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    Best Stock Condition Explorer of Today: Post Your Pictures w/ Mileage!

    Hi, Friends. Hopefully this will take off. I don't know about you, but I love spotting a well kept and maintained vehicle - especially an Explorer! Post a picture of your Explorer, the mileage, and year. I'm curious to see who has most original/well kept/clean Explorer on the road today...
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    Planning an Epic 5,400 mile June 2015 Roadtrip (DFW to Nova Scotia)

    As of now, we're in the planning phase for our early June 2015 anniversary road trip. I've attached a rough idea of where we plan to stop: numerous national parks, misc. tourist attractions, and more. Initially we planned to fly into Boston or BWI before renting a car, but airfare and a rental...
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    Emaciated German Shephard - DFW

    Hey, EF. I'm not one for asking for help, but please consider clicking the link below. We found a german shephard here in Dallas in dire need of medical attention. Thankfully, although I didn't have time to fix the o-ring gasket on the thermostat housing I attempted to fix two days ago, we made...
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    Thermostat Housing - Help Please (One car)

    Installed new hoses and thermostat (upper and lower) on my 1999 XLT SOHC 4.0 Explorer. Everything looked clean and well fitted until I turned the engine on. Almost immediately, coolant rushed out between the seal where the upper portion (smaller square piece with three individual bolts) met with...
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    Replacing Coolant System - 1999 4.0 SOHC

    Hey, guys. I'm interested in upgrading the cooling system as cheaply as possible. I'll do the labor. Do you see anything I'm missing, i.e. hoses, etc? Any small things I should change while I'm changing the following:
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    How do I verify TSB/Recall service history?

    Hi, Approx. a week ago my wife and I received a TSB recall notice specific to our 1999 Ford XLT 4.0 SOHC vehicle via snail mail. Although I do not recall exactly, I vaguely remember the notice referencing a switch malfunction that may cause random engine bay fires, even if the Explorer is...
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    Spark Plug Help - DFW Metro Area

    I hate to even ask, but I do not have the necessary tools for a spark plug change. I purchased six pre-gapped Motorcraft plugs and wires, but all the shops I've called want anywhere from $100 to $300 dollars just for labor! What the? Anyway, I could buy the tools, but I'm pretty nervous since...
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    Coolant Leak Assistance - Pictures

    The vehicle is leaking coolant, somewhere. The previous owner replaced the thermostat housing 90K ago, however I think it may be due for another change. I have not be able to find any leaks besides the two possible areas in the pictures. The main "leak" - the heavy one - is coming below/behind...
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    Picture Request - Rear Cargo w/o Plastic Molding

    Does anyone have a picture of their 2nd Gen Ford Explorer without interior plastic molding near the rear cargo. Specifically, the plastic above the wheel wells? I'm thinking about removing my second row seats, rear cargo plastic, and apply herculiner . . . Essentially making the rear area a...
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    List Your Lifetime Warranty Replacement Parts

    Hey, everyone. I'm interested in compiling a list of aftermarket replacement parts for your Explorer with the promise of a life-time warranty, as defined by the part producer or retail chain. For those planning to keep their Explorer as long as possible, this list may be beneficial for those...
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    WTB: PA883 kit and Warrior Shackles

    Please send me a message. Located in DFW area, however I'm prepared to pay for shipping. :exp:
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    325/70/17 fit?

    I have a chance to purchase 4 Toyo Open Country 325/70/17 tires with 50% tread from a friend for $115. No holes, plugs, etc. Good shape. A) Is it worth the price? B) Would they fit my stock 2nd Gen Explorer after a 3 inch body lift and TT/Shackles? C) How much could I resale them on...
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    Why are Ford Explorers so easily "given up" on?

    Hey, guys. Just an observation, but it seems like Ford Explorers are quick to be disposed of by their owners if something is wrong with it, albeit even minor. Although I have no data, the local salvage yard(s) seemed littered with Ford Explorers! Why is this? They are reasonably cheap to repair...
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    Refinishing rear grey XLT fender/bumper to original grey

    Has anyone refinished their rear XLT "sport" grey bumper to factory after some superficial rust? If not, does anyone have any photos of it black with the rest of the trim grey?
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    Assistance with P0170, 01704, and 0300

    After searching extensively, I cannot seem to figure out what happened. . . Here is a timeline of events. 1. No Check Engine Light at all 2. Battery dead (old + I forgot to disconnect it while fixing the doors) 3. New battery installed 4. A week later I took the vehicle in to get it...
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    Walking Dead - 1999 Explorer 4x4 XLT (174K) - PICS

    Hello, all. Recently picked up a free Explorer from a dear friend. His driveway was too full following a recent addition, so he introduced me to the "Green Shrek." Nevertheless, he didn't keep it too shiny, and it has a few things requiring my attention during study breaks. Initial concerns...