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    94 x losing power while driving

    I had a similar problem with another car of mine. After tearing apart the upper half of the engine trying to find anything it could possibly be all it turned out to be was an old battery cable running to the computer was frayed and coming apart. The engine would cut out when the cable lost...
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    Ex-rust-orer, or aka "Rust Bucket"

    under the hood wise mine looks pretty much the same and I'm in CT, though I have changed a few things such as the battery terminal ends and other small things since i've got it.
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    15 Tango, Blackhawk Mechanic!!

    Good Luck! I just signed up and everything last month. Leaving November 3rd to head out to Fort Leonard Wood. Gonna be 35F
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    American Flag Project

    What I did once with a pirate flag was I took the ball hitch off of my truck and drilled a flag mount onto my bumper in place of the ball hitch and that worked awesome.
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    What do I need to do to fit 33x10.5s

    I've got 31's under mine with plenty of room and just a body lift. From what I remember 33's will fit with a little trimming. Something to think about though is tires aren't inexpensive when you're going that big, so if you want to go with 33's I'd say do that right off the bat.
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    Electrical Problem.

    I forgot to mention that I also tried that. I was considering putting in line fuses into all the lines to see which is blowing, but I'm not sure how to get at the wires below the dash and still have enough room to work down there.
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    Electrical Problem.

    I have a 1994 Eddie bauer 4 door X... my number 5 fuse keeps blowing, sometimes it's instant and sometimes I can make it a couple of miles down the road before it happens. I can't figure out what may be causing this and was hoping someone might have a suggestion. I've unplugged the rear defogger...
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    Al4d Leaking

    I just did the headgaskets recently, so maybe when they went that caused this. I've been keeping the tranny full and checking it every couple of days. It's only a 2.5 mile drive to work, so i barely even warm up the truck, and don't drive it much on my days off, but recently i needed it to drive...
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    Al4d Leaking

    I've got tranny fluid from between the engine and transmition. I was going to drop the transmition next week and change the front seal and the rear main seal. Is there anything else I should look out for while I'm down there? It's a 94 exploder with 180,000 miles on it. The tranny was last...
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    Axle Code

    Is it possible to get the Axle code from anywhere else other than the drivers door? The door that is on my truck is not the original due to the truck being stolen at one point, and i would like to know what ive got in the differentials.
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    Explorer/Bronco Here's the info. Sorry for not posting it before, I couldn't find anything about it, but a really tiny picture.
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    I saw a while back a picture in 4wheeler of a first gen body sitting on a Bronco chassis. This seems like it would be a really easy way to get solid axle and a v8 in one easy swap, so I was considering trying it out. Out of curiosity why haven't more people done it? Any thoughts?
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    Center console replacement.

    How do you keep things in your X secure without any doors?
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    Center console replacement.

    Does anyone know if you can replace the center console from the first gen with one from a heep wrangler? The reason I ask is because I tend to leave the truck open a lot and want a way to secure things such as my faceplate, registration, and things like that. I've been using the glove box, but...
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    What is this?

    I didn't even notice the connector underneath the TB. I've got some extra parts around since I ripped out my AC at the same time, and wasnt sure what went with that and what didn't, so I'll see if I can find this purge valve in the pile of "extras" in the trunk.
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    What is this?

    Thanks everyone. Yeah in CT all it is for emisions is tailpipe so I think I'll just leave it disconnected and not worry about it.
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    What is this?

    What is this for? I have a hose missing off of it and cant find it. Is it important?
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    Another thing I did was I took pictures during various stages of disasembly which helped me a lot when putting it back together, though I found myself wishing I had more.
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    definitely label the vacuum lines. They were the only thing I didn't label figuring it shouldn't be too hard to figure out where they go back, but nope. It's a pain... especially since I took them off about a year ago.
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    Good luck dude. I just spent the past year replacing the same head gasket on my 94 (I always found better things to do on my day off). I had the same problem with the manifold bolts, and ended up breaking a few in the process. I actually just got my truck running again recently, though not quite...
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    Satellite Radio - who's got it?

    I have XM and love there music selection. I got it because XM had exclusive on Major League Baseball... the only thing I envy sirius owners for is that they get radio margaritaville.
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    Body Lift tips and stories

    I didn't install my steering shaft ext, and it felt odd for a few days but eventually the kinks worked themselves out and now theres not issue with the steering.
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    over 250,000 mi

    You guys are all lucky to get that many miles out of your engine with no major work. I'm at about 182,000 right now and I'm in the middle of replacing a head gasket thats leaking wicked bad. If it wasnt raining outside right now i'd be out there working on it.
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    Engine Type?

    Thank you. That's what I assumed, but wanted to be sure before I jumped into it. Thanks for the help.
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    Engine Type?

    How can I tell weather I have the 4.0 pushrod engine or the 4.0 SOHC engine? I'm about to start tearing mine down to replace the head gaskets so I looked in the manual to find the proper way to do it, but they list two different V6 engines, but don't say what year goes to which engine, or how to...