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    Headlight relay harness

    Has anyone installed a headlight relay harness on your sport trac? I've bought them in the past, and they work great. This time I just built my own. Even one on the fog lights. I have the diode installed on the trigger side of the relay and the capacitor jumping across the 85 and 86 terminals...
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    Speakers behind the rear seat

    What kind of speaker boxes are sport trac owners putting behind the rear seat? I put my trusty ol' JL Audio 10 that's been with me in several vehicles.
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    Caster/camber bolt kit

    Does anyone know if a caster/camber bolt kit is available for the '07-'10 Sport Trac (specifically for the '07)? I need to do a front end alignment and I don't want to take it in only too be told I'm not ready. I've done some searching, but everything seems to be for the '05 and older.
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    Grill Emblem

    I found this ST emblem on ebay. I thought it went well with the Sport Trac.
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    Electric Fan Install Using 2 Speed Mustang Fan

    I have this same set up in my '02 F150. It's modeled after the Mad Enterprise Electric Fan Kit using a 2 speed fan from a 1999 Mustang GT (any year model compatible to the '99 works). (dead link)
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    Bed cover

    I'd love to get a bed cover for my '07 sport trac. I really like the factory hard folding cover, but not the price. Does anyone have any recommendations for a hard folding bed cover for these things?
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    Transmission cooler line radiator fittings

    Does anyone know if a barbed fitting for a rubber hose is made for the transmission cooler in the radiator. I have a 2007 sport trac and when I bought it, the cooler in the radiator had been bypassed. I've just recently replaced the radiator and would like to use the transmission cooler in it...
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    Programmer and custom tune

    I'm looking for a programmer and a custom tune. I was wondering who people on the forum are using lately, and are happy with the results. It seems like some of the ones I read about in the older posts are no longer around.
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    2007 Sport Trac 2WD Lifted

    Hello everyone, I really love the site here and all the great info that you guys post. I just wanted show off my 2007 Sport Trac. I haven't had it long, but I really love it, especially with its new stance and shoes. I installed the Truxxx 2.5" front spacers and the 1.5" rear spacers for a...