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    Window Issues....

    i know its not the plastic plugs, thats whats wrong with the left rear. and i've already loaded the channels down with silicone spray. Guess I'm pullin the door panel and eyeballin the regulator
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    Window Issues....

    So my 94 Ex is having some window issues. The passenger front window will not roll up or down directly. I have to go down a bit, then tap up, then down a bit, and so on. And do the exact opposite when rolling it up.I notice the window tilts as it gets stuck, then when I bump the switch in the...
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    Automatic to manual hubs, please help!!

    I used to carry a hammer to disengage my driver's side auto hub. Swapped to mile marker manuals about 5 years ago, and only had one slight problem: The tang on the washer that sits in the groove in the spindle sheared off, allowing the nuts to loosen. I now carry a spare conversion nut kit, just...
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    6mm bolt location on the front ABS sensor.

    i believe the bolt in question is the 12pt 6mm head on the back side of the backing plate. its a real bear, and as my abs is trash anyway, i just used the 'big hammer, big chisel' method
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    just helping a friend, and then...

    tired of calling junkyards. always get the same answer: no. thinking about nixing the bumper and throwing on a roll pan. found one for a 92 ranger for $110 bucks. of course, if i could find the brackets, i'd just keep the bumper..
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    just helping a friend, and then...

    after doing some checking, i dont need a bumper, just a set of brackets, and i cant find them on ebay, just the front ones. any ideas?
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    Where should I start looking at this electrical problem?

    check your grounds. had a f150 that did the same thing, and it was the main ground cable. corrosion from the battery had worked its way halfway down the cable, and there wasnt much making connection. replaced the cable and all was well... its worth a shot, and only costs about 12 bucks
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    just helping a friend, and then...

    ... and then my bumper began looking skyward. i work at a very well known auto parts chain, and a friend of mine came in wanting his batteries tested in his 99 f250 diesel. both checked fine, but wouldnt start. luckily for us (or so i thought) it was a stick, so i grabbed dora, hooked a chain...
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    92 overheating in idle and city drive only

    my x was doing something similar. it wasnt going all the way in the hot, but it was getting to hot for me to feel comfortable. i swapped in a 180° t-stat, and the problem was solved. i actually have better heat now than i did, and she warms up faster. also, with the 190° that the PO installed...
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    Expected life of A4LD?

    i've never had any trouble out of my X, neither has the previous owner or the original owner. i'm the 3rd owner, and know both previous owners personally. 260k and counting, and i use it as a daily driver, and wheel it a bit, but nothing real serious.
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    Axle U joint inner and outer for a 1993 Ford Explorer.

    just be prepared. the passenger side is a pain in the rear. i just changed mine a few days ago, and the aftermarket ujoint caps are not tapered like the factory ones. so, when replacing the outer joint, its a real beast to get the slip yoke to line up,and beat the axle assy. back through the...
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    1992 Explorer xlt 4x4 engine knocks at start up

    nature of the beast my friend, nature of the beast...
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    dome light in 1994 Explorer XLT

    if you look up in the holes where the bulbs go, you should see a flat slot, with a metal prong on each end. if you see that, just shove in some bulbs (sylvania part number 194) and you're good to go.. remember, there are 3 bulbs. one in the center is the dome, ones on either side are your map lights
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    got my truck stuck bigtime NEED HELP!!!!

    take a chainsaw with ya.. if you can get'er up in the air, you can jam some small trees under her wheels. long ways is the best, but if you got enough trees, either way will work. thats one of them 'been there, done that' pieces of info
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    Replacing freeze plugs

    i really wouldnt recommend the rubber plugs on something you drive daily. I have used them on an old ridge runner ford f150, but it never say the pavement and certainly was not a serious wheeler. i had a hundred bucks in the truck, and could care less if it blew. go the extra mile, pull the...
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    Just replaced Tranny modulator, now i got shifting problems - HELP!

    i dont remember which way i had to turn it, but if it really made no difference, you may have a faulty valve. it does happen. i can personally attest to that, as i sell parts for a living.
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    Bob and weave....

    yup. thats what it was. both wheel joints were so tight the only way i could move them was to stand on one end of the shaft and pull as hard as i could (without hurting myself) and then could barely get them to move. the inner joint on the passenger side was alright, no play, no tight spots, so...
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    Rotor Issues

    i noticed when changing the wheel bearings on my x that the passenger side abs sensor was chewed up. previous owner didnt know anything about it. i really doubt its the spindle, more than likely a rotor issue.
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    Bob and weave....

    radius arm bushings are new. there is a little play in the the ball joints, but not enough to worry about right now. tierods are tight. but i did notice this after i posted yesterday, when i went to work, after i parked up, i decided to cycle the wheel lock to lock. i noticed a rough spot in the...
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    Bob and weave....

    ok, i've never had a vehicle do this in my life, and i cant think of whats causing it. when driving relatively straight, everythings fine, but, when pulling out of my driveway, or a parking lot, it pulls to the direction i pull out.. so say i pull out of the parking lot where i work, i turn to...
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    Check the bumper mounts.

    as does duct tape and bailing wire...
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    abs sensor

    anybody have a spare abs sensor or two for the front of a 94 x? i know i need to replace at least the passenger side. i've been drivin the x around without abs for about 6 months, and i really dont like abs at all, but boss said she wants it fixed.
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    TripMinder Message Center Install!

    sweet install!
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    Help with Trouble Codes

    i know when using my snap-on scanner on my x, to get the koer codes, you have to cycle the steering wheel and pump the brake for about a minute, then it gives the command 'snap throttle,' i.e. floor it real quick and let off real quick. then what you described will happen, then the codes will...
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    maf upgrade

    thanks guys... since my x is mostly a highway cruiser right now, i'm gonna wait to do this mod, if i do it at all. buuuuuuuut, i am looking at buying another first gen, and if the boss will let me play with it, i'm thinking custom intake with a 4barrell.....