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    Front seat movement when using keypad to unlock

    2017 Limited V6 Whenever I use the outside keypad to unlock, the front seat moves all the way forward, which seems really odd and is very inconvenient. There is no setting that I can find that would control this. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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    Alexa in 2017 Explorer?

    I have downloaded the Ford+Alexa app to my Android phone, then signed in to my Amazon account on that app, and Sync 3 does sees the Ford Alexa app, but Alexa does not seem to respond after I depress the talk switch and say an Alexa command. Any suggestions? Has anyone gotten this to work on a...
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    2005 XLT 4.0L: Throttle Body Cleaning

    I want to clean the throttle body on my 205 XLT 4.0l V6 -- does it have a mechanical throttle body or electronic? Any tips or suggestions for cleaning it? Seems pretty straight forward. Thanks!
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    2005 horn -- hard to find quickly!

    Is anyone else annoyed by how hard it is to honk the horn on a 2005 Explorer? Luckily, I don't need to honk it very often, but when I do, by the time I find the spot on the steering wheel to press, it's too late and the situation that happened warranting me to honk the horn has passed.
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    Driver's side power lock not working

    I've got a 2005 Explorer XLT. Recently, I discovered that my driver's side power lock is not working, or at best is intermittent. Manually locking and unlocking the door works fine. If I toggle the lock button (on the driver's side arm rest) between locked and unlocked a bunch of times...
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    Replacing rear turn signal light bulb on 2005 XLT?

    2005 Explorer XLT I noticed that my right blinker started blinking very fast the other day (blinking fast inside the vehicle, on the instrument panel when I turn on the right turn signal). I checked my turn lights and found that the right (passenger) side turn light is not working. I guess...
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    "Check Tire Pressure" message mystery

    For the past two mornings, when I started my '05 XLT (6 cyl) the message "Check Tire Pressure" came up in the message/info center as well as the low tire warning symbol displayed on the instrument cluster. I immediately checked my tires and the pressure was 32 psi on all of them. I hit the...
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    2005 XLT: OEM break-in alarm?

    My 2005 XLT was broken into recently...they broke the driver window...and stole my $140 aftermarket stereo. I always thought there was some sort of OEM break-in sensors on these Explorers, but I guess not. I checked the owner's guide and all I saw in there were references to the...
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    Dragging rear brake (revisited)

    A little over 4 months ago I took my '05 XLT back to the dealer I bought it used from because the right rear brake was occaisionally dragging while starting out or very slowly creeping in traffic or at a stop light. They said they did not find anything wrong and replaced both rear pads and...
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    '05 OEM headunit replacement question

    I'm thinking of replacing the factory headunit in my '05 Explorer does not eject CDs on demand and is out of warranty. It currently has the standard factory AM/FM, single CD system with factory sub, which I presume is driven by a deadacated factory sub amp. Does anyone know for...
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    '05 XLT factory stereo replacement options

    As I posted in another thread I am having a problem with the factory head unit where it won't eject a CD, so I am starting to research the options I have to replace the factory head unit with, as someone put it, a "real stereo". The factory system I have in my 2005 XLT is a single CD, AM/FM...
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    '05 Explorer: Disc won't eject from CD player

    2005 Explorer XLT with standard audio system (single CD, AM/FM) From time to time, I cannot eject a CD from the CD player and the message "EJ ERR" displays. This has happened 2-3 times since I bought the vehicle in May '06 and each time the CD ejected a while later or the next day. Now...
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    2005 center console removal?

    Does anyone know how to remove the center console between the front seats on an '05 XLT? Not the entire thing if I don't have to, but just enough of it so I can mount a satellite radio mount to the area below the heating/AC controls as depicted here:
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    2005 front door speaker replacement

    2005 Explorer XLT Stock audio system with single CD player and subwoofer Can anyone say for sure if the stock front door speakers are 5x7/6x8? I want to do a quick and dirty audio system improvement and thinkng about replacing the stock front door speakers with a pair of Boston Acoustic...
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    Dragging rear brake

    2005 XLT V6 4.0L with 34000 miles This past weekend after stopping at a stop light and the creeping very slowly forward with traffic, each time I would creep forward, I heard a fairly loud rubbing sound coming from the rear passenger side as well as a definite "dragging" feeling. Once I sped...
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    "Low Fuel Level" message - what triggers it?

    My '05 Explorer XLT has the message console and when the fuel level gets down to some point, a "Low Fuel Level" message appears on it and stays there unless you hit the "Reset" button. The same message comes back again after a short while and stays there until you either hit the reset button or...
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    2005 XLT subwoofer drop-in upgrade?

    I have a 2005 XLT with the standard single CD audio system with factory sub installed in the rear hatch panel. If possible, I would like to upgrade the sub to something that sounds better without having to replace or add anything else...a simple drop in replacement would be ideal, but I can...
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    '05 XLT suspension squeak

    I just bought a 2005 XLT 4.0 4WD with 34K miles on it. I did not notice this when I test drove it, but now I hear a slight squeaking noise when I go over bumps, in and out of driveways, or any other time the suspension is exercised. Is this something to be overly concerned about or is it...
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    2005 Standard audio system specs?

    Are there specs available for the standard audio system (AM/FM, single CD) in a 2005 XLT? Thanks, Bob
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    Purchase recommendations needed

    My 1996 Explorer XLT V8 AWD was stolen this past weekend and I am looking for a "newer" used, suitable, similar, replacement. It had 155K miles on it, ran great and never gave me any problems since I bought it used in 1998 with 59K miles on it. Since I liked this one so much, I am thinking I...
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    Dash kit/faceplate recommendations

    I am going to be removing my factory system in my '96 XLT. It's a non-JBL system with cassette/receiver with the 'auto preset' button. I will be replacing it with a standard single DIN unti (Nakamichi CD-35) and also installing a Sony XE-90 Mk2 equalizer (haf-DIN), all in the same space...
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    Another "Do I have an amp" question

    I have a '96 XLT V8 AWD. It has the stock Premium radio/cassette player in it. I would like to add an amp to it. Does this unit contain it's own amp or is there an external one in the wheel well? If it has an external amp, how do I bypass it and attach my own? If it has an internal amp...