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    Busted Head Gasket

    Ok...My Ex has started losing water and blowing profuse amounts of white smoke out of the exhaust that smells like coolant. So..I figure I am looking at a blown head gasket. My question is this: How much work am I looking at to replace it? I have the tools and access to someone to machine the...
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    Random Vacuum Hose?

    I am just out of ideas for it right now. I thought it might be the A/C one, but it is hooked up and works fine. My HVAC system is working alright except for not being as cool under acceleration. I can't find a loose line on it. I can't find any hose nipples on the air box or anywhere else. I...
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    Soft Doors

    My interior on my X is pretty worn out. It is, after all, 20 years old. I have been entertaining putting soft doors like a Jeep on it because it would be pretty sweet. Any ideas on how to do it or if there are any solid after market sellers? Of course, this is at the bottom of my list, but I...
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    My Latest Thrill-Overheating

    Thermostat is only 6 bucks, I will pick one up tonight. Hopefully that will. alleviate any more issues...
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    My Latest Thrill-Overheating

    I sure hope so...I keep reading that this may mean bad heads or gaskets and that is not exactly something I am willing/able to undertake right now. Doug
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    My Latest Thrill-Overheating my Explorer (1991 4.0) just decided to start overheating. I was driving through town (45-ish m.p.h.) and the CE light came on and I got a rattle out of the engine. Parked it and could smell burning/hot coolant. Popped the hood to let it cool and noticed that the coolant is boiling...
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    Random Vacuum Hose?

    I give up. It's nothing. The line is just...there and pulling a significant vacuum through it. I traced every line from the tree and everything listed is connected. I plugged it and am gonna call it a day.
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    Random Vacuum Hose?

    Updated/More accurate Image Here is an under hood shot of the vacuum tree. The one I posted earlier was not correct. I am still having trouble here and am hoping this might help a little bit. Thanks! Doug
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    Random Vacuum Hose?

    Thanks! Once she cools down, I'll poke around and see if that's it.
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    Random Vacuum Hose?

    I forgot to add that it is a 1991 Sport with the 4.0 Push rod. Don't know how much that will change.
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    Random Vacuum Hose?

    Ok...My lil Explorer has a rough idle and has a bit of difficulty shifting at times. I was told that both of these could be a vac problem, but I was unable to find anything that looked out of place or was leaking until yesterday. Also, my Check Engine light does not come on. I found the line...
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    New Guy

    Hey Y'all, Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I am a life-long Ford enthusiast. I just picked up a 1991 Explorer Sport to tinker with and will probably here a lot with a ton of questions. I am pretty solid under the hood, but I have gotten a little rusty it seems, so go easy...