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  1. J

    3.5L EcoBoost Turbo Oil Leak

    Same problem with my 2014 explorer sport 69K it's leaking oil from the turbos..............Its sad no recall is issued for 2014's but for the 2016 they have a recall for the same problem!!!!!!!!!!.......THAT'S TOTAL BS FORD!!!! $1000 to fix it's at the dealer now........... Been a FORD guy...
  2. J

    Debut of 2016 Explorer

    Agreed! :thumbsup: I like my 14 Sport.......Thank God I don't have to trade it in;) Thanks Ford!
  3. J

    2015 Explorer Sport: Door Handles

    looks nice! What was the cost for painting and install?
  4. J

    Traded for Grand Cherokee

    JGC it's a nice ride!! Yes, I'm from Michigan and not in the "U.A.W.". It's sad that another company is either sold or moves overseas that's all! :us:
  5. J

    Traded for Grand Cherokee

    Nice Jeep.....It's a great foreign ride ;) :us:
  6. J

    Exhaust Options for the Sport

    I just installed Magnaflow exhaust on my 2014 Sport........and I like it! $600 for the cat back and $100 for install, 700 total. It's loud but not overly loud and no drone so far! Added DRAMUNO-5 22's Black on black wheels today and it's the best bang for your buck if you ask me. It...
  7. J

    22" Wheels For Explorer

    DRAMUNO-5 22's Black on black! DRAMUNO-5 22's Black on black! Monday ETA! Pic's to come!:)
  8. J

    2013 Sport vs 2014 Sport

    one is 2013 and the other is a
  9. J

    Ford ambient Lighting Kit

    Ford Explorer Interior Light Kit Ford Explorer Interior Light Kit
  10. J

    2014 Sport Ordered

    YES, They sold in 2012 158,344 explorers and they build the ford Taurus and Lincoln MKS chi-town also.
  11. J

    2014 Sport Ordered

    Welcome Motoarzan They used to batch build like 7 years ago not any more! Base,XLT,limited, & sport run down the same line at the same time. Trust me.................... I'm B.I.W. Engineer. Flex line the only way to make rate and money.:) Check it out...
  12. J

    2014 Explorer Sport ordered

    woodmedic I gave up the fight!!!! Good luck with your order! Did you PM Crystal??? She's seems to be the only person @ ford that knows whats going on!!!!!!!
  13. J

    2014 Sport Ordered

    Crystal thank you for the update!:thumbsup: My ETA is 8/30 Dodge hooked me up with 2750 off with employee discount and extended warranty that sealed the deal for me!!! I don't understand my build date was 8/8 and it take 22 days to deliver. (That's if comes on 8/30 !)
  14. J

    Ordered 2014 sport explorer

    This is my last update:thumbsup::D:eek::(:eek::thumbdwn::thumbdwn::thumbdwn: Ordered on 7/17 Vin # 7/24 Window Sticker 8/2 ETA delivery 8/16 Dealer sold my sport 8/?? :thumbdwn: Received my down payment today :thumbsup: Thank you Crystal and Cory for all your updates! To my dealer and...
  15. J

    2014 Sport Ordered

    My new ride :rangergreen:
  16. J

    2014 Sport Ordered

    Got my Deposit back!!!! And no apology! Stay classy FORD! I was a Ford customer (Escort, Mustang X 2, F-150, & focus) for life. They lost my family’s and my business for life!
  17. J

    2014 Sport Ordered

    I called Ford CS and they said it was delivered Aug 16th and my dealer is clueless !!!! Nobody knows anything !!! Going to the dealer Monday for my deposit!!!!!!! Good luck to you all!!!!!
  18. J

    2014 Sport Ordered

    Lukish what's the Customer Service number.
  19. J

    2014 Sport Ordered

    Was it your dealer with this information?
  20. J

    Anyone Using a 'Bra' on the Explorer

    Like your Ex!!!!! but the LeBra on the Ex.......... it's not good!:thumbdwn:
  21. J

    2014 Sport Ordered

    I am also waiting for mine too! My build date was 8/8!!!!! I live 5 hour away from chi-town? I would have drove it home myself! Going on 2 week for shipment! The logistic engineer should be fired! PS. I’m really considering my options here!!!!! Should I even buy new/this car?
  22. J

    2014 Explorer Sport ordered

    You will :) When you get your Vin use this page for you window sticker.
  23. J

    U-Haul rents again