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    Do I need the EVAP system in my 94?

    Well, you could look at it as throwing away Gasoline you paid for already. I would replace the broken connector and keep the system working, It keeps the gasoline smell down if you park in a garage as well.
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    What would cause repeated flywheel damage

    With all the damage to the Top of the teeth I'm going to suggest an improperly machined housing on the starter or the wrong tooth count on the starter pinion gear. I never trade in the old starter until I am SURE that the new starter fits correctly and works. Had a similar problem to yours and...
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    1991 fuse question

    Glad to hear, wiring problems are a right pain to find sometimes.
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    Can’t find replacement fuel pump relay

    I just replaced my fuel pump relay and the ECC Relay in my 94 and they look nothing like what is shown in the picture. What gives?
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    96 Camshaft Synchronizer sucessfuly installed in my 94

    Yes, just change the harness end and it works fine.
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    1991 fuse question

    I hope you have determined why the fuses blew. The normal cause for one of those fuses to blow is abrasion damage, or crush damage to the wiring harness (like from collision damage). If any of the fuse blades show signs of overheating or arcing you will need to replace the wire terminal inside...
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    first start

    172 Oxygen sensor not switching – system is or was lean – Single, Right or Rear HO2S – Fuel control Did you remember to connect the O2 Sensor wire/s between the heads and the firewall? Maybe the wires got damaged installing the engine into the engine bay?
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    Sudden crank no-start last night

    After much head scratching, fuel pressure tests, etc I have replaced the Fuel Pump Relay and the ECC Relay. Inspecting the inside of those relays showed one had a cracked internal base and a bent contact allowing the moving contact to travel further away from the coil than designed. This may...
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    Best gen Explorer??

    Drop a new long block in it and drive the wheels off it. The value now is low, the value after repair is good and you are not buying someone else's problems to replace it.
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    1992 Explorer - Zero Electrical Power

    Just because you have voltage at the battery it doesn't mean your battery is good. Take the battery somewhere and have it tested.
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    1994 Explorer Sport O2 low voltage

    Have you considered swapping the O2 sensors side to side and seeing if the error moves from one bank to the other? If it does the O2 sensor is faulty, if not your problem is elsewhere.
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    Sudden crank no-start last night

    I drove half a block to help a neighbor last night and tried to drive home... crank but no start. 1/3+ tank of gas, good battery, no previous problems for over a year. This morning I bridged the test connector and checked the codes. 111, 111, 111. All good. Had my brother listen at the tank and...
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    shifter bushings

    The top cover has 3 rubber plugs in the back that can leak. Best to replace them with small freeze plugs.
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    Disappearing brake fluid.

    If the brake booster is full enough to have the big vacuum line suck brake fluid into the engine you will smoke up the area like an old mosquito fogger. it's like you pushed the smokescreen button in a James Bond car. Yes I have seen this on a Ranchero.
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    HELP! Why does temperature gauge go up to normal than come down to a little above cold?

    I run a 10 degree hotter than stock thermostat and it stopped the fluctuation. Maybe you have a coolant leak?
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    Spare door key

    If you have the front license plate holder some aftermarket keys will fit over the thread bosses on the back/bottom. No one sees it behind the plate holder.
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    spark plug shot out while driving

    If you jam the socket all the way in while tightening the plugs the socket can bottom out on the head and the plug can bind inside the socket, making you think it is threaded all the way in. I pull the socket back about 1/8" and check the torque before going to the next plug.
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    At my wits end with this issue

    Or you could get a Re-manufactured long block.
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    1993 Explorer Stalls

    Replace the fuel filter, it is probably full of water. Ethanol in the gasoline absorbs water until it reaches saturation. The paper filter media inside the fuel filter swells in contact with water. Thus your fuel filter is not passing hardly anything at this point. I would pull the filter...
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    Engine Paint WWYD

    Do you like the look of an assembled engine that is painted? In other words do you like seeing gaskets and hoses and clamps and bolts all painted engine color? I would paint it all Ford Blue and then assemble it, but that is just me. 2 or 3, 1 is just a waste of primer.
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    Weird bogging and chugging

    Please be aware that your Explorer has a Wasted Spark Ignition system. There are three coils for six cylinders, that coil unit is actually three coils in one unit. Every time a plug fires on compression a second one fires during exhaust, thus the Wasted part. This means that your plugs and...
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    95 cam 94 cam

    That PCM is programed to work with the sensors on your 94 engine. While the 96+ sensor looks different and has a different shaped connector it is electrically the same. I've been running a 96 cam sensor unit in my 94 for over a year now with no problems. Fitted into the block like the old one...
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    94 Ranger brake line routing SOLVED

    In your picture the missing line is right below the crimp in the remaining line... unless I'm mistaken.
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    Weird bogging and chugging

    Please check if there are any codes stored. More information about what and when will help us, help you.
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    95 cam 94 cam

    Between the 94 and the 95 the cam sensors are different but functionally the same. Grab the 95 connector and at least 12" of wire as the connectors are different but the wire colors are the same. I would grab as new an engine as you can, long block or complete engine. At some point they...