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    RIP Stephen - EF Moderator passed away

    Rest in Peace Stephen my condolences to the family
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    Add a leaf questions

    As I see that no shackel just a center bolt and possibly new U-bolts would the AAL come with new center bolts if not wat size would they happen to be?
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    Add a leaf questions

    Alrite boys needin a little help on this one the rear end of my x is sagging pretty common from wat I have see and heard of lookin into the whole add a leaf to help the problem with doing this I have been told that you would also have to buy new shackles is this the truth or wat???? Also would I...
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    Help bellhousing leak

    Thank you for your input on the matter I have done some thinking on how it could be the torque converter or even a crack in the bellhousing if its a crack could i possibly use a arc welder to repair it if its a good weld ive also heard of people using jb weld but i highly doubt that will work in...
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    Help bellhousing leak

    I have a 97 5.0 v8 i just bought n its leaking arounf the bellhousing alot any ideas on what it ccould be im thinking front pump seal please help asap
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    lund visor

    Does any one kno where i can get a lund visor cheap? Or options to other setups for a visor
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    Explorer cab with a Ranger bed?

    So i've kinda got the same idea with this cutting off behind the rear doors a few inches and then i have acces to a short bed off a 89 ranger and insted of cutting the frame possibly putting the bed one the existing frame i know i may have to cut the bed a little not a big deal but im not...
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    loud ticking noise

    So huntman58 wat ur sayin is like instead like putting 5 qts of oil in it the next time pu 4 in and then 1 qt of auto tranny fluid
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    loud ticking noise

    great deal this helps out alot ya guys have definately helped out i was some wat starting to worry bout it
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    loud ticking noise

    good deal......alright another question quite stupid at that the engine restore (miracle worker) lol it can be bought at any auto parts store right?
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    loud ticking noise

    i have a 92 xlt 4.0 ohv getting to my point i went and started my vehicle so that i would have heat when i started it sounded fine and wat not but as it got warmed up i started hearing a looud ticking noise idk if its the lifters,valves, or wat i have heard of it possibly being an exhaust leak...
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    Aftermarket oil presure gauge

    I just recently bought a set of three aftermarket gauges and i am afraid that the feeding tube that goes into the back of the gauge and the attachment for the sending unit itself is to short is there any thing that i can buy or make to increase the length of it or am i out of luck
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    F150 Coil Seats Install and Shackles for TTB suspension based platforms

    I haver been studying this thread for a couple nights now how would the coil seats off a 95 f150 work would they work the same because thats about the only access to a f150 i have
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    Homemade shackles

    will this give the 2" lift
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    can you lift a 2wd 94 explorer xlt

    alright so basically im looking for a 2" suspension lift for a very cheap price i kno about the f150 coil seat wat years that range from and wat about shock and a u-bolt and block lift kit on the rear leaf springs
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    MAF to Throttle Body Intake Tube First Generation Explorer - Build Your Own

    so if i am reading this all right the MAF on the second gen 5.0 would be about equivalent as to using a stang MAF
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    4.0L Intake inside...

    how would i go about removing the fuel rail off of a 93 or 94 explorer are they same and will i need longer bolts when i go about putting it on
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    Rust repair: Dog leg, rocker panel, quarter panel DIY with pics

    ok heres the deal my panels is rusted out almost exactly where yours are how did you get the shape of the dog leg
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    '93 4.0L , Fuel rail to Lower intake gasket

    does anyone know how to completely remover a fuel rail off a 93 explorer xlt because i am looking to make it into a spcer for my 92 xlt
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    4.0L Intake inside...

    Hey I got directed to this link from another post about a TB spacer was told this would be a better idea how would i go about maiking one of these?
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    home-made throttle body spacer

    ok here's the deal i ahvesearched this seite over and over to find a way to make a throttle body spacer for the 4.0 v6 and have found nothing other than buying one (keep in mind all for gas mpg) and decided to lenghten my search and found a site where a guy makes on for a metro and gained like...
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    Replacing body panels

    Does anybody in the explorer world know how to and how hard it would be to replace and driver side front fender along with front bumper brackets??? after my experience with the deer population i ahve failed to find any links so how bout some help?:scratch:
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    fuel guage HELP!!!!!!

    thanks i done some thinking today and was thinking about how the cluster might be bad but I was also thinking about the connector on the back of the cluster because it seems that none of the gauges on the left side (fuel,temp,oil,amp) are all doin funky thinks
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    fuel guage HELP!!!!!!

    Past year I have had fuel gauge problems with it not working i had currently replaced the sending unit and power probed all the wired leading from the sending unit to the gauge..we tested the gauge and found out it was bad but tonight I replaced the gauge cluster and everything else is now...
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    exhaust help!!!

    Thanks for all the help all left do to do is making choice thanks again