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    windows don't work

    my windows dont work anymore, all of sudden. checked fuses,ok, was told there is a relay??. what # is it and where is its location. Any other possibilities? Thanks
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    low washer fluid chiming

    my washer fluid is full and it keeps telling me its "low"!!!!! guessing a bad sensor..... anyone know how to fix or where to unplug??? thanks
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    blinkers not working...both sides

    my blinkers are not working,both sides. Is there a fuse? i do not have a owners manuel for my truck. it worked for my quick trip to the store but did not work on way home. puzzled???? i can not tell is bulbs bad because it i dont see anything from outside?? thanks
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    Advance trac issue??

    while driveing today my control panel said check Advac system, then that shut off and abs light came on and the 4x4 started to flash on &off intermediate. Truck had trouble moving. I then pulled over and shut off truck. Restart & it was off and never came back on. Any idea??? Sensors...
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    message control ??

    how do i get the message " change oil soon" off ? thanks
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    password reset??

    i forgot my password so i reset it. now how can i re do it to a password i can remember? thanks Brad
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    2005 towing hitch rattle

    when i put in my reciever its loose in my hitch mount? :eek:;) what do you guys do to fill in gap some?? my bike mount bounces around alot. thanks
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    fog light ?

    i have a 2005 explorer and no owners manuel. How or when do the fog lights work? I dont see a switch to turn on, just on the headlight turner knob? I put on high beams and see no lights, does the truck need to move? thanks
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    rear window wash??

    just purchased a used 05 ex. where do i fill the windschield wash for the rear window? its not spraying water,but the wiper works. truck did not come with a manuel. thanks
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    p0171-p0174 codes pos. fix

    i have been getting these codes. my cause was a leak with the brake booster. put a new booster on and no codes yet and better gas mpg's. i have randomly drove now for a week. i have a 97 4.0 sohc. awsome!!!
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    what is this part?

    i have a 97 4.0sohc v6. under the black cover is the iac, what is the silver square bhind it do?, black cap that swings back and forth andis connected to a round diaphram thing in back? the black cap allways laying in square when i take off cover. what does this do? when i put the cap on...
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    pcv valve?

    i have a 97 sohc do i replace pcv valve? its way in back of engine. do i just pull off hoses and just pull the valve up ( pry out ) to take off? thanks!!
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    issues with x... no heat, temp gauge on high

    hi, its cold here -12f and -30 wind chill. i let the explorer warm up and when i started to drive home my temp gauge went to H and no heat in truck. i pulled over and put in park and gauge went down to normal. drove rest of way home and gauge stayed normal maybe a little higher. check...
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    blower resister help?? plug connection

    in process of changing resister, is there a trick to disconnect it from the plug?? spent the last 30 minutes trying to get it unplugged to put in new one. i dont want to break the plug connectors off thanks brad
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    97 explorer blower resistor location

    i only have high heat for fan. was told its the blower resistor. easy to fix, just undo 2 screws and unplug and switch. where is it located? was told look in glovebox behind the panel???? thanks :thumbsup:;)
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    how do i know if its going bad? can i do a test at home? battery gauge goes lower than normal then goes back to normal spot on guage. i have a squeel, chirping sound on and off lately (since sunday night) the sound is when i step on gas and comes from center of engine. i took off 4.0 black...
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    heat ?? for 97 ex

    blower works but some times i dont have heat at all. and sometimes i will get heat after truck runs for awhile.would yhis be the blend door?? what would this be thermastat? any help would be great thanks
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    need new brake lines

    brake line rusted thru by front tire wheel well, how do i replace them? any special tools needed? thanks.
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    radio stations dont come in and staticy

    hi new to here and 1st post....97 ex and my radio stations dont come in. (some do some dont, all local stations down the road). it is static sounding to. the ones that come in come in good. am doesnt work that well all static sounds with radio?? any info on how to fix?? new attenia?? how do i...