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    Removing The Instrument Cluster

    Can anyone help me with this? I don't want to break anything! Are there screws on the dash that need removed, or just pull on it? Thanks!
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    Transmission Fluid Leak

    Hello fellow X owners, I noticed some fluid on the ground this morning after a round trip to the OBX from PA. It appears that the fluid is transmission oil and it's coming from the driver's side cooler line going into the bottom of the radiator. What's the best way of going about this...
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    Startup Noise

    Do any of you guys with a 4.0 have any startup rattle? I get it in most cold starts, sounds alot like the old timing chain tensioner noise.... Any thoughts?
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    Chirping Belt

    Hey guys... the belt on my 4.0 is chirping/squeaking from time to time. The belt is fairly new, only has about 7,000 miles on it and looks fine. Do you think tensioner or idler? It's not a prolonged squeal. TIA!
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    Got a dumb question here..... I've looked into a navigation manual online, and it says something about using line-in for external devices. Where is the outlet or jack for this feature, and what can be plugged in?
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    Upgrading Navigation DVD

    Are there any limits on how new you can go with these? I have 4p now and I wanted to get one of the newer ones, but I wasn't sure if they were all compatible or not... thanks!
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    Navigation Screen

    Ok... I have a navigation radio in my x (recently installed). The screen has a few dots on it where I'm guessing it was pressed very often. Now, I notice that the whole front of the unit flips down when you want to access the dvd, and it looks like you can take it off with a few screws. My...
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    Factory Nav Interchangeable?

    Does anyone know what models and years are interchangeable as far as a factory nav radio? I have a 2006 EB, and Im searching eBay for one. Would like to know if the 08 and up escape or f-150 would work. Thanks!
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    Factory Navigation Unit

    Hello All Im looking into taking out my factory 6 disc changer out of my 06 EB and installing a nav/6 disc radio. Is everything there (plugs) and will it intefere with my rear dvd player at all? Thanks! Also, is it easy to get the radio out on these?
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    Engine Rattle

    I used to own a '98 4.0 explorer, got to about 25k miles on it and it developed a valve clatter-type noise. Turned out to be the infamous timing tensioners blah blah blah. I now have an '06 4.0 explorer, and Im getting what sounds like the same type of noise from 2500rpm to 3200rpm under a...
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    DVD Remote Control

    Hello Everyone Just purchased an 06 E.B with a dvd player (no manual for it). Did it originally come with a remote and if it did can you get a cheapo universal one from Walmart that would work? Thanks!