have GT40 heads. Can I put GT40P heads on it without modification? Would it net me any gains?
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    98+ 4R70W into '96 Explorer

    I have a '96 5.0 Explorer AWD with a blown tranny. From what I have read, the '98+ 4R70W with the mechanical diode is improved over the earlier ones. I did a search and the only thing I have found for sure is that the DTRS is different on the later trans, but all you have to do swap the...
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    Swap to External EGR?

    I'm going to be replacing the crappy exhaust manifolds on my '97 Mountaineer with some from a '99 Explorer. The '99 manifolds have the provision for external EGR while my '97 uses the internal passage in the intake manifold. Is there an advantage to using the external setup? Would it keep the...
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    Weird vibration noise in '07 Mountaineer

    My daughter's boyfriend's '07 Mountaineer (V8 AWD) has a weird noise/vibration at part throttle. If feels like it is under the driver's feet. I removed the front drive shaft and the noise went away. I found a bit of a catch in one of the caps on the u-joint, so I replaced the u-joint, but it...
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    '97 Mounty Keyless entry not working

    My keyless entry stopped working all of the sudden. The keypad doesn't light up, nor does it do anything. The key fobs do not do anything either, though they do work at the parts store tester. I checked all the fuses that looked like they might be part of the keyless entry system, but nothing...
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    Explorer 5.0 rods same as Mustang?

    I have searched both this forum and the Mustang forums, but haven't gotten a definitive answer. Some say the Mustang rods are forged and explorer rods aren't, some say they both are, some say neither are. Anyone know for sure? If they are different, are they a weak point? Mustang 5.0s blow...
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    4R70W shifter switch

    A couple years ago my trans went out on my '97 mountaineer. I swapped the tranny out of my parts truck (a '97 Explorer) but I always had the problem of when I put the shifter into 1st, it wouldn't downshift. Today I decided to see if swapping the shifter switch off the old trans would fix it...
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    2007 Mountaineer Transmission problems

    My daughter's boyfriend's '07 Mountaineer started acting up yesterday. First of all, what does it have? It's a V8 AWD, which trans is it? I tried to check the fluid, but couldn't find the dipstick. How is one supposed to check the fluid? They told me it was shifting hard and when you came...
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    Rough Running Mountaineer

    I actually have this solved now, but I thought I would write up what happened in case someone else has similar problems. My son calls me yesterday and tells me my '97 Mountaineer 5.0 started running like crap all of the sudden. He got it home, but only barely. He said it would only go...
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    Explorer alignment issue

    My 2000 Explorer is having some issues. It wanders all over the road, almost feels as though you are trying to balance on top of a ball. When you accelerate, it goes left let off and it goes right. Both reactions are delayed though. It's absolutely scary on an icy road, so I need to get it...
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    EGR hose burnt

    My 2000 Explorer 4.0 OHV started running rough on the way home today. When I got home, I ran the codes and got P1405, P0305, P0171 and P0174. The lean codes have been there for a while and never seemed to cause a problem. The other two were new. I looked under the hood, and I found a burned...
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    '97 Mountaineer eating front tires

    My '97 Mountaineer is eating the inside of the front tires. I checked the toe and it is toed in by 1/16" which should be fine. I put a level on the sidewalls (tilted so I avoided the bulge at the bottom) and it read perfectly plumb. The ball joints, upper and lower on both sides were replaced...
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    Battery light on, but still charging

    My battery light came on while I was driving home from work. It does this occasionally, but it always goes out after a while. The amp gauge still shows a normal charge and the lights don't dim or anything so it's apparently still charging. What could be causing this? 97 Mountaineer
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    The dreaded fluid change failure

    My 97 Mountaineer (5.0, 4R70W AWD) started puking fluid out of the front of it. I pulled the tranny and replaced the torque converter/pump seal. I debated long and hard about replacing the rest of the fluid. After reading several threads on here on the subject including one guy who had...
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    Computer swap

    In an effort to intermittant problem I swapped computers between my wrecked 97 Explorer to my '97 Mountaineer. It seems to have cured the problem, but from what I can tell, The explorer has the 7-54G calibration and the mountaineer had the 6-54G calibration. Everything seems to be working...
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    Coilpack problem?

    My '97 Mountaineer started having a strange problem today. It would cut out for a few seconds, no power, backfiring and the tach would drop to almost zero. Then after a few seconds (anywhere from 5 to about 30) it would come back and run normally. The check engine light never turned on, so...
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    2000 Explorer tranny problem

    I posted this in the Stock Explorer forum but got no reply. Perhaps this is a better spot. I have a 2000 Explorer XLS with the OHV V6 and 5 speed automatic transmission. (5r55e?) I'm gettin no compression braking with the selector in 1st gear. It works fine in 2nd and in Drive with the OD...