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    2014 Ex Sport - Scuff Marks on door panels - help!

    Howdy everyone.. Anyone have a solution/idea for scuff marks that are located on the bottom inside panel of the passenger and drivers side doors? I've tried armour all and a automotive indoor cleaner. These scuff marks are driving me crazy and happen when people are getting in and out of the...
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    2014 Sport Ordered!

    Placed my order yesterday - thanks for the tips on the ordering process. Estimated delivery November! 2014 Explorer Sport - Pkg 401A Exterior Black Interior - Black/Sienna Dual Panel Moonroof 2nd Row Bucket Seats w/ Console Trailer Tow Pkg Adaptive Cruise Control
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    Noob question on ordering a 2014 Sport

    Hi Everyone, I am a "soon to be" 2014 Explorer Sport owner. I haven't ordered yet, but will be very soon. I live in Northern California (SF Bay Area) and was wondering if anyone had any tips about the ordering process - lessons learned etc I know what options I want, I do have some...